Just wanted to say hello and I love you :)

I have just finished the Ra materials my first time through and have started with the conscious channeling library. I eventually found this place this evening and I am so happy to be here.

I am not sure if I am a wanderer like so many of you all but have felt that sense of isolation for most of my life. Not socailly or emotionally, but I guess societally. (Spiritually?)

I just wanted to say hi to other newcomers and express my love and gratitude to each of you here. Sending as much love I can muster to all on this site.

Sorry this post wasn’t something interesting to read, just wanted to say all that!


Hello MarcRasmussen :slight_smile:

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Love and light to you brother.

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Here’s a lyric improv for
Law of One Session 55,
on Valentine’s day!

Moon Rabbit
(To the beat of
Jefferson Airplane’s
White Rabbit)

One being feels supporting.
And one being do not call.
And of ones with honest loving,
a greatest magic of all.
Follow Alice, in rabbit hole fall.

And if you fall down a chimney
to a pyramid chamber hall.
Look for a crystal
grinning Cheshire-Cat,
For a healing balance sprawl.
Admire Alice, revitalized tall.

See bidding and enslavement.
See white roses painted red.
Croquet chaos of flamingos,
making way for courts ahead.
Mimic Alice, absolution sped.

Crossed axes intersection
points on a diamond haze.
Where the white nights
mirror into black days,
at space time’s timely space.
Be tardy, moon rabbit led.
Pyramid stead, pyramid stead.

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Hello there MarcRasmussen!

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

:wind_face: ⚘⚘⚘

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