Should wanders be woken?

Hi all, there is wanderer close to me who is very asleep tho of evidently high vibe and near all wander characteristics. I thought ok no problem she needs waking but first I asked a number of divination tools and got very mixed messages, a few saying no don’t try. So really I’m asking can it be possible that a wanderer should not be woken? I thought it was objective 1 to be awake down here?

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Hello, I’m my humble opinion, let life be, let life happen, let it flow, you can explore of course! You can investigate, but there is no need to pressure, to push something to happen, the feeling might arise at the right moment. Reading and allow the law of one to arrive in such way is a good idea. Hope this helps!!


Ra did say, lol. wait for others to ask… :wink:

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Thanks both. Yes I think I will just drop that intention :slightly_smiling_face:

by the way Bora137, welcome here !!! :two_hearts:

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Hi Flofrog thanks so much :slightly_smiling_face:. I was actually on Bt4 years ago nice to see you again :pray:

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so nice to see you too !!!

Unless just the right opportunity arises to make just the right (subtle!) entry into the topic, I wouldn’t make an attempt as it would likely just frustrate you. As our friends from beyond frequently remind us, this sort of information is best sought out by the Seeker him or herself – that’s why we are called “Seekers,” after all. :wink:

I am curious, though, as to how you know this person is a Wanderer …? … Generally, my impression is that this status is one that only the Wanderer him or herself can realize.

I hesitate to post this, as it is more personal than I really like to get, and will be cryptic by necessity. However, I am now aware that I had to spend ~15 years of my life pretty close to being fully “asleep” (as much as I ever could be) in order to better understand the conditions of “This Place,” and relate to its native inhabitants. It is therefore possible that your friend is currently in this stage of her journey, and that this apparent ignorance may be an entirely necessary portion of her mission.


Hi Tribeofcats

Can’t read people very well but has insights about them they don’t know where come from, almost no ego, perplexed by people’s ego driven motivations, doesn’t understand why people lie, feels like an alien, has allergies, closes eyes at night and immediately astal views because third eye and all upper chakras wide open. High vibration with little time for negative talk, doesn’t hold a grudge. That’s a mixture of what Ra says and my own observations.

Your insight is absolutely correct I feel. I had not thought but yes to learn earth is I think one of the reasons she is here and not supposed to be woken. I believe it is her first earth incarceration. Thanks Tribeofcats :rosette:

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lol, I find I am in agreement with you both, Bora, and Tribeofcats… and by the way, Welcome here Tirbeofcats… best wishes on your journey ! :wink:

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Ugh. I feel for her, then … This place is rough. Near as I can tell, this is my first time here, too.

I wonder if she is very much like me, then, and has had to make efforts to “forget” … In which case, I imagine that she will be awakening soon, possibly in a very dramatic fashion. Just a guess …

Thank you flo! :slight_smile: I’m not that new here, really, though … I’ve been posting since November I think :slight_smile: Nice to “meet” you!

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Lol TribefCats, I have evidently not been here enough !! :joy:

Many thoughts !!

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I think our true objective is to experience life to the fullest. Love unconditionally, live for truth, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Laugh, love and live.

That is a winning combination in my eyes.