Solar Activity for your contemplation

I work with the Sun and keep an eye on his shenanigans - he is heading for Solar Maximum, so they say (I thought we were already in it as he’s been really busy) - every 11 yrs. the Sun switches from Maximum to Minimum and when he does, the poles reverse - prior to the reversal, the Sun’s poles seem to disappear - this process could take up to 5 yrs. according to, an offshoot of Wilcox Solar Observatory.

So in meditating on this - as above, so below - I was contemplating what happens to me when I don’t polarity swing - I’M CENTERED :slight_smile: So I’m sharing this info around to lightworkers because I think it’s an auspicious time to request and open to receive an increased frequency from the Sun. That’s my major focus working with him - focusing on receiving a higher frequency. It occurred to me that just a slight increase would quicken our transition into 4D, waking up the sleeping consciousnesses. By observing what’s happening on Earth, I know we’re getting help but, for those of us who are awake, it can seem too slow :slight_smile:

In 2015, Galactic Central sent out the most powerful blast we’ve ever seen. I was wondering how long it would take to get here. I believe it’s been gradually coming in for a while. In 2021, NASA saw " unusual signals emerging from galactic central unlike anything recorded before.


Today in my solar gratitude contemplation
I considered the idea that I hadn’t before,
the idea of vibration fusing, if for only a short
pause, was an act of synching one another,
as if any two entities pause and bond in
a small gesture of gratitude - the better
they might synch with one another.

This weekend brings an eclipse transit
and today, off the top of my head - I might
suggest this can be a special moment
commemorating alignment of the Sun
and the Moon.

I think for most people that significance
may not be obvious, even though it can
manifest in relationships. For example,
one person’s natal Sun can be on another
person’s natal Moon - whereupon a sort
of magic happens in their ventures. It’s
as if they can help bring the best out in
each other, even if they never recognize
the alignment in their natures.

Personally, I seek conjunction patterns
that might help mythological tie some
corresponding meaning, a practice that
has pulled me farther and wider than by
not seeking. If I keep it in the scope
of a pastime hobby, it helps me access
the cosmic comedy.

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