Near Death Experiences

I’ve been watching some NDEs of late, really enjoy them.

This one just popped up in my feed:

If you find any good ones, please share. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve been trying to find an NDE from someone who had already read the Law of One before having their NDE. I am curious to see how it might affect their perception of the experience.


9:45 And it’s like a state of pure wholeness. When I was sitting on that cliff I was myself but I also was the exact same as everything else that was surrounding me, not just like scientist like we were made of the same thing, but like I was at the same playing field as the grass I was sitting on, and the air I was breathing, it was all one, we were all one, it was a connection, it was just like true peace. But I sat there on that cliff with my feet hanging and I watched what I could only best describe as a sunset but it wasn’t a sunset like you’ve seen here on Earth. What I was watching was living breathing ball energy that was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen. It was bright white light but it was colourful, but it wasn’t blinding, but it was the brightest thing I’ve ever seen, it didn’t have a face, it was a literal orb of pulsing breathing living energy.


Some really famous people also had NDEs, here’s Sharon Stone:

I like how she tries to describe how “close” or “near” it is, like “right here”. I understand what she means from my reading on the matter, because once you pass, you move (travel) with thought, which feels instantaneous.

I’m really enchanted by these words! :blue_heart:


I had an NDE this year - a lab at my day job
had filled with Nitrogen to an extent that the
Oxygen dropped to a level where I passed
out for like a half hour - they found me and
revived me, then carted me off to the
hospital for every test in the book.

I’m a clean living person, no meds, no drugs,
no poison, no heart problem, no stroke, no
nothing, just a mention that my blue fingernails,
my bitten tongue, etc. was consistent with
Hypoxemia. The next day they send me
home and my body’s like one huge sore
muscle, lactic acid everywhere.

Apparently the dude that found me got
an ERT to administer O2, I mumbled
something like - need to get out of here.
In retrospect all I remember in the half
hour passed out, was a sense of letting
go and an immense peace.


When you listen to these people’s NDEs, there’s a lot of overlap and similarities with psychedelic experiences.

I recently listened to a podcast with a guy being interviewed who did immense experimentation with LSD - 73 high-dose LSD sessions conducted over the course of 20 years - and he has attempted to describe the same things that these NDE survivors try to explain…

Here’s the podcast blurb:

You can find the podcast by searching for “Chris Bache: Diamonds from Heaven: Exploring the Mind of the Universe”

And he also wrote a book which sounds really intetesting:

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You may find this documentary very interesting

DMT quest. Dmt plays a large role in the brain, our little radios for universal consciousness in this form, it gets released near death and to protect from hypoxia. There are breathing and breathe hold techniques that will release it. It’s hypothesized that exogenous psychedelics.

It’s a gateway though and the pineal gland where much of it is produced happens to also be your third eye or indigo ray or whatever.

NDEs are not all just dmt trips. But similar entities can be interacted with and similar lessons taught. It’s not psychologically without risk because occasionally your frequency and emotions can open the way for “negative greetings”. Psychedelics are how I met positive entities and my higher self with whom I can interact to a lesser degree sober. Meditation is safer, but I’m impatient, The negative or seemingly so, sometimes it’s part of a lesson and not Ill intent as far as I can tell can only be dealt with with love and forgiveness no matter how annoying they are. Friends help, a lot, if you can make some positive ones or your higher self. Friends, surrender, and humility but not debasement or fear.

Psychedelics experiences, ufo experiences , and the huge amount of NDEs that relate, in other words, and belief lenses are why I think think there’s something to the law of one. Too much is congruent, sometimes in feeling rather than thought thought.

I haven’t found one trustworthy report that doesn’t corroborate something,

Without the psychedelics, extensive, I’d look at the law of one as just another insane thing on the internet. And I don’t even want to believe a lot of it; learning from suffering, the Confederation more interested in spiritual free will and evolution than intervening and ending physical suffering everywhere… these things do not appeal to me. But my subjective experiences have been convincing as well as many books on consciousness, physics and medicine, sacred geometry, the fractal nature of everything small to large, and, of course, NDEs.

If you’re going to use psychedelics, besides the usual advice, try to make contact with your higher self. The rules they stick to can be annoying, but overall it’s very helpful and comforting. Personally i named mine and treat it as a separate entity that knows me better than I do. Then you can have a friend you can talk to silently. I mainly complain to mine.

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That was a very interesting documentary, thanks for sharing.

One of the best books I’ve ever read about DMT and spiritual exploration was this one:

The author was a bit of a “cowboy” with Ayahuasca, and some other Amazonian substances like Sapo (taken from poisonous frogs) and Datura. I was quite shocked at times with his laissez-faire attitude sometimes, getting him into some deep trouble in “whatever realms” he visited.

But it’s also a book that touched me deeply and stayed with me for long afterwards, because of his deep understanding of the human condition.

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Thanks for the recommendation friend. I think I’ve been beyond “cowboy” though with my historical use of research chemicals, random cocktails, using every drug category to extreme excess. I try to treat psychedelics as more of a spiritual experience now, it’s a waste of 4 aco dmt if I don’t. Still an off and on again addict to everything else on the more recreational rather than spiritual psychedelics like 2 cb and 5 meo mipt. I really should be dead.

Strangely a nascent interest in spirituality started when I had been up for too long and combined way too much phenibut and Xanax and some other stuff. Could have been just a weird dream. But before I lost consciousness, not religious, but I prayed for the first time of my life. Not for survival, I’ve always struggled being forced to live as a human with mental health issues in a society that I can so clearly see is broken and run by psychopaths. I prayed for something though as I had been drooling on myself and something which I don’t want to expound on due to certain human tribal biases was on the tv and “spoke to me” , metaphorically not schizophrenically. So I was like what the hell and gave it a try, not to any specific religious figure, but just in general.

