Help for Wanderer

How do you wake up a sleeping wanderer?

The person i love most in this world doesn’t realize what he is: an incredibly innocent, bright being of light.

He’s vunerable to being hurt by STS entities. I don’t know how to protect him. I’m so afraid he incarnated here out of concern for me and now I’m scared he’ll be stuck here somehow.

Any suggestions are appreciated…


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This kind of reminds me of Gaia and the idea
that there’s a quarantine set up to keep out
the riffraff. It’s as if Gaia is a sleeping wanderer.

But then I reflect that quarantines are typically
a subset of a larger whole to contain say a pathogen
from getting out and infecting some great expanse.

So I wonder, that maybe Gaia is the threat, that
that quarantine contains it from getting out into
the greater universe.

A sleeping wanderer might be like a sleeping
dragon, that maybe sleep is okay - it’s awake
that’s a greater concern. Is Gaia waking up?

Generally speaking, a wanderer with an opened
heart chakra seems safer than otherwise.

It can seem counterintuitive because a sense of
vulnerability can seem great, however oneness
with the universe offers degrees of
interconnection arrived at no other way.

A great sense of fearless foolhardiness comes
and it may be this then is more formidable.

It reminds me of Star Wars - are Jedi like
wanderers? May the force be with you.

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Yes, Concentration on the 4th chakra: :green_heart:.

I will teach him to remember him of this, because he knows, he just hasn’t recalled it yet. Things weigh heavily on his poor shoulders; things that don’t belong to him.

Your post is so beautiful and my heart is :broken_heart:ing.

Thank you for reminding me: literally, to bring 4th, gently.

Love to you and compassion for all :wind_face::rose:

I can’t recall precisely where I encountered this within the Confederation’s channeling materials, but it pertained to meditation and the ramifications of neglecting it.

In essence, one might categorize three primary states of being: sleep, meditation, and everyday consciousness.

If an individual remains in this regular state of consciousness without transitioning into a meditative state, they risk becoming overwhelmed by daily distractions, essentially becoming a pawn to the Matrix, so to speak.

With their True Self, they might only find connection during their sleep. To bridge this gap between daily consciousness and the unconscious mind or Higher Self available while sleeping, meditation is highly recommended. And it will also be a means to awaken the Wanderer.

It’s crucial to remember that everyone should balance these three states: everyday consciousness, meditation, and sleep. Collectively, they form the foundation for optimal functioning. If someone is perpetually distracted or unfocused, it’s particularly beneficial for them to meditate frequently. This allows the conscious mind to “awaken” and forges a link to the deeper and higher aspects of the Self.

Furthermore, as our fellow ‘soup’ suggested, one might consider the heart chakra/ green ray center. This is the primary positively-polarized connection and offers a swift avenue to bond with the deeper and true Selves. Nonetheless, it’s essential to recognize the importance of consistent effort in working on the initial three centers. Embodying love, embracing the philosophy of service to others, and generally exemplifying positivity both to oneself and others can effectively clear the path for energy to flow to the heart center.

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The Last Hail Marry of Darkness

I am not fully certain, however this reminds me of certain experiences I have had and am still kind of having, I call this the “Last Hail Marry of Darkness”.

Perhaps you can find some ideas, even if all of this doesn’t apply.

68.16 Questioner: Well how does the fifth-density entity go about this working from the very start of his being alerted to the fact that we exist. How does that occur? Can you please trace the steps that he involves himself in? Please.

Ra: I am Ra. The entity becomes aware of power. This power has the capacity of energizing those which may be available for harvest. This entity is desirous of disabling this power source. It sends its legions. Temptations are offered. They are ignored or rejected. The power source persists and indeed improves its inner connections of harmony and love of service.

The entity determines that it must needs attempt the disabling itself. By means of projection it enters the vicinity of this power source. It assesses the situation. It is bound by the first distortion but may take advantage of any free will distortion. The free will, pre-incarnative distortions of the instrument with regards to the physical vehicle seem the most promising target. Any distortion away from service to others is also appropriate. […]

This happens in more cases than you might think. In terms of physical distortions used, it may look like using someone’s having a soft voice and high compassion, this being used to make the entities around perceive the feminine entity as a liar or evil.

In this case, usually the entity attempting to disable the power source will also try to create other physical trouble, to create more mental exhaustion.

Another example, this time for the masculine, would be using a very masculine body, perhaps so as to avoid bullying earlier on (the positive tends to encourage as little pain as necessary, with the argument that taking experimenting on oneself and others and causing pain naturally leads to the negative (see section on free will, and violating free will)).

In such a case, the negative friend would try to make others perceive the entity as, perhaps if the entity is wisdom-oriented, a drunk man, or, an evil, shameful man. Such untruth would cause the entity self-discomfort, and if the entity is deep down very loving and kind, as the 5th density that so often appears cold is, it may perceive itself as others do.

