Paying a Dear Price for Knowing the Heart

Some may find this passage deeply affirming.

You have asked about the price of choices made by those who wish to serve others, and have said that the one known as Ra suggested that the more purity with which the choice is made, the steeper the price will be. If you can enter into the deeper portions of your own mind, perhaps you may see the heart as a dark room, full of shadows and yet containing the Most High, the infinite One. In that darkness nothing can be discerned, and yet, this is where the learning comes. And that which is taught one in those deep, private moments has a tendency to spring forth once the seeker has gone out into the daylight world again and joins that dance of manifestation that you experience as you live within incarnation. Within that deep and dark heart, within that holy of holies, that portion of you which is beyond space and time dwells, perfect, complete, ineffably whole. It is as the buried treasure.

If one attempts to take the self that has not realized the nature of its heart, the holiness of its center, and asks it to make a choice, the entity may make a positive choice, but this entity is making a choice that has no depth of root. A little wind can blow it over, a newer idea can take its place. And so the entity that has not gone down deep, diving into the heart, may skate happily across the pond of life, skittering along the meniscus, happy as a dragonfly in the summer sun, and like the ephemerid, it shall pass, and it shall not pay a price, for it has not bought very much. To the one who has begun to discover the utter and intense purity at the heart of self, a choice that is made is made not simply upon the surface, but in profound depth, and to the extent that the purity of the heart has been penetrated in the making of a choice, this action in the metaphysical world is as that which turns on the bright light.

When entities consciously choose the service-to-others option in a difficult situation because of pure awareness of the purity of self within the heart, this takes the clay of flesh and shaves it aside until the light begins to shine through. The more deeply the entity knows his own heart, the more pure that choice can be made.


Here’s something else along the same lines. Again, very supportive if you’re into this kind thing.

Do you look at that opportunity that presents itself to you in each moment to offer some kind of service to others? Or do you, instead, perhaps take this opportunity and ignore that opportunity and eventually begin to realize and take advantage of more opportunities than you ignore? Do you think about this carefully as you progress along your path? I am sure that many of you do, for you are very thoughtful entities, conscious seekers, by definition, are conscious of a great deal of what they do and why. Conscious seekers who are very fastidious ask a question such as you have asked today. Why really do you start to serve? Why do you continue to serve?

These are important questions, my friends, for the degree to which your desire to serve is motivated by the heart of hearts within your being will your service be effective. This does not mean that what you mentally construct as your image of service must be fulfilled for the service to be completely effective. What this means is that you must give with the whole heart, perhaps with no dedication to an outcome, realizing that there may be some other reason for the situation that you wish to heal, or make whole, or to revitalize, or to realize for it to exist as it does. Thus, when you serve, you serve with that realization in your mind, that perhaps the bread cast upon the water will not reach its source.


“And yet, we say to you, once you are able to touch the purity within that deep, dark heart, once that light within has been perceived for but a split second, never again can that seeker truly say that she does not have faith, for she has touched the heart of the Creator; and this is a knowledge that none can remove from the seeker who once claims it.

And if that purity calls forth the testing and the trial, we hope that each shall be able to know that the fire that burns does not burn away the heart of self but only the dross of flesh. Fear not that fire, and if that which is called the ego by your peoples loses a bit of a chip here and there, is that any great loss? For that which replaces that small self, though far more impersonal, is that which marries peace and ecstasy, quietude and joy.”

Each of you is as a starry messenger that has become tangled in flesh."

Poetic Q’uo🥰


This is all way above my pay grade. I’m just a third grader and I read that Ra said that this third density is not capable of really understanding the Law of One until we graduate to fifth density. I’m only in third grade, but I think I’m just smart enough to see that my purpose here is to LOVE ONE ANOTHER. Sounds simple to me! My challenge every day with every other One is to practice the unconditional love I am receiving NOW from the One, via the chain of command. I’m working on one chakra at a time, starting with the goal of learning the Way of Love in third density. I’m not trying to be an adept. I’m only trying to qualify for fourth grade.

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“That ye love one another” is the gist of 3D work heading to 4D, some would say. It has the obvious element of operating on the lateral plane of the outer life. Orthogonal to this there is also a plane of inner depth, the plane of self love through entering into and knowing–of embodying, you might say–the heart of self. For you could you possibly love others any more than you truly love yourself? You could call this “having life more abundantly.”


