Orbs of light (anyone recognize these?) appearing due to unspoken communication

Can anyone tell me what these are? Videos at bottom of post. They’ve been appearing since I got into the Ra material and they often appear in association with spiritual thoughts and, uh, silent requests to the multiverse.

Soooo, I posted one of the larger lights a year or so ago. But there’s these… light things… most commonly round, sometimes elongated. They change colors and sizes and will move sometimes if asked (in my mind), hard to see the movement with trying to hold a phone though.

I point them out and but, not that I have a large sample size (N=3), they can’t find them by themselves. But these things are around… in front of clouds… in front of trees… almost whenever (exclusively once it starts to get dark though) I politely ask them. I don’t know, they cheer me up. They seem to sometimes be related to my emotional state- loving thoughts tend to cause them to appear most often. Though also depression (I think that’s them trying to cheer me up though), but not anger.

And when I have spiritually energetic feeling situations, often they appear outside of my window. No, not close enough it’s super amazing usually. I’ve had a few really WTF close lights that have appeared and disappeared into thin air, but now that my belief in… whatever manifestation of the infinite consciousness… these things represent is assured (I believe in it, but I don’t know what “it” is precisely… besides obviously telepathic and usually reassuring), they are very plausible deniability in general.

No, I’m not zooming in and out with the camera, they just do that. And yes, they are… colorful with the naked eye too.

This one likes to flash in and out of existence and flash pink- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aenEkiGT5oU

I know there’s some types of stars that look strange through the atmosphere, but stars don’t appear in front of fog, trees, or respond to telepathic requests.

Anyone get followed around by these or at least encounter them? I’m not complaining, it’s nice to be reminded that all the errr… “catalyst”… I see on this planet isn’t all there is. And yes, I do encourage them to show up. Still pretty WTF in general though.


Can it be Chinese sky lanterns?

Several times (maybe even a little more) I had such situations in which the sky gave me the answer.

I would take a walk or look out the window. And at the moment of some conclusion or statement, I observed a signal in the sky. These signals always appeared unexpectedly and they even had a situational context. They all had the expression of astronomical phenomena.

It all started with me looking at a star. I thought it was a star and suddenly this object began to hover and disappeared, I was a little puzzled. Then it began to appear in a certain context. For example, I saw a flare of blue light, which I used as a positive confirmation of what I was thinking, and I came out on top because of it.

Another time I saw a flare of white light, which then slowly disappeared, this too made sense in the context of what I was thinking. Another time, I saw a comet of sorts that flashed across the sky quickly and decisively. This too made sense in the context of what I was thinking. Each of these phenomena lasted from a tiny moment to a maximum of a few seconds.

I was never able to call it up on cue. It was always sudden. There are many different explanations, from coincidence, to hallucinations triggered by my unconscious mind finding a way to communicate with me, to extraterrestrials. Whoever it was knew my thoughts and could physically influence what was happening in the atmosphere/cosmos (assuming, of course, that they really played out and were not just an illusion).

So they have the knowledge of my thoughts and at the same time a certain manifestation in physicality. This is closest to 4th Density activity. They would be able to know the thoughts and relatively easily produce the kind of effect I would perceive with my eyes.

I don’t know how it is in your case LSDMTNT. It could be hundreds of different things. Some event in the natural cosmos. Some new kind of weapon. Some technology being developed, like some particular satellite. Or just activity coming from the higher Densities. After all, we are entering the 4th Density, then and beings from the 4th Density, positive as well as negative, can use such avenues of communication with us or they do some of their job.