In both cases not feeding these flames as far as possible, and feeding the flame of compassion is important.


For some souls, contemplating one’s potential may be very helpful, together with believing in oneself and the help you are giving/can give on others. “Smiling goes a long way. Some entities you smile at may have never been smiled at their whole lives” - to quote the lovely lovely Quo!

That quote really helped make things worth continuing at many of the times I felt like I couldn’t continue.

A fellow poster recommends the heart chakra and meditation. Indeed, these are the two things an entity doing this hates most. It is important that the entity does perceive itself as important in the cycle of life in a way or another, 'lest it…

In Defense of Free Will

Their ultimate desire if everything fails is to turn the entity negative by making it feel as if free will is just a dream.

This may be accomplished in 3 ways internally, as far as I am concerned.

First, by discrediting love as pointless, a failure.
Second, if the first fails, by openly inviting the entity to gaze upon all of the powers of the negative.
Third, if the entity ultimately concludes that it still desires the positive more you can control what everyone thinks about them.

This may not follow the exact progression stated above.

Meditation, which a fellow poster recommends is instrumental because it is the only time that strengthens free will. However, you may find difficulty in speaking with your beloved. The negative often attempts to create as much isolation (see Britain In WW2, or many historical figures such as Bismarck’s period in exile, or even Jesus’s periods of slight isolation),

Always, it will be attempted to make it seem as if this is not what it is, something that can be overcome together with the powah of love!

In such a case you may attempt to pray for their free will, and feeling love.
The truth is that the negative has no power, because it is an illusion.
The only power that it has comes from consciousness, be it the local one,
or the power of others.

The truth about the negative is that all negative entities are at heart positive awareness.
This awareness is often lead by curiosity towards the negative.

36.15 Questioner: Well, then let’s say that when Himmler, for instance, reaches sixth-density negative at the beginnings of sixth-density negative, at this time would it be [the] case that an entity would realize that his higher self is sixth-density positively oriented and for that reason make the jump from negative to positive orientation?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The sixth-density negative entity is extremely wise. It observes the spiritual entropy occurring due to the lack of ability to express the unity of sixth density. Thus, loving the Creator and realizing at some point that the Creator is not only self but other-self as self, this entity consciously chooses an instantaneous energy reorientation so that it may continue its evolution.

You may find it interesting making your energy available for psychic aid/requests, “if God wills it”.

I always like to pray “God bless everyone as you wish”, and beam out energy. That is my favorite form of prayer. Prayer is like meditation, but more active. The confederation has long found prayer heart-warming and beautiful about Earth and it’s people.

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KK, That is a lovely explanation of the integration of the three states of consciousness. When he has meditated in the past, he described wondrous connections right off the bat, so to speak. He went into Oneness immediately (he was/is rather young). I was taken away with his descriptions and knew that he was attuned to this. An incredible light.

He just needs to remember, as the matrix has him embedded heavily at the moment.

Thank you so much for taking the time to respond.

Love to you and compassion for all :wind_face::rose:



Terra, these are good ideas, and some are not ones I would have considered before, due to the paradox I hadn’t, until now, begun to see.

The quote from Quo is so very lifting. It reminds me of something my loved one said.

There is an individual (X) around us who causes much grief to others.

My loved one said: “I saw X. He looked very tired.” :eyes: My world spun as he said those words, and my own emotional complex towards X was filled with concern for X’s wellbeing. My energies lifted and pain dissolved.

This is beauteous energy he unconsciously expresses.

Also the points about isolation are well received: we are in a physical place (at the moment but not for much longer) saturated with low vibrational energy. There are entities here that energetically moan, their energies are so heavy. They can barely pound on the door in their attempts to get my attn. The density of the hereness is stooping, my biogemetry jewelry and crystals cannot hold their own. I have to remember the environment here, which no one else seems to see, is overwhelming. Your post helps me to lose the myopia, put the fear aside, bc it’s a constant fight to stay awake. I must stay awake for him.

If I can, then maybe he can awaken back to himself.

4th :green_heart:

Thank you so much for your response, there is much to contemplate here.

Love to you, and compassion for all :wind_face::rose:

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I find recipe to start from yourself very useful. For example if you find what was suggested helpful, apply it to yourself and you will see your friend will have these merits also.


:sunflower: :seedling: :sunflower:

Dear Sauropodlets,
your desire to protect this person is something I can well comprehend!

Let me toss a few questions:

What does it mean to awaken, for you?
Is it perhaps the recognition that the world is not only good? That there is not only light but also shadow? Including in ourselves? And that there are beings who only take but not give?
Only, what does the pure heart care?

Does waking up mean losing the innocence of heart?
Or does it rather mean regaining the innocence of heart after the Fall?
And wouldn’t that be something that everyone can only do at his own terms and in his own time?

