Vibrating with planetary sphere?

Hello family of love and light!

A theme continued by the Confederation, especially when it concerns wanderers, is that we are here to resonate / vibrate / harmonize with our planetary sphere. I specialize in helping take extraordinary concepts and find gateways of understanding that may help scaffold out practice for those who are open. There’s value in philosophication, but there’s even more value in giving it feet.

It was in that vein that I set the intent to understand “harmonize with our planetary sphere” as I only had a rudimentary understanding. In retrospect I was loosely grasping what that means. I do not know who else can relate, but I understood it to mean as a sort of harmony and felt vibe with one another. Or take moments to dwell in nature and take in its energies.

These remain true for me and have depth, but a random video surfaced on my feed and I was quite drawn to it. Initially I listened to it in a lighthearted state, and I felt impressed to get into a meditative state of calm and to listen with my heart. I am so glad that I did! Oh, thank our guides.

I cannot begin to describe the experience, but home.

Recommended setup:

  1. Please have an ad blocker engaged as, if you are able to get into a state of calm and resonate, ads can be quite disruptive, and their vibe tends to throw things off.
  2. Get into a state of calm and dwell for a moment there by yourself.
  3. When you are ready play the video.
  4. I have found a sway and certain movements both involuntary and voluntary have helped me, but I am sure we are all different.
  5. Listen with your heart

The resonance I am experiencing has the repeating sequence of that hour long video (as she loops the sequence) curiously deepens the session each time it restarts. It’s profoundly energetic and I can feel energy centers at the top of the head and by the solar plexus and heart energize. If feelings of unworthiness or doubt arise let them surface upward as they do not matter.

If I did not know any better this may be what it means to resonate with Gaia.

Even if none of that is true, I hope that you found some love and light as I have,


P.S. - I am very curious to learn what others have experienced and / or concluded. What do you think?



I wanted to follow up with a little more guidance:

I’ve since learned that the more you can get into touch with your heart energy nexus the more profound I have found this experience will become. It is really important before really opening yourself up is to harmonize with the heart energy nexus and take your time with that. I have found after further experimentation, you may start, if it is easier for you, to harmonize with your solar plexus energy nexus and listen from there.

If you approach it in that way, as much as possible for you, during your listening send charges upwards working through any blockages — I have found that feelings of worthiness may surface. If they do, reflect the love and light you are able to feel through either energy nexus and welcome the unworthiness (or doubts). From my experience these blockages will feel like knots and can sort of cause a “bent over” effect.

What is important is before and during the chant I shared above is to maintain whatever nexus harmonization suits you and then to let the chantress’ energies harmonize with that nexus. If you’re starting from the solar plexus, remember to send that energy upward if you can. Or dwell. It does not matter it is just possible to deepen the experience.

I hope this connects with someone as what I’ve stumbled upon, at least for me and it could be for me, is a wealth of bliss, love and light.

In love and light,


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That was a wonderful video, i didn’t have any ads come, even without an AdBlock.

Neither high nor low, simply on the go…

They are apparently also available on Spotify.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention :pray::relieved::green_heart::slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for giving it a listen. Seems these two have really only just begun and listening to their recent work it remains useful.

The link I shared I’ve continued experimenting with and the combination of factors has offered more insight for my path. All that to say, “play” in meditation! It is well worth our time.

Love and light.