Question about Meeting Wanderers/ Density

I find myself reflecting on the few wanderers I feel sure I’ve met in this lifetime. My question is: how often/likely is it to meet other wanderers? Is there a particular way to identify them? To me, their energy is one of deep familiarity and connection (especially those I’ve met in past lives) When we do meet them are there any indicators of their density? I know a lot of wanderers get lonely (myself included) I have this desire to know more about them and meet more of them, but i’m unsure about how to do this because I know we are spread out to be of service. Any help/ advice would be wonderful.
Love to you all :green_heart:


You may explore the following link: A Wanderer's Handbook. I believe this book will provide answers to at least some of your questions.

To succinctly share my perspective on the subject, I identify a few indicators of Wanderers:

Wanderers often struggle to adapt to the pragmatic aspects of this reality. They might be perceived as loners or eccentrics and could exhibit characteristics akin to mental illness and personality disorder traits. They may encounter difficulties in the workplace and social groups, often resulting from their inability to conform and accept certain societal norms (norm can be STS in essence), which can lead to their exclusion by others. This represents the more challenging facet of their existence.

Conversely, a more positive aspect is that Wanderers are typically individuals with an above-average thirst for truth, valuing empathy and demonstrating kindness towards others. They tend to prioritize spiritual elements, including love and knowledge, viewing them as noble and “better”, juxtaposed with the materialistic aspects of life, such as possession and physical pleasures, being biased that these are “inferior” and “unclean.”

Wanderers might immerse themselves deeply into science or art, as well as religion, theology, metaphysics, and, naturally, spirituality. They could be scientists, priests, or pursue any vocation. While some might navigate through formal education systems, for others, it could be a perpetual, self-guided exploration.

Moreover, a Wanderer might be someone who engages concurrently in spiritual practices and seeks truths about extraterrestrial civilizations and their activities on Earth, like UFO phenomena. Given that they too are “aliens” to this planet, albeit in a spiritual sense. Wanderers are not native beings of 3rd Density Earth.

In their past incarnation, they might have resided within the 6th Density and, even while existing in Earth’s 3rd Density, they perpetually bear the legacy of the 6th Density, alive within the recesses of their subconscious memory.


Thank you so much for your detailed response. :blush::green_heart: It really means a lot to me. Those questions sparked for me again after watching a video series on the wanderers handbook. I should really just go back and read it lol. I think it’s fair to assume many if not all who come to this forum are likely wanderers. I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to see it. Hope you are doing well.


Would you mind sharing a link to the video series? I have watched many regarding the Ra Material, but I haven’t seen any dedicated to Carla’s book on the subject.

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How to meet a wanderer, assuming
there’s a desire to - might depend on
your comfort zones.

I probably mentioned before that in
nature is found a Gaussian curve
which seems to describe many things.
If you can imagine the mean or peak
of the curve which may describe most
people in a culture, this might be like
a status quo value system adopted to
blend in with the masses, to not appear
weird or marginalized or enlightened.

The tails of the distribution might be the
realm where the status quo feels a lesser
degree comfortable. On one side might
be homeless, disenfranchised or down
trodden folks, the other tail might be the
other extreme - enlightened god beings
both good and bad, like leaders of the
free world.

I imagine many wanderers traverse the
full gamut of the curve - tolerant of both
the masses and the tails, they might be
foolhardy comfortable in ways others
feel repelled. They may be able to hang
out with people who make most people
uncomfortable or intimidated.

So depending on where one finds oneself,
and willingness to search or outreach in
some way of discovering and making friends
with new people, may all factor into the
likelihood of bumping into one.

Telling the density of beings might be some
specialized sidhya or gift, like reading auras.
You might think it’s quantized - that a 6Der
is stuck at 6D and is unable to behave any
other way - but there’s definitely 3Ders who
act like 2Ders or 1Ders on occasion. It may
be the perception of density from appearance
differs person to person.

For example, a status quo 3Der might see
a wanderer who appears as a 3Der to them,
and that may be an appropriate perception
for them. A wanderer might encounter the
same wanderer, and assess more, say
polarity, harvestability, density, and the
density mode they appear as to others.

But maybe a wanderer who does that has
a gift that not all wanderers develop -
because those characteristics seem
unique to law of one school of thought.

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sorry for the late response. Scott Mandelker has great videos on wanderers, the ra material, and more. I’ve found it extremely helpful. this is the first of many videos he did on “wanderers notes”

Scott Mandelker “Wanderers Notes 1 pt1”

Thanks, I’ll take a look

How to identify them? Certitude does not seem to be of our world quite yet in that regard. I can be subjectively certain, but you may not believe.

