New Perspectives!

I recommend playing this little song as you read. I promise it’s not too bad! It’s classical music.

Greetings! So, some of you might remember in November a post about “alien visions” asking for protection.

Yeah, clearly I didn’t know what I was talking about. Clearly though I thought it was negative aliens disturbing my peace, it was (probably) far better.

So, I was allegedly watching these aliens tonight, and I kept wondering: “When they never harm me, why do they always take these weird forms, with empty black eyes, that are so scary?”

And then this idea (that could be false) hit me:

“Since I am trying to love everything, doesn’t it make sense they’d appear as darkness actually.”

You know, give me an opportunity to shine light without all the getting stuck in 4D negative hell stuff (I think loving the negative is a passion I hold at this point).

So, I know this is a weird transition, but isn’t the universe really expansive?

You might have been living a very difficult life for the past years, but that can just end once you’ve learned the desired lessons.
At this point, I am pretty sure there are endless negative and positive perspectives in creation which you can experience and bring back to the creator.

And, I also want to bring you this excitement. Although this learning is very solitary, isn’t it cool to imagine how Earth would look when this becomes mainstream? The infinity of it?

We’re in a time similar to the time of Newton for Physics. This stuff is just starting to be re-discovered. Who knows how much we don’t even know about.

The Law of One sets the bar really high, with it’s universe-breaking light, but I think more is out there to find. I mean, of course there is- You could just invent things to discover them, but I am not even talking about that.

A new time of creativity and potential is accessible. I actually think it always is, despite the probability being almost 0 at some locations troughout the universe, such as our planet’s past, but that’s for another time.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy the rest of your day!

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Thanks for sharing the Brandenburg piece. I like the violin pieces, like Akiko Suwanai’s and the piano pieces like Beatrice Rana’s. In listening to the Goldberg variations, I likened the journey to be an evolutionary quest, a different way of interpreting evolutionary endeavor.

I can remember growing a bit more courageous on
the spiritual front by doing dreamwork, recognizing
every element in dream space as a reflection of
yourself, where confrontations met benevolently
can accelerate progress. Dream work can be fun
when it turns lucid. Dream circles where people
share dreams they have of each other, can be
life changing in a good way.

But sometimes the cosmic in-streamings can
be overwhelming, and I found metta mantra
can displace responses less than great. Epsom
salt baths with lavendar can also help relax for
things like dark nights of the soul, and I might
suggest these events can be like milestones
of true spiritual progress.

At some point I resolved that the fear portion
of the brain gets reorganized in order to
make better use of brain space, so in the
shuffle, fear can get triggered. It’s not hard
to imagine panic attacks which might be
an example of falling down imbalanced.
A more graceful approach is to sustain
balance - not going overboard on the
wisdom front without a love practice and
vice versus.

Your idea of playing beautiful music while
reading spooky alien might be an example
of striving to sustain balance amidst so
much uncommon wisdom shared. A keep
it simple approach helps me, it’s called
The Four Agreements. There might be
a fifth agreement too, but I like the four.

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I think we are in the process of becoming activated to a broader reality spectrum.

I have experienced states of being between reality frequencies where my first contact with that part of the reality spectrum was “helping hands”. I got a little scared at first when it became a full-on experience and not just part of a dream. I focused on relaxing and sent my heart felt gratitude with my thoughts.
I momentarily phased over to their frequency and realized I could hear their thoughts as well as they heard mine. I asked if I would be able to communicate with them like this from now on and got the response “not when you are too sleepy” or something similar. They have given me a very loving impression and I feel encouraged by my glimpse of their work behind the scenes.

oh and here is a little track I published earlier this year :slight_smile:


Thank you, and Swedish version sounds better :slightly_smiling_face:

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In 2017, a voice in my head said, “There is a Convergence. You have been Activated. Pay attention.”

Boy, it was not wrong.