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A close friend handed me a copy of The Law of One a few months ago. I read it with fascination, followed by volume 2. I am currently reading Wanders by Carla.

Glad to be hear and hope to contribute and connect with others.



Welcome Andy, Tom a southerner from Essex here :wave: It’s an amazing read (I think I’ve ready it through 3 times now and picked up something new each time). As you read it did you feel like you were learning something… or remembering? The first time I read it so much of what I was reading just made sense.

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Hey Tom,

It was easy to read, and I connected with most it of well. There were bits I didn’t. For example, the descriptions of crystals and the sprinkling of salt. I don’t come from that background it hard for me not to regard it as new age. That being said, so much has changed for me in terms of my thinking in recent years, so I remain open to it. I found I related to Tarot quite well.

I did not feel like I was “remembering” as such, nor even learning radically new stuff. Rather, I found things were slotting into place. Most of all, I recall thinking, “Holy @@@@, this stuff is really real!”

I come from a hard science background, which has been somewhat inverted of late. By this, I mean that I once regarded mind to be product of material stuff. Now I regard things as being, at least partially, the other way around. The Ra Material also neatly explains the Fermi Paradox, which is interesting to me.

But of a different nature, prior to reading the Ra Material, I have been having rather strange experiences in which I have been given messages. Some, but not all, are in dreams.

For example, and this was not a dream (I don’t wish to go into detail here), but I was given a very strange message which seemed almost astrological in nature (I have no prior interest in astrology). The message concerned Venus, Mars and Jupiter. Again, this was about 3 years ago, before I’d even heard of the Ra Material. The thing was that an unusual and unused plural form of a word was used, something my mind could not have just dreamt up. On reading the book, I find Ra using the same word.

More recently, I was woken by a word being said over and over again. It was in my head and reverberated around until I woke – as if whatever was causing it wanted to force me awake. It was a word I had never heard before.

The word was:


Of course I looked it up on waking. It is a Hebrew word. I don’t know what significance it has, if any. If it has any context or significance to people here, please do say.

And then I had this strange powerful dream. I found that I was transported to a different planet, and was suddenly standing under a beautiful blue but alien sky looking out at the ocean from a cliff edge.

Beside me was stood this creature which I knew was female. She had rather beautiful orange, black and white stripes across her head but no hair. So on this momentous meeting between two species, what did I say to her? What deep questions concerning the nature of the universe did I want answering?

I spoke to her telepathically and asked: “What’s your name?”

She replied that she was called “Dawn”, which I knew related to the dawn of the sun on this world. I did not for one instant connect it with the human name “Dawn”, which I have since realised belatedly also concerns the morning sun.

I am also visited in my sleep by dark entities, but they no longer concern me.

Anyway, that’s my experience.


Thank you for your gift to us all. I am still reading the RA Law of One books. I read your note and this too is how I feel about all of the new ideas and concepts [quote=“Kuiper, post:3, topic:1845”]
I did not feel like I was “remembering” as such, nor even learning radically new stuff. Rather, I found things were slotting into place.

Yes I am able to “slot” this into place.

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Thank you for sharing :pray:

The word shiboleth שיבולת in Hebrew means Oats. I am not familiar with any mystical meaning to it, but what popped into my mind was actually crop circles.

I also was woken from sleep with a a sentence ringing in my ear. It was actually in Hebrew, and it happened about 2-3 years ago, before I knew of the Law of One. The sentence had no meaning to me then, but it sure does now. It said "The return of Orion to jezreel valley״.

After having read the Ra Contact, and learned about the Orion group I remembered the sentence that rang in my ears years ago. To me it now symbolizes the deteriorating situation in Israel and Gaza and the entire middle east. Again and again, the people in the area are being drawn into war, each side believing war is just, each side retaliates time and time again, all losing polarization over this terrible situation. I cannot help but think this is somehow instigated by the Orion group :cry:

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Thank you

It reminded me the cliff, I wonder if it’s the same cliff :slight_smile:

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Thank you for this. I will be interested to read the NDEs.

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