Here’s a clear case though
“ We have on the show Akerke Muratova. Akerke remembers what it was like before she was born; she remembers her pre-birth experience putting together her soul blueprint, her soul plan, and why she chose such a difficult early life with abusive parents abusive situation that she was and her explanation is heartfelt and beautiful.”

Her pre birth memories, very interestingly from the et spirit angle. But feel her positive presence? I sure could even if this was a video.

The positive still seems to mostly insist on plausible deniability, it’s mainly feelings. Profound subjective and sometimes shared among a small group experiences, but the free will of scientific materialists is generally respected.

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Yes that is the overriding aspect throughout. Those still heavily working with the 3d illusion are kindly left thickly veiled.

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Based on experience; the wanderer most of the time is not aware of he/she is being a ‘wanderer’ (this is of course by design) and even those who do will not broadcasting to everyone that he/she is a wanderer to avoid the sense of “my status is higher than you”.
A wanderer; being of 4th, 5th or 6th STO entity is well aware that his/her soul journey now involve steps towards unity and the thing that kept him/her from that unity (thus separation) is the ego / karma. Thus he/she is focusing on diminishing this wall of separation and not thickening it.


I really did feel her peace and positivity. Thank you so much for sharing. Speaking with you all and seeing things like this make me feel less alone.:slight_smile: :green_heart:/

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This post was made on my birthday. I was not going to reply until I noticed that. I’ve read the other replies. I feel I can add some practical advice.
I believe there are now over 213 million wanderers (or star seeds) on the planet today.
I got that number given to me a couple of years ago clairvoyantly, and it was confirmed a couple weeks later by a famous UFO contactee (I won’t mention the name).
It makes sense there would have been a lot more since the Ra contact.
First of all, I’d like to suggest reflection on why we awakened wanderers like you and me, have a desire to know when someone in our life’s journey is a fellow wanderer, given that it does not matter at all from the perspective of unity. If we’re all one, we’re all one.
I remind myself to see self and all other selves as the Creator.
Yet, I too, especially when embarking on a relationship, be that a friend or more intimate, such as a romantic partner, find myself curious about the personal history of ‘other self.’
I can offer some practical advice from my experience.

  1. Use your psychic ability. You can know if a person is a wanderer through clairvoyance.
    We all have psi available to us. Meditation practice can open this ability up. Particularly useful are the visualization meditations taught in clairvoyance schools and published in books such as the “Pleiadean Workbook” - It is highly rewarding to develop our psi abilities with the goal of service-to-others.
  2. Ask the person about how they feel about being a human, and their childhood experiences especially. Their is the common thread - A sense of not being home, or that this world is “wrong” somehow, a feeling of alienation that can be quite severe.
  3. Consider the material Ra gave us regarding wanderers. For example, that wanderers are more likely to refrain from child bearing/rearing. Study the 106 sessions. I have found that re-reading or listening to Jim narrate the audiobooks is a never ending journey of expansion. The Ra material is indeed unique among all the channeled material available.
  4. Work on the disciplines of the personality. Know yourself, accept yourself, become the Creator.
    In love and light.

Thank you so much for sharing. It truly means a lot to me. I have this deep curiosity having met a few wanderers so far. I can recognize my own clairvoyance (despite my own hesitation which im working on slowly) and some have asked me to tell them about themselves. I will meditate on what you have said and take it into account. The Workbook you mentioned really resonates with me. I guess I still have a lot of unconscious fear of acknowledging my own abilities because of trauma experienced this lifetime. I think that’s another reason I really want to know more about people like me. I don’t feel by any means superior to any other in fact its often the opposite. I recognize this is a personal issue and am working through those trauma distortions every moment of every day. Thank you again for sharing i wish i could express the ways in which this was the answer i needed to hear. Love and light to you :green_heart:

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How likely one is to meet a wanderer depends on the person. If you are a hermit, you may not meet any. But here is some information about behaviours and trying to identify their home density:

Wanderers are drawn to unpolarized entities, at least during harvest season, so that they may help with polarization when help is requested.[89.39] They serve this planet according to what is requested by humanity, and in the context of Earth.[65.11] They have difficulty dealing with 3rd density patterns and remember, to some extent, how unusual or unnecessary these patterns are from the perspective of their home density.[66.34]

