A podcast episode describing discovering LoL without reading the material

Listened to this while hiking with a certain wolf spirit. It mirrors a lot of my own experiences in “awakening “ or whatever you want to term it.

The positive ufos sound like the same ones I’ve dealt with; the individual is now a ufo researcher. To be clear, this is living experience rather than another NDE. I know I find it interesting to see others arrive at the same conclusions via different means. Perhaps someone here will find it interesting too.

Hosted by unique comedian and spiritual enthusiast Duncan Trussel. His humor isn’t for everyone, but it blends genuine kindness, spiritual advice through comedy, and jester like vice in a way I love.

His show on Netflix called Midnight Gospel has plenty of spiritual and law of one themes mixed with psychedelic visuals and comedy.

Light, love, lust, and lampshades if the light gets too intense for all. May the holy dmt crystals bless you.