Orion Light: Earth, the final frontier of the "polarity game" + my possible wanderer origins, possible Orion connections with YHSV and Ra, and Venus theory

Although it’s difficult to know specifics about what is “out there”, I believe that one of the main energies I work with is that of the Orion Light; The 6.5d plus integrated Orion consciousness, perhaps sometimes stepped down through the lens of the energies of what has been termed the Black League; the resistance movement against the empire.

According to the work of Lyssa Royal Holt, Earth is intended to be the final frontier of the current “polarity game”, the pivotal point that will mark the transition of the model of the logos itself from that of extreme polarity to that of integration.

I sincerely hope that is true. What that would entail is that we are not simply working towards another routine harvest, but a very large transition to a more harmonious way of being. It is extremely difficult for many to be here now, but I hope that we will see our labors come to beautiful fruition.

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I have categorized this thread as part of the “Wanderer Stories” section. I am admittedly skeptical of channeled information, including that of the Confederation, but I still work with it theoretically. I have no solid reason to outright dismiss the Confederation information as a psy op or what have you, though I do have my reservations, as with all channeled information. I forgot where I heard it said that there is a difference between believing something and knowing it as fact.

I will first compile some information I have mentioned on other threads. I was born on December 15th, when the middle star in Orion’s belt which we call Epsilon Orionis or Alnilam is at its highest point in Earth’s sky. As a young child, I had a dream that I don’t remember much about. I think I was in space, and then in some kind of template level realm, perhaps in the astral. The one thing I remember was learning that I was “in the real Star Wars”.

There is a symbol I sometimes refer to, that I drew as a child, not knowing what it meant at the time. Two triangles intersecting in an hourglass formation, creating a diamond in the middle that extends all the way up and down. It shows the balance of the “lower” and “higher” and the primacy of the heart and integration. It depicts a bi-direction flow between “lower” and “higher” that converges in the middle (heart), and reciprocates back all the way in both directions. It bears a passing resemblance to the Orion constellation.

The following is speculation and theory tied together with intuition and may not be accurate.

There is a book which I have not read, but might. It is a work of fiction which may contain channeled information. It is called EL AN RA, The Healing of Orion. In it, those names refer to the three stars that comprise Orion’s belt; EL ( Mintaka), AN (Alnilam), and RA (Alnitak). Something about those names resonates with my intuition.

It is possible that I come from a social memory complex called An, which may be a 6.5d civilization which began as STS and integrated polarity. Furthermore, there is a possibility that YHSV (El?) has connections to Mintaka, and that Ra has connections to Alnitak.

The planet Venus itself may not have originated in our solar system. There is a theory by a man named Immanuel Velikovsky about Venus traveling like a comet in ancient times. He speculated that it came from Jupiter, but perhaps it originated in another star system ( perhaps one in Orion?). What if Venus is the planet referred to as Nibiru? In that case, it would also be possible that the current inhabitants of Venus are not benevolent. That might even tie into the idea of Lucifer and the “Hidden Hand” information (which may contain a mixture of truth and manipulation).

Perhaps there is some entanglement between Orion, Ra, YHSV, a possible SMC called An, and possibly a SMC referred to as Lucifer.

Anyways, I thought it would be interesting to share.

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I believe I remember information from the channeled source Bashar that mentioned a planet in the region of Orion’s belt called Hoova (Jehova?) during the time of the “Orion Wars”.

This is continuing to go out on a limb a bit, but it’s possible that Hoova, Venus, and perhaps Nibiru are one and the same. The planet may have been ejected or piloted from its original star system in Orion to ours. The three stars that comprise Orion’s belt are estimated to be young by human science: Alnitak approximately 6.4 million years old, Alnilam approximately 5.7 million years old, and Mintaka approximately 12 million years old. Perhaps Hoova once orbited an older star before the birth of the belt stars, which may or may not still exist in its original form. Also, there could be some temporal non-linearity involved. That temporal non-linearity could also apply to the idea of three or more social memory complexes which may have all originated from Venus. They might come from a factional and/or polarity split from the same original civilization, from different eras, from different timelines altogether, or a mix.

This is highly speculative.

I recently found and resonate well with Bashar’s message.
Could you kindly point out where did he said the above?


My own 2 cents, you mentioned Orion and Nibiru thus don’t forget to consider “Annunaki” to the ‘tangled web’ of humanity’s complex evolution / DNA engineering history.
Bashar’s take on Annunaki…

To me it gives ‘clarity’ of the infamous biblical verse of “Let’s make man in our (Annunaki) image”… by mixing part of our DNA inside ‘the man’.
A dude named Billy Carson has also published many works focusing on Annunaki, Ancient Iraq/Sumerian and their inter-mingling on earth.