4th density Wanderers are rare. They have a great ability to radiate love and light but tend to make judgement errors in people because they are love over wisdom.[32.9] 5th density wanderers have a great ability to express wisdom and they are not affected by the stimulus of the rays of others. They typically don’t get married and also care little for child-bearing and child-raising since the vibrations of Earth seem a bit disruptive. 6th density Wanderers are highly likely to refrain from sexual reproduction and instead will be more interested in having exceptional sexual energy transfers. A significant portion of 6th density Wanderers are those of Ra. Another large portion are those of Atlantis. Just like 4th density Wanderers, 6th density Wanderers also have a great ability to radiate love and light.[45.4, 32.9]

One of the ways in which a negative wanderer will polarize further, or at least try, is by sharing negative philosophy.[36.17]

My personal observation is that wanderers (especially 4d ones) can be trusting to a fault since we have wandered from a more harmonious density. We very easily see the ailments of shortened attention spans, impatience, and reactivity (no chill). Some of us are just straight up ETs in behaviour, not able to fit in to any human group without putting on an act. Certain human formalities and traditions may not make sense to us.

The level of separation here with land divided into countries, each having their own government, and a power structure within the government, including compartmentalization and classification of information, really baffles me and I will never be able to follow politics.

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Thank you for sharing. I appreciate it. It makes a lot of sense sense. Before I truly remembered that I was a wanderer it always hurt me that i had to separate from the other wanderers I met along the way, but a part of me always knew it had to happen. Like a voice in my head said “okay they have their mission, you have yours and its farther away” I ended up in a really difficult area on more than one occasion. I can only hope that I’m able to help. I had the idea that just being here and radiating the love was important. Thats why I am working so hard to constantly raise my vibration, but I feel like sometimes I’m overly aware of the vibrations around me. sorry this got a bit off track, but what you said really helped me make sense of some things. Thank you again :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:

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Excellent comments.
Very true. It took me some time to learn this lesson. I had an assumption that everyone would be as on the ‘up-and-up’ as myself. This is definitely one of those characteristics wanderers carry over from more harmonious densities that do not work out so well.


You’re welcome- I’m am very happy to have been of service. I’m intrigued that you resonate with the book, I found it shortly after the untimely passing of it’s author, Amora Quan Yin.
I had a series of paranormal experiences (enough to write a book), and telepathic contact from the confederation- Though I did not know it was them at the time.
In fact, I was telepathically guided to the workbook as it sat on a shelf in the former spiritual retreat center called Stillheart. That was back in a time of major awakening/initiation in 2013.
The visualization meditations prepared me to go to clairvoyance school. I now am a practicing (part time) clairvoyant medium. I think it was just part of my individual mission to be on that path. The workbook is also useful in many other ways for those whose path is not to give others readings. Canceling contracts, repatterining, all very useful in healing and developing.
A few months after the workbook found me, I was telepathically guided to go to Britenbush hot springs while in Oregon for a short time. There I met Amora’s housemate (I won’t mention his name for his privacy) during the time the book was written! It was an amazing day. I definitely was guided to meet him, as when I first heard “Go to Britenbush” I asked if I could wait until Tuesday. “No, you have to go tomorrow (Monday).” The person I was to meet left early Tuesday morning!!

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Wow. Your story is incredible. I’ve had this feeling that I will be in contact with a medium who would let me know the path I should follow. For a long time I’ve aimed to be a healer. However, I’ve had potent clairvoyance sine I was a child. What scared me is the intensity of visions when I allowed myself to go back down that path. I’m afraid of being crazy (as that was a label placed on me at a young age) Just hearing your story is inspiring to me that if/ when I need guidance along my path someone will likely appear to be of assistance. Sharing the workbook with me is a wonderful leap towards my personal evolution. I thank you again for sharing your experiences. :slight_smile:
Edit: I’ve always had a connection with the green light beings along with others I was thrilled to finally learn their name

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I am happy to be of service, so you’re welcome. I believe that you will find more about the answers you seek within as you explore the workbook. I wish you well on your path.

If you are interested to connect, please let me know.

As one of my services to others, I am planning to create an art film (non-proft project). I want it to be an artistic attempt to permeate the boundaries of individual, isolated perception by using camera angles/perspectives.

I would like it to inspire a sense of intrigue and wonder for consciousness.

Not all projects are suited for joint work. But this one definitely is. I would love to cooperate with other wanderers who feel a similar calling. I would also love to hear about projects you are working on if you consider them to be suited for cooperation.