Sacred Sites & Earth Mysteries: Bridging Heaven & Earth

I’ve been intrigued by the idea of Earth changes for some time. There seems to be an undercurrent of fear in society of some inevitable “event” that is supposed to occur. In New Age circles during the 80s and 90s, there was talk of a “pole shift” that was supposed to occur which would have dramatic consequences for life on Earth. Now, there is a growing understanding of the role of the Sun in Earth’s changes with some researchers like Ben Davidson of SuspiciuosObservers putting forth the idea that the Sun periodically micro novas and this is ultimately the cause of most of the huge cataclysms on Earth (think of all the flood myths in various cultures).

To my understanding, it is the Sun that ultimately influences many events on Earth, including what we would call natural catastrophes such as earthquakes.

But why? The answer, I believe, is that the Sun is responding directly to the needs of the bodies in Its care.

In essence, it’s the release of blocked energy. And the greater the block, the more dramatic the “unblocking” may be.

Given this, I believe that human beings can aid in this process of healing the planet, energetically. The ancients likely knew this and we see this mirrored in the ancient structures they left behind.

These structures, often built on top of what is known as “ley lines” have the role of helping to unblock the energy of the planet and to assist in integrating solar, lunar, and cosmic energy into the planet directly.

I made a video that explores this topic and hopefully sheds some deeper insight into what we all can do to help heal the planet in a more direct way.

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Thank you for sharing about these

It seems some basic gap
I confront seems humanity’s definition
of life. I consider a dumbed down
definition as “something that imbibes
mass/energy in one form and then
expresses it in another form.”

Gaia as alive. The Sun as alive.
The Logos as alive. The Universe,
as alive!

Sure, visit the Vortexes of the world,
Sedona, The Mystery Spot, etc.
And you may meditate, resonate
in ways never before experienced!

At some point, you might simply
consider yourself a skin cell of Gaia,
as if an inseparable feature of a living
planet that has a lifecycle distinct
from the lifecycle of this planet,
and that’s okay.

However, we may have a power
of mind that can transcend the
scale of Gaia alone. In mind,
we’re also the Sun, the Logos,
the Universe - see yourself and
see the infinite creator!

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