Sharing Some Observations “Its Only a Movie/Game”

At some point during the illusion of time, the creation we know of as Venus was a birthing place of conscious lifeforms. Their progress basically followed along the same course of development as we have observed in our experience.

Beyond the thought of the large amount of time involved…… these lifeforms progressed through and beyond a 3D, 4D and 5D consciousness. Their influence, knowledge and experience eventually expanded far beyond the influence of their planetary home. As a 6D consciousness they became involved in an effort to be of service to other lifeforms on neighboring planets. Through the Ra Contact, we are most familiar with their connection with the Earth……… still in its 2D, 3D and 4D consciousness progress.

There was 4D and 5D consciousness on Maldeck, as well as 3D/4D consciousness developing on its moon Mars. The polarity of these neighbors was both negative and positive, however the negative obviously dominated on Maldeck, leading to its demise and its strong influence on Mars and it’s compromised development.

Through whatever galactic means, as yet un-clarified, the residents of Mars in a 3D consciousness, were thrown into a compromised condition and have been repeating 3D learning on the planet Earth ever since. Others were able to use technology to not experience death and flee to other locations nearby, including Earth. They did this by using part of their technology for transport, which become Earths moon. Other large vessels were also used to transport the living to Earths surface.

As beings with greater technology, these refugees began to establish themselves in this new environment, which was dominated by 2D and 3D consciousness. The influence of a negative polarity continued to see further development by these refugees who seemed unhindered in their influence to control. Those of a positive polarity did seek out help from the 6D entities of Venus through channeling.

Genetic and other means were used to acclimate these refugees to an environment they were physically not conditioned/evolved to assimilate easily. They were also challenged to deal with the conditions of an ever evolving logos as well as the entities that were Earths natural inhabitants. Their polarity would eventually result in their near extinction. Stasis technology, while it has preserved some entities…… in order to transmute time…… their negative polarity is still an extremely strong influence on their eventual future as mind/body/spirit complexs.

In the background, so to speak, the 6D mind/body/spirit complex totality of Venus (Ra), have been observers of these developments. Their propensity to be of service has, through their efforts, karmically tied them to these circumstances. They have been both available to be of service…… if called upon under certain conditions…. and to observe and influence toward a greater positive polarity.

The true history of all this is known to but a few. Those few have been a strong influence on how that information is shared and used. The negative polarity that was inadvertently thrust upon the natural developing entities of Earth, the introduction of Maldec/Mars influence on Earth was and continued to be one of control and dominance until a solar flash left but few to survive.

It appears that the circumstances of development in the construct of space/time and time/space, is most certainly a team project. There appears to be players in this illusion that feel drawn from multiple surrounding logos systems. 7D entities observe and offer limited assistance to 6D entities. 6D the same, to those of lower vibration. 5D with its majority of positive polarity influence with the same desire to serve.

The small 5D negative, who still haven’t accepted the limits to further spiritual advancement will be a strong controller of 4D and 3D negative polarized beings and be strongly working to influence thebpositive polarity 4D and 3D mind/body/spirit complexes.

The 6D mind/body/spirit complex totality of Venus appear to be joined by others of matching polarity and vibration from numerous logos systems to team together to provide a system of Cosmic oversight. This oversight appears to be a more highly developed fractal of a logos or planetary effort to give equal opportunity to develop a method to recognize the path to the oneness of the original self…… before the concept of separation was conceived.

The Original Oneness is the only “Reality”. (Capital R)

The thought of possible separation was powerful enough to create the “illusion”, hologram and movie we think we are live…. and die in. That it is “r eality”….with a (little r)
To begin to wrap your mind and thoughts around the illusion, is to find a gateway to freedom. A path to return to an uncontrolled and completely understood “REALITY” of oneness. It begins the journey home.

There is no fear, unless you accept the little r eality as a substitute for Reality.

When you realize you’re a thought, a temporary creation beyond time/space and space/time, a thought on a path to awakening……. this “r eality” becomes the game we can play without fear or concern, because we realize that, being unreal, this concept of life can be enjoyed. Time and space are part of the illusion. The complexity of this r eality is there to challenge you. It will be enjoyable as new challenges are overcome and fear is conquered.

The biggest difference is…… that to win in this movie/game…… is to loose everything thats unreal, including separation. For nothing is REAL, except Oneness and love is the path.

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One of the most immersive narrative-based interactive games I’ve played outside of virtual reality is called Observation. While you look into the crew’s disappearance, you won’t be in direct control of the protagonist but rather an AI that can go via several systems. With all of the VHS post-effects and recognisable settings that appear to have been taken straight off the set of Alien, you’ll be duped into thinking you’re seeing a '80s science fiction movie. You’ll have to solve a number of riddles as you walk around the ship in an effort to learn the truth, despite the fact that the game is centred around the incredibly great narrative and immersive interactions.