Can we ask why purity must be tested at all? Purity should be the easiest thing to feel…

Why would your ego be necessary at all at this point? Losing chips of your ego… okay… your ego is not necessary at all, is it? Love is all that matters.

These kind of statements honestly make my heart ache. Anything designed to inspire should not make anyone feel inferior, yet we’ve seen so many others feel this way due to lack of “understanding” of the law of one.

Aaron Abke, a YouTuber who promotes the law of one heavily, said it was like a “PhD dissertation on the nature of reality.” Why would anyone need a PhD to understand anything like this unless it was designed to confuse somehow? Maybe I’m missing something here…

It’s good that “Q’uo” is a lot easier to relate to and understand.

The definition of “orthogonal” is perpendicular, or at “right” angles.

Maybe it should say,”Parallel to this there is also a plane of inner depth, the plane of self love through entering into and knowing–of embodying, you might say–the heart of self.”

Purity can be difficult to feel amidst the constant distractions around us. The testing is about, not feeling coming in from without, but about feeling it inherent within. As awareness moves upwards from the root chakra it is refined, then tested at subsequent levels. This process seats the developing awareness in our being so that we can integrate it.

Well, Love is a consequence of the All desiring to know itself. Love begat Light which begat individuals such as, for instance, your own self which go through a very long process of refining that Love & Light into very personal patterns which are eventually then returned to their “original begatter,” if you will.

I experience intellect as information gathered while crawling across the surface of catalyst and I experience the knowing of the heart as at right angles to the surface in the sense of going deeply inside the experience of the catalyst. For me, they are not two parallel means of awareness, but differently oriented in imaginary space, so to speak. In other words, the journey laterally of assessing something is an whole different kettle of fish compared to, say, exploring something in a dream. The rules of the game are very different for each.

But that’s just my way of describing it, obviously.

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Purity is just another way for describing the way energy is supposed to feel. Energy is energy. It exists whether or not distractions are occurring, if anything the energy most likely will be coming from said “distractions.”

When you can read energy, it’s clear to see how even movement causes an energetic shift, like our son Orion jumping on the trampoline. His energy shifts as he bounces, and being in the same room can make you feel dizzy if you are sensitive enough to pick up on the vibrations.

When the heart is open and balanced, you can feel the energy come from deep within the heart and it spirals in motion. When waves are oscillating quickly enough, they “straighten” out and appear to be in a line but that would be incorrect.

Love is love. It’s not a consequence of something, which is defined as: a result or affect of an action or condition.

What about unconditional love? Isn’t that what “fourth density” is supposed to be about?

Reading energy is one of my “gifts.” We don’t find it to be anything special but it helps us see things very clearly. :eye:

Writing patterns is amongst one of many reasons why we are here. You don’t need to worry about us. Trust me on that. But you should realize that you choose your words very specifically and it speaks volumes to how you really feel.

You may find this (From Dec 13, 2008) to be supportive of your sentiments.

An entity may rest in faith for a whole life long knowing, as the one known as G has said, that all is well, without ever leaving the sanctity of the open heart. Indeed it is not necessary to work with the gateway to intelligent infinity in order for a seeker to live a life of highly polarized service to others and to graduate into fourth density when the time comes.

The heart and its energy center hold the key to moving forward with the evolution of mind, body and spirit, in that the heart is that sanctuary in which the immediate presence of the one infinite Creator is always available. Indeed, it is the nature of the green-ray energy center to be sanctified and utterly positive, resounding with the vibrations of unconditional love.

I wish you all the best in your travels, FF.

Purity > quote does not use word ‘must’ which is anyhow not the favorite one in higher densities because does not reflect free will. Quote use ‘IF’ it is tested > if purity of unconditional love in its expression of unity clashes with 3d operating system of polarity and scenario shows itself as test/trial
Ego > quote does not use ‘necessary’ at any point. Mentiones ego ‘as your people call it’, part of 3d human design, belongs to physical veichle, exists in some form until physical death. Meaning it is very likely to happen that during those test/trials of manifesting Love our human personality formation Ego will experience certain states that can seem to ‘chip it’, scratch it, hurt it. Aware of our Divine being and using that Ego as tool in expresion of it > as quote said ‘is that such a big lose’ and you said basicaly the same ‘Love matters’. And reminder that IF ALL IS LOVE then Ego is Love as well:)
Only when we ACCEPT it ALL, messy human&divine call, we will open the door for WHOLE.