Could be unrelated to what happened next. Understand my dreams are always horrible. So this could have been a dream of a nonstandard variety. But I felt pulled around to a bunch of different locations and one part some female figure (human or human adjacent) did something leaning close over me and hugging me. Long blonde hair, but more like gold light. No face, too much white light emanating at whatever was passing for clothes. Comforting me. Odd for a dream, usually I’m being chased and lost feeling. So that was weird. These spirits still have a lot of explaining to do as to why evolution has to be conducted in such a cruel manner post veil though. Then I felt bad like I usually do after almost dying because my wife and pets love me even if I find the world at large cruel and annoying at best- when sober or not possessed by loving interdimensional aliens made out of pretty colored light designs and feelings I don’t have words for.

If you’re interested in psychedelic spirituality, the drug rather than getting close enough to death the endogenous dmt and 5 meo dmt flows, the Iboga in Africa are interesting, mescaline in North America, how mushrooms can go wrong when you worship negative entities as psylocybin was what the Aztecs consumed before mass heart eating ceremonies and blood sport, and this book below is absolutely fascinating if a bit academically written.

If you want to read about an NDEr verified by medical science and a neurologist himself who investigates how what he experienced could possibly happen, below. He simply arrives, using science and vast subjective experience, at the law of one in other words, but without aliens and ufos in it explicitly even though he believes the entire universe arose from consciousness.

If you want an excellent account of the, as Ra puts it “clever” side that pretends to be positive if you aren’t somehow more selfish than Hitler. Here’s a rabbit hole.

Knowledge is power, but the only true protection is love. Psychedelics are the best shortcut to mystical states availability and I recommend them heartily if used properly. Just be careful and yes I’m a hypocrite and am never careful.


Well, I will just say that I’m happy you’re here to tell the tale. If that’s what it took to get you to this juncture, then so be it. The Creator is not a Xerox machine, there are as many paths up the mountain as there are entities in the universe.

This gave me a good chuckle! …and I would lie if I said the same thought hasn’t crossed my mind at times…

I learned about Iboga from Graham Hancock’s books, and I’m South African, so I learned through some Googling that we have three Ibogaine treatment clinics in our country where they administer Iboga intravenously to patients who have suffered severe trauma or drug addicts. It produces the same experience as an NDE, and they claim to have a higher than 90% success rate with Heroin addiction. That’s pretty amazing if it’s true.

He-he, I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to these things. I did a handful of mushroom journeys a few years ago, and it was really wonderful. I think I must have gotten a bit lucky, because I’ve read about people’s “bad trips”.

I won’t say I won’t do it again - never say never - but for the moment I don’t feel the need. Maybe one day… Just take it easy on these cowboy adventures of yours. :cowboy_hat_face: In this case, I don’t think “more risk, more return” applies.

I’ll definitely check out these books and links you shared, looks really interesting, thanks.

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Back to NDEs, this book has been on my radar for a while, I think I’ll get to it soon.

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Hi Patrick: I was studying the Ra Material in the 1980’s. I was focused on Oneness, I was singing love songs on the radio to my Higher Power for 2 wks. One day I needed to go to town for some supplies (we lived on a farm). I drove 12 mi. to town & as soon as I got into the store, this super loud voice in my head said “go home and meditate” (I had been meditating for years at this point so receiving a telepathic communication wasn’t startling.) So I said “geez, I just got here and only need a few things…” and the voice blared again “go home and meditate”. So I gave in & went back home :slight_smile:

I laid down on the living room floor, put a crystal point pointing to each hand & foot & above my head pointing north. I started doing my chakra meditation, inhaling LoveLight while focusing on the traditional color at each one, up and down. On one round up, I continued to go straight to the Homogenous White Light of Love - I didn’t stop by any astral planes or meet any other beings. The first thing I thought was “I"M HOME!” Awesome. I’m staying - never giving my 3 children a 2nd thought. That was it - I was home. Yee-haa! And this voice boomed, “your mission is not complete” and I would do anything for this Love, even come back here :slight_smile: So when I popped back I was surrounded by beings cheering me on and I new it was RA and I said “now I know why they call you RA - like RA, RA, Sis Boom Bah”. Everything in the house was sparkling with the White Light.

This was 1989, the same year I was contacted by Mourzi, my Pleiadian buddy. whose ship passed over my farm one night. That was a good year :slight_smile:


Hi Passer-by: Anita has a lovely website & she’s also on youtube. She keeps pushing “Remember your Magnificence” :slight_smile:


Thank you, it is very interesting!

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Found this one that seems worth sharing.

I never did an intro on this forum, so here’s a partial one. This YT channel is actually where I first discovered the Ra material. Anthony Chene does a lot of NDE interviews but also other spiritual teachers including an interview from Aaron Abke talking about the Law of One.

My dad passed on suddenly of a heart attack 2 years ago and our relationship was such that I felt there was a lot left unfinished and unsaid. So one way I worked through this was 1) having very emotional “conversations” with him through the veil expressing things that I hadn’t figured out how to talk with him about or didn’t think he could handle in life but in death I thought, well “he must know now what I mean when I say this. He can see it all now. He is immersed in love now and my anger won’t wound him.” 2) watching lots of NDE trying to imagine where he is and what he is experiencing and being so deeply happy for him.

It may be just a sentimental way of getting closure, but I like to think that in his greater knowledge and perspective my dad helped me find my way to the teachings of the Law of One as a guide through the rest of this incarnation.