Suppose you had the possibility and permission to “wake up” this beloved being. Are you absolutely sure, that would be your most beautiful service possible to this being?…

And if not, what could it be?


I cannot leave him here, sleeping.

He is gifted w enormous, latent natural abilities and frightening blindspots. He is in danger of what I perceive as many cycles of pain and fear reincarnationally, simply bc he’s too innocent to see the predation of his energy. This makes him vulnerable and ill-equipped to deal w the rigors of this planet. His light is so bright he can’t see it, but Archons can.

I have always felt like Cassandra, no one listens and I live in the dread bc I can feel what’s coming (a messed up, weird metallic chemical hell state of existence that is my ‘normal’), if I try to reach out over X, I’m mocked or shunned. Then X event happens, and people vanish from me or worse, it’s a ‘coincidence’ and I’m damned with psychological labels - which is the highest irony, bc my degrees are actually in psychology. I’m trained in their field of obsfucation, yet deaf ears prevail.

He came here to help me wake up out of an extremely painful moon-soaked Cardinal Grand Cross configuration. The other planets in this solar system feel almost invisible to me in comparison to the strength of the moon and its dark, electromagnetic rainbow-edged roiling aura.

If not for his precious soul, I could not have begun to awaken. I can’t leave him here, sleeping and automaton-ing, continously reincarnating through cycles of grief.

I understand your questions. The wisdom in them. That which is there that I cannot reach. Since it arouses grief in me, I must address it. I understand I’m too immature, but I can’t leave him. I will not.

There is something much deeper here. I can feel the canyon winds swirling and rising. This is what I perceive that I believe that I know.

I don’t know what my highest service to him could be. I’m not good like him. I struggle with this very question.

Much love to you and compassion for all ⚘


Dear Sauropodlets!

Most of the time, things are not as they seem to be. Often something completely different is hiding behind them. Very often there are twistings. That’s why answering the questions of Byron Katie’s “The Work” is so helpful. It expands and enriches the picture we have of a situation.

I’ll only present one twist here, but you may give “the work” a try to find out more for yourself?!
Ask yourself this question and see how true it is, whether it is more or less true than “he must wake up”
Ask: “I’m the one who must wake up. I’m the one in need to wake up again fully, in my own beautiful innocent heard!”

We know from Ra material, the best protection against the dark forces is to love, is surrounding oneself with love. It’s not learning defense magic practice. And it’s surely not tuning ones eyes to see and stare (in fear) onto the darkness.

The simple truth is: We can’t out-fight darkness, but we can out-love it!


I will go try Byron Katie.

Thank you for your words, Reinhard.

Love to you, and compassion for all :wind_face:

Session 36 read this week features mention
of wanderers. I remember reading this and
watching Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic
with Steve Zissou. This movie has music by
Seu Jorge, a Brazilian guitarist who does
David Bowie covers in Portuguese.

It’s a weird thought to me, to consider that
Jacque Cousteau, the inspiration of the
movie, Wes Anderson the movie creator,
Seu Jorge the musician, and David Bowie
the artist, Bill Murray the actor and Steve
Zissou the character - might be wandering
folk of sorts.

If you read the session and wonder what
planet I’m from don’t worry because that
might be consistent with this lyric improv
for session 36 which escapes me now
however it came to be.

I think the common thread is stewardship,
that maybe there’s wandering stewards
who somehow make a difference and if
you pause and ponder you might notice,
that in noticing, some common power
through diversity may come to mind.

AWAKEN (Song beat similar to David Bowie, Heroes)

I, I may be humble.
You, you may be kind.
Though something,
connects us some way.
We can open,
roots of our mind.
We can awaken,
truth beyond time.

And you, you may forget this.
And I, I’ll try to remind.
Cause we’re sharing,
higher self resource.
Yea we’re sharing,
a totality source.

That something,
bonds us together.
We’re shifting sands,
moments ongoing.
We can awaken,
in timeless endeavors.
With you I join.

I, I talk to my guides.
Guided by angels,
how angels can guide.
Though something,
bonds us together.
We can open,
in timeless endeavors.
Oh we can awaken,
moments ongoing.

I, I may be humble.
And you, you may be kind.
Though something,
connects us some way.
We can awaken,
moments ongoing.
We can entrust,
truth beyond time.

I, I may be a wanderer.
Forgetting, was my dare.
Safely, see all as creator.
By our choice,
we radiate care.
In shelter,
of higher self helpers.
Oh we can open,
in timeless endeavor.
Then we’d be awakened,
moments ongoing.
We can awaken,
moments ongoing,
we can awaken.

We’re something,
our something it helps us.
Maybe we find,
a map of our choosing.
But we examine,
moments ongoing.

Moments ongoing.