A glimpse into the future 4D positive

Paul Amadeus Dienach had a nde (near death experience) and traveled to the future.

The stories he brought back is aligned with the Loo and what to come.

Hold onto your cosmic pant and rejoice in the wonderful 4D positive world and finally being in harmony with our mother Gaia.

Other videos from The Why Files are also interesting and insightful.
AJ, the creator of this channel explains things without being too much pseudonym and used very rational approach to a lot of metaphysical topics.



While watching this, I got the distinction impression I’ve heard this story before… then I realized I had Chronicles From the Future downloaded on my tablet last year. :wink:

But then… I realized again I never got around to reading it. Hmm. :thinking:

A lot of it seems extremely familiar though… I swear a lot of this story I’ve seen in my dreams before. I have no idea why.

Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


It doesnt sound like they know for sure if this was real or not though…


really cool Jayce, thank you !!.. Perhaps we are a tiny deceived by the images anyway which sometimes liook like CGI for movies today. Even though ti sounds so plausible, I have difficulty perceiving Earth’s fourth density being this way, lol. My vision was much more rustic and peaceful lol lol,
So it could be another parallel world though… I like the 2 days of ha industrial hard wok, to pursue passionately then science or art or anything inspiring. :heart_eyes:


I noticed this as well in other videos from AJ (the youtuber.)

I feel that this is his way of staying neutral with the information being shared to his audience, without going completely into one way or another.

To me, I think this is similar to the Loo, in regard of respecting ones’ freewill to discern or to accept what is being shared.

Although, some of his videos does have a lot of well researched, and documented facts from the scientific communities. i.e. the pyramid videos, where the measurement of the pyramid is equal to the size of Earth and how astronomically accurate it was for people that were suppose to be “primitive” (this is a shorten statement for the sake of being brief, please do google about it if you would like.)

I do understand that it is hard to prove metaphysical things, but hey, look where we are talking from haha.


thanks flo!

Oh yea, the images in the video weren’t suppose to be “real.” AJ, (the youtuber) added them for the sake of story telling and entertaining.

I don’t think it was meant to deceive though, lol, I mean he even had the “heckle-fish” thing as a cast to keep things interesting in the video. :smile:

I think so as well, it is like what Ra said about the “cereal box” in the aisle at the supermarket.
We have many potential and possibilities tho choose, and that could just be one of the many.

I do agree with you about the rustic part. I am not sure if it is suppose to be all “sci-fi” looking like in the video, and I haven’t read the book yet.

But when we think back about stories of Atlantis, Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians, and even the “UFOs” accounts that was talked about in Ra’s conversation with Don. (crashed spacecrafts etc.)

I don’t know if it would be too far off.

Once 4th density Earth is fill with 4th desnity positive beings, then I imagine that the environment would be something that is greater than what Atlantis, or ancient civilization were able to achieved.

Building big structure and having “advanced” technological achievement seems to be the “norms.”
Look at the pyramid!

There are definitely a lot of “parallels” with 4th positive, for example the evolution of the brain and activation of what they called “nibelvirch” which sounds a lot like the 4th density positive oriented vessels. Veil lifting and mankind are able to make contact with E.T. directly.

OH, and one of the most interesting part in this video to me that I find very relevant with the Loo is the intervention from E.T. during the nuclear exchange.

Ra mentioned that the confederation is standing by in case of such catastrophe and help lessen the affect of complete de fragmentation of your spirit complex if you were to be caught in middle of the blast.

Last but not least, I don’t think the 2 years of service is technically “mandatory” since everyone are pretty much naturally Service to others.

Looking forward for the present! :green_heart: :sun_with_face:

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Totally agree Jayce… I was just teasing about the images. Lol

I had been in fact wondering for a while how second density, beloved trees and animals, :wink: would fare along fourth density but again, Gaia would be restored to pristine state so there would be adaptation…. :wink:

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I have to ask… you didn’t find that fish annoying? :rofl:
Interesting, yes. Annoying… also yes. I was like… um what is the point of the fish lol :upside_down_face:

It reminds me of that show… Mystery Science Theatre 3000. My Dad used to watch it all the time growing up. The Robots that “heckled” the movie while you saw them in the audience. Lol Thank you for the throwback. :grin:

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yea, i find it annoying too. The guy definitely tries to mimic old shows.

I wished he used a character that is like deadpool or something, the fish’s sense of humor is cringey to me

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Sold! I’d totally watch that. Lol :smile:

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Second that! :slight_smile:

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