If you want to see the light- here's a video I took. (positive UFO)

My mate (the female voice) took this on her cellphone. It looked a bit different with the naked eye. If you can here on the video (boy do I hate how I sound on her cellphone mic) I ask it to help Earth in spite of the free will thing they’re obsessed with. It gets dimmer then, I assume that means, “Sorry, but we’re all about the free will, buddy, work on yourselves”.

Trying to video this thing, I realize why most ufo videos are so funky- you really need proper equipment and something to stabilize. We’re in a wooded area at night walking. There was absolutely no “reasonable explanation”. Some of the other ones I’ve seen were even more impressive, I just have a still image of a ring of lights. One giant orange ball another night after I addressed the “aliens”, again yelling like a crazy person, appeared above us, traveled fairly slowly but faster than walking speed and then vanished into thin air. Then there’s the moving rings of lights and small ones that masquerade as stars (but stars don’t go in front of treelines or fog cover or dance around when you talk to them…)

After the video ends I yell like an insane person if I can please meet them. Well, I met them later that night. I was on psychedelics, deep meditation can do the same thing but I’ve only recently gotten decent at it. Those substances remove the ego (at a high enough dose), I conjecture, that you can see things you normally wouldn’t be able to. I wish I could screen capture my mental images on psychedelics, they are very colorful, dynamic and beautiful. I won’t go into detail, but they are there sober too. And let’s not get all weird about psychedelics, after all it appears Carla was using LSD for a number of sessions based on one of Ra’s answers- useful and not useful, they do deplete your energy, but boy can you sure “see” better with eyes closed when they’re in full swing.

The fake stars are nearly always there if you no how to spot them though I can’t speak for your location and it may be a mental thing where they only appear to certain individuals- the movements appear to be individual as my partner will see one “dancing” in a different direction, the same one, than I will.

Anyway, our friends are here. Less interventionist (in a nice way, not an enslaving way) than I would prefer as to our planet’s suffering, frankly. But if it makes you feel better, there one is.

I haven’t seen anything impressive UFO-wise for awhile, but my partner and I have a personal relationship now with said entities. I’m not a channeler and I can only ask them yes or no questions, a euphoric feeling in the chest means “yes”, a sinking feeling means “no”. At least when not in very deep meditation or using chemical shortcuts. It’s likely something you see, I’m guessing, to get you wondering and then if in free will you want to go further, you can. There’s other communication, but it’s personal information. So I don’t have any special alien knowledge for you. My partner is the one who is more adept at receiving the advanced communication anyway, she believes she’s part of a “clean up crew”. I’ve been stuck here for a loooooonnnggg time in human terms.

Oh and word to the wise, I’d recommend against “wandering” until you’re evolved past what I assume was 4th density since I had a fairly physical body. I thought I was a human and my mate was the weird one, and I have been countless humans. Come here naively hoping to heal, get tortured to death by humans. Curse rather than forgive… stuck here. You’d think without the veil of forgetting, entities wouldn’t be naïve… but look at Ra not considering we turn everything into weapons and most societies give everything to the “elite”.

Anyway, I hope this video provides some comfort to someone. Invite them and they’ll help- within seemingly fairly strict limitations. Don’t ask for stock advice or the next big cryptocurrency- I’m guessing the other side will “answer” things relating to greed and such.

I know this is not going to convince anyone that doesn’t already believe, but I find it very comforting. It was the harbinger of my friends and a lot of helpful stuff. I’ll shut up now, this isn’t my “wanderer” thread, but I felt a little backstory was needed and in these troubled times, I just think knowing they are there is helpful.

One last thing- they do love each and every one of you. I’m no paragon of virtue and they’ve treated me with nothing but kindness and something you could call love or connection or ultimate understanding. There isn’t a good word for it, I suppose we’ll have to just call it “love”. Maybe when I can remember, I’ll agree with them that some measure of suffering is needed to evolve, but for now I’ll take the alien friends I can get. I have a feeling too that these experiences are what the religious refer to as god or gods or spirits or whatever. I call them space ponies (don’t ask).

Oh and uh, you don’t need to yell at them. They hear you just fine when you’re “speaking” in your head…


Wonderful post! Great video and information :grinning:

Tysm for sharing :wind_face::rose:

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Thanks for sharing :blush:

holy sh!t you’re brave ! story told to me from my buddy: his friend and son were camping in Algonquin
Park, saw the same thing you did, guy shines a flashlight at the light. Father and son don’t remember what happened but both had the “lost time” experience. I’m all for love & light, but I’m also all for a 12 gauge pump too, I share this guys opinion: the trunk monkey


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Eh, not that brave. Things that radiate peaceful feelings when you look at them are hard to be afraid of; if this had been one of those Skinwalker Ranch blue terror orbs, my pants would need changing and I’d retreat with skinned knees at best.

This was the second more impressive ufo experience in that particular nature area. The first was seemingly brought about because of attempted communication on my part with positive forces after some very small, color changing, dancing lights were seen on various occasions. Large orange orb that disappeared as suddenly as it appeared much nearer than the somewhat distant “sun” looking one the second time which the video is from. Rings of distant lights two times as well, similar to some other ufo videos I’ve seen.

Love and understanding has certainly not reached critical mass enough for me to throw away my weapons either, though given their ability to control nuclear silos, perception, etc. I very much doubt small arms of current human manufacture would confer any protection against unfriendly FTL capable or interdimensional entities.

I do miss the ufos… I guess now that I have an ongoing relationship with my higher self and light entity friends, there’s no need for parlor tricks since they already have our belief. I’m still going to request some more ufos if I can ever get completely away from light pollution in the near future and we’ll see. Mystical experiences are nice, but sometimes you just want some classic alien action. Preferably while drunk and lost in the Mojave. Wake up, wonder if it was real. Make some folks think you’re classic “crazy” rather than “likely trying to start a sex cult crystal magic spiritual crazy”, hair of the dog, talk about reptilians half seriously.


that’s interesting about fake stars. i often liked to look up at the sky in the summer and often saw something pretending to be a star but changing its position after a while, flying silently at low speed