My insights about Tao and Firstborn Evil

Well, if you think so, you are very much mistaken. I was extremely inquisitive as a child, I spent almost all my free time reading books, from morning until noon, with short breaks. I was not interested in communicating with children. I think it’s because of bad experiences in communication I had. So I did not go for walks. I was sitting at home. Most of all I liked encyclopedias, where various interesting facts from various areas of life were briefly given. I had encyclopedias on space, anatomy, even gardening. There was no father from birth, there was a mother. I asked my mother too many questions, she did not like it. And when I came and started to tell about something fascinating that I read in the encyclopedia, she shut me up and asked me to go to my room. I think you don’t need to be a genius to understand that I was upset about this. Loneliness with hugging books, and no one to talk to. I talked to myself out loud, as strange as it may sound.

my mother liked to criticize me even when i showed that it hurt me. and when i started getting older i just closed in on myself. and with each passing year i wanted to live less and less. criticism from loved ones breaks you. especially when there is no one around to say warm words to me. i don’t remember any warm moments from my childhood. only my tears.

If you really want to know what condition I’m in, I have problems with my blood pressure now. It’s constantly going up. And if I’m nervous, it goes up even more. When my blood pressure is 170, it feels really bad and my body hurts. I take a few pills a day so my heart doesn’t hurt, and I do this every day. I take about a regular box of pills a week. And I’ve been doing this for a year now. I can’t live without pills. Of course, I try not to get nervous and all that, but now my body just can’t handle the stress. So take care of yourself and your health. But don’t overdo it in taking care of yourself. A year ago, I was addicted to sweets, I ate a lot of sweet buns, muffins, chips, and sugary drinks every day. It was hard to stop.

agree. I like how you were able to condense my thoughts into a short passage.

agree. I believe that souls begin their journey without joining anyone at first. They simply explore the world using their uniqueness. And then, experience corrects you.

I think this is the best advice you can give to a negative entity. But it is only advice. In addition to advice, take action. Try to be warm to this entity. But if this entity is extremely unpleasant to you, then do not dare to force yourself, it is better to be sincere.

because there is no point in this “knowledge”. the higher self has already taken care of what needed to be taken care of. it’s like running next to a cyclist, trying to speed up his bike, while you were not asked to do this acceleration, the cyclist himself is able to take care of the speed of movement. in general, i think you understand me.

Since I have been talking a lot about God here, I would also like to include here this wonderful answer from our brother.

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i know that our true 7th density essence, our unique “creator” of us that we are, comes from 8th density. in fact, all i have been doing is studying what we (our 7th density creator) were like within 8th density, being a 3rd density human now :upside_down_face:. I was sort of connecting the Ra material with Seth material.

To better understand what “Heaven” or “天” represents in China, let me give a few examples:

In Chinese folk culture, if someone enjoys life immensely, they might say, “I wish I could borrow another 500 years of life from heaven.”

If someone is in great distress, they might curse, “Heaven, please open your eyes and see all this.”

If someone chooses a path of separation, they might say, “I won’t let the heaven cover my eyes again.”

If someone decides to defy fate, they might declare, “My fate is determined by me, not by heaven.”

In China there isn’t a concept of God as in Western traditions, but rather the concept of heaven and earth. To some extent, heaven is regarded as a sort of God or creator.

Certainly, you can interpret this passage in another way. You are free to interpret the meaning of the “straw dog” and why heaven and earth are not humane. After all, words are just tools, and everyone can have their own understanding.

I say it has negative implications because of its impact in China.

Many Chinese works like to use this sentence as the central theme of their stories. When I was young, I read a novel called “Zhu Xian”, in which the protagonist had a very tragic background. In the end, the author used this sentence to declare the “operating rules” of this world, conveying a central idea of survival of the fittest and self-service. The core of the entire novel is about constant upgrading, becoming stronger, conquering others, and achieving one’s own goals. The novel conveys the meaning that “heaven and earth are not humane, treating all things as straw dogs, so we cannot rely on heaven’s mercy and must become strong enough to achieve our goals ourselves.”

However, this novel was very popular in China and sparked a wave of cultivation novels, whether it’s “Fan Ren Xiu Xian Zhuan” or “Xian Ni.” All are based on this core idea, expressing a worldview of survival of the fittest, where the protagonist continuously grows stronger, conquers others, and achieves their own goals.

Yes, you could say that Laozi’s original intention wasn’t like this. But from my personal viewpoint, what matters isn’t Laozi’s original intent, but how people interpret this passage. The general public doesn’t have very profound analytical abilities; they tend to interpret things literally. At least in China, this passage is widely understood in a very negative light.

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Chinese language and literacy seems awesome.
A dictionary may contain 40,000 characters,
and common people recognize a few thousand.
Longer than any other culture, people have
tempered their minds by basic literacy and
and average intelligence seems very high.

I wonder if Law of One is available in
a Mandarin version, and if something like
that would be permitted and find an
audience receptive. My impression is
that Chinese government seems less
oppressive for things of this nature.

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There is indeed a Chinese version, and there is a Chinese translation team.


So that is what you meant that the Tao Te Ching has lines which are perhaps less fully deep than others, or which are perhaps there to fill in for something else.

In other words, the greatest flow in the world, the Tao, is unknowable.

Yet this is not guiding you from that way of telling this truth that is available, perhaps.

That does feel like a more nice way to teach it.

I will always be warm to all folks that want to change as long as there is an “I” to be warm.

As for those that don’t…

That truly is a choice, I would suppose, in the end.

Mysterious, but I will not judge that way.

It is a gained ability. No one is born powerful, I believe, since the Universe is for all.

No one is “weak” or “powerful”, but because of what they are, the Universe can be said, if you would, to be for the weak to become powerful if they wish.

There is a lot of talk about ancient spirituality in magical circles, and I believe that the ancients before written History had active methods for self-transition that were truly remarkable, although they somehow used them for power and delusion, getting very into that, from what the tales and stories tell, at least - which may be inaccurate..

I feel like sometimes a light addiction to sweets is related to your feeling through a lot of stuff.

I congratulate you for being here with us, no matter what it took to get here and speak.

I will just say that this is exactly what an angel’s life would sound like.

Edit: And even if not, it’s also super cool!

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I will try and write in lyrics style…

There is a version, two -
Traditional one
And Simplified Chinese.

And our dear friend
GoldenRTriangle said
There is a translation team

As well.