Regarding purity, when Confederation sources use this term, I have observed, they are speaking about feeling a thing deeply as it is, that is, without benefit of one’s personal emotional and mental overlays of meaning. This is a good example from OCT 7, 1990.

I am Q’uo. We may say that any creature which feels pain suffers that pain, for pain is not a state which is easy to accept for any entity with flesh, blood and breath. Yet the kind of suffering which those second density entities upon your planetary experience is a purer suffering, one which does not have mental connotations or distortions placed upon it. There is no grieving for the self, there is no grieving for another, there is no blame for the self or for another. There are none of those emotional attachments that many of your third-density entities place with the experience of pain. Rather, it is as pure an experience of pain as the life pattern is a pure expression of the energy of the animal as it is.

As one does work in spirit, this is a very important perspective to bear in mind because the deeper one goes into such things, the more thoroughly one can become entangled by one’s mental and emotional overlays.

Case in point, this is one of the basic principles of good channeling. One attunes to one’s highest and best vibration of spiritual purity in order to allow only clean communication to come through during a period of working.

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Thanks. I need that!

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I like this, but I have to research this orthogonal term. When I look at things, I try to view them in a horizontal line dimension, which I like to think of as space/time. In my simple mind, I like to imagine time/space as Being more like a vertical line or plane or sphere from which the One perceives the infinity of all time and space at One point, which is NOW. Since I’m in third density NOW, I like to think that right Now is the intersection of space/time and time/space. If I can practice Being present right Now, I try to treat everything with loving kindness. The power of Now and the Law of One are the 75-year old legs I walk on. Maybe this orthogonal perspective will give me wings!

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Perhaps, but I suspect you already have wings…somewhere…

About the Orthogonal Conundrum, I was trying to say something similar to what you were trying to say. (It’s not easy to translate this stuff into mental concepts, is it?) It’s about being mindful of both time/space & space/time or, to use different lingo, it’s about informing how you act and react in life with information coming from intuition or from feelings so deep, you can’t quite tell their origins. The intellect decides how to order things, while intuition tells us how full or empty of meaning our actions may be. The richer the meaning and the more skillful the actions, the closer we get taking flight.

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Thanks for the support. I’m an old man, retired from two careers, living in the UP where nobody I know wants to speak the Law of One or Power of Now. I spend many hours of my days carefully studying the Ra sessions but I’m not sure I’m on the positive path. It’s beautiful every day for me, but I’m not very willing to rock my boat by saying what I believe to people who are not interested in much beyond their own train of thought. So thanks for your support!

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Why bother talking about stuff when people mainly just hear what they’ve already decided they want to hear? The meaningful communication is sometimes merely the love one manages to radiate through smiles, encouragement or just through the determined work of refining one’s integrity.

From FEB 9, 2022

…once the entity is able to accept the emotion, fully embrace the sensation, the entity can then work to set the intention to love that emotion; set the intention to send love to that thought; and from there the intention can be to allow the loving energy one has sent to that emotion into that thought out into the world, out into the illusion. By that, we mean that the entity expresses themselves authentically, radiates who they truly are inwardly and outwardly and always with the signature of love behind it. And it is through that radiation, that expression of love and authenticity, whatever that authenticity may look like, that most potent transitions or changes can occur. Creation and action can bloom from such radiation.

Though it may not seem to be a likely outcome, or it may seem impossible, we would remind the seeker that simple radiation and expression of love and light is a beautiful, powerful means of lightening the vibration on this planet. Think of who has inspired you throughout your life with simple gestures of love. Be it a smile in an unexpected circumstance, or the observation of someone fully being themselves and the freedom you sense from that expression. That inspiration is extremely powerful, for you see, while the changes seem large at this time, you must understand that we see how the current events may feel, we understand how they may feel, but it is those actions of small gifts of love or kindness or compassion that act as seeds to greater, more positive evolution and growth, not just of the self, but of the planet as a whole.


Amazing thanks for sharing!

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