What does Service to Others really entail?

For service to others, does that mean like working a soup kitchen?
Or can we be of service to others by sending love in our hearts to others who are hurting?

Ra says you need 51% STO.

I’m not sure if that means 12 hours a day have to actively be serving others in order to graduate to 4th Density.


I think it’s a matter of balance. We aren’t super heroes, we still need to find time for our own needs. Loving others means loving ourselves too. That is why the definition bothers me. Loving yourself isn’t solely being selfish or “service to others.”

Some people are very bad at remembering that they are worthy of love too.

Loving yourself at the expense of others needs can be where the line starts to blur. Once again it comes down to balance.

How can we truly love another if we can’t find love for ourselves? I think being of service usually means people think they need to martyr themselves indefinitely in order to feel of value. How can you see all as One if you do not include yourself?

Love unconditionally. Keep that green :green_heart: energy center open. Once that energy is moving freely throughout your energy center, the significance of finding love in yourself also becomes important.

We as a species are naturally far harder on ourselves then we are on each other. I think this means that deep down we want to trust, we want to love, we want to accept. We just have such difficulties accepting these things within ourselves that it feels impossible to find the energy to do it for anyone else.

So my advice is find a balance. Love others, but love yourself too and don’t stress too much about the details. Life is meant to be lived, not studied. :wink:


I just got concerned because I haven’t really volunteered to help others. I have created tools that help others,but most of my time isn’t spent on others. I understand we have to love ourselves as well.

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I find that we can help people in ways we can’t always see on the surface.

As an example from my own life, I have a young son who keeps me at home so I’m cannot easily go out to do the things I desire out in the world so easily. So I decided to volunteer to clean up the property for our landlord because I like taking care of the yard, being outside soothes me and it gives me something to do with my son. It’s a win-win for me.

As a result he lowered the rent and has been able to live away from home the majority of the year so he can enjoy a simpler life while we look after his property for him.

I never knew a small gesture to look after the yard would turn out like that. That is why helping comes in all sorts of packages. All of them are incredibly helpful in ways you’d never expect. Don’t discount anything as small as you never know how impactful it truly is for the other person.


I love you story Funkyfroggie… Just so beautiful

Also, what we do for others, ( provided with some joy, lol ) we do for ourselves, absolutely your’e so right there…

I always thought making others laugh was an act of love in the end. lol
In fact there is one member here who makes me laugh all the time.


Thank you so much… I really have tried to apply this way of loving everyone to all aspects of my life. My last landlord trusted me so much he came with our damage deposit check filled out in full before he even saw the place after we moved out. I was surprised in the most beautiful way, to know that your respect, hard work and kindness meant something to those around you, even in a more professional relationship, like with a landlord.

Like I said, you never really know how you are impacting someone until they show you. If not you gotta have faith you are making the right choice by knowing it was the most loving choice you could have made in that situation.

Oh man… people really need to laugh more. I started a “funny thread’ to cheer people up and it got not comments. That made me sad. I am a sucker for a funny music parody or some ultra nerdy comedy on YouTube. Laughing always makes my heart feel full and ready to share love with others. :green_heart:


I shall ai visit it ! I was a little overwhelmed with work recently but a funny thread is the best !!

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I’d focus on cultivating your understanding of your intent. For example, being kind to yourself can be a reflection of a principle of universal compassion, which necessarily applies to you also. In being kind to yourself, and understanding the importance of that act in the frame of a universal ethic, you can be doing good for all beings, as it would benefit all beings to learn this wisdom.

If you feel compelled to act more outwardly for others too, again, witness within the nature of that intent. There is no need to stress, the infinite creator, I don’t believe, is placing you in an ironic situation where what matters is some objective quota you fulfill. You are not bound by anything, you have been given the freedom to choose. So practice choosing to act in service to all, and discerning and deepening your relationship with your intention.


I have come to understand that true service to others is not simply a matter of performing volunteer work. It begins with one’s intention. For example, a person who works at a soup kitchen with the sole purpose of improving their service-to-others statistics may not truly be serving with an open heart. Conversely, an individual who offers assistance to someone in need without any expectations or personal gain is serving with pure intention.

Pure intention can be defined as an action that arises from a place free of negative emotions, such as anger, resentment, or selfishness. When we act with pure intention, we are offering a true service to others and to the world at large. It is not the specific action that matters most, but rather the intention behind it.

It is my understanding that over the course of many incarnations spanning a 75,000 year cycle, a soul that chooses to live with a service-to-others mentality at least 51% of the time is deemed eligible for harvest.

This process of harvest is not a physical event, but rather a shift in the soul’s journey towards higher realms of consciousness and understanding. As we make choices that align with a service-to-others mentality, we are cultivating a deeper connection with the universe and with one another.


I think this view Upavaka is quite aligning with Ra’s advice. My feeling is that any choice guided by love for the next entity, for whom you are putting your intent is a way of living with a positive bias. That choice, made initially by thought, may be followed by physical action, or not, depending on the type of service one may wish to provide.

Sending pure silent love towards an entity is definitely one strong form of service, among many others.


Can I send love to the collective? What about those who would not want to receive love? Would it violate their free will?

Absolutely Anthro, why not ?

The response of the entity receiving love is up to the entity’s free will, as is yours or mine to respond, or not to respond.

We all receive vibrations that we all are in power to accept or not.

Anthro you should perhaps stop worrying, in case you do, :wink: as I feel from knowing you for so long that you have developed all kinds of services to others… :wink:


Thank you flofrog. Sometimes I worry, but not as much as I used to.
I learned recently to focus on my breath during meditation, and it’s helped to enhance
the bliss that I feel.

I used to worry that after this life I’d have to repeat 75,000 years in 3D if I didn’t make it.
But active service isn’t really my thing. I’d rather send love and healing to those needing it.


Beautifully said AnthroHeart


As Hounsic says.
No worries Anthro….

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Yes as at the ‘core’ there is no other.
There’s only one infinite creator.
At one point, 7th density? the service to other is service to self, since separation is illusionary.
Separation is constructed in order for ‘many’ ness to exist, thus the diverging path of service to ‘other’ / ‘self’ can also exist.
Service to self, is constructing the ego, which keep one separated from the rest.
Service to others is deconstructing the ego which lowered the degree of separation from the rest.
And when the ego is no more, service to self is service to others as there is no other to begin with.


The choice in service is of service to self or service to others.
Those who choose service to self basically feel that the Creator is them and they are the Creator. The environment about them is that which may be controlled or manipulated in order to best make the self happy, comfortable and so forth. This is not a consciously negative attitude in many cases but simply the day-to-day working pattern of self expressing.

The other choice is service to others, and the one who chooses this way of expressing love is intending to, at the expense of the self, put others first. The service-to-self polarity and the service-to-others polarity is like the north and south poles of a magnet. In third density each begins somewhere in the middle in a kind of well of inertia. There is no positive charge or negative charge when experience begins to be accumulated by the awakened soul within incarnation. It is little choices, like whether to share your peanut butter sandwich with the other kids in fifth grade, whether to go sit with the kid with a broken leg in second grade, whether to help the parent who seems to need it. These seemingly small and everyday decisions are those in which one either decides to attract to the self that which is needed or to give away the love that is within one for the benefit of others.


I sometimes ask the Arcturians (an ET race) to work through me to help humanity.
They are pleased to be of service in that way.


Are you doing this alone?

Yes. I don’t have a partner or anyone to work with.