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King James bible…who was King James?

Alan Watts regarded Christianity as “militant”. I have to agree.

I see it a little like peeling an onion, layer after layer after layer…and eventually when all the layers are peeled…the “nothing” or “no-thing” which contains the “everything”.

Yes as the only way for finite to be infinite is to remove the border.
Or the other way around; the only way for infinite to be finite is to introduce a border, thus every ‘thing’ contained by the border then become finite. Thus ‘me’ and ‘not me’ exist, ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ exist.
This ‘border’ is also referred as ‘veil’ in llresearch material.
By becoming ‘finite’ you ‘forget’ / ‘do not see’ that you’re actually ‘infinite’.


In talking about these things, I’m a little hesitant to use the word “ego”, because like the word “faith”, it has become a cliché of sorts.

I prefer the word “mind-made self” instead of ego.

I just think after 2000 years of Christianity, the last thing people need is to once again be told there’s something wrong with them…

Think of how we use the word “ego” in everyday conversation…it’s always something closely resembling an insult.

And this I think is the most difficult area for the teachers of our time, like Eckhart Tolle, pointing to the “mind-made self” and the “illusion” that it is.

Or…put in another way:

July 23, 2023

For in this heavily veiled dance in which you find yourselves, it can be difficult to recognize that the body is ultimately not truly who you are. The body is but a costume, and you will have many costume changes in this play, my friends.

September 9, 1990

You are not your bodies. You are not your intellect. You working to open your heart. We do not suggest that you embrace servanthood to the point of your own self-destruction unless you feel that it is your path to do so. What you wish to do, in truth, is to recognize what is your situation, and to keep recognizing that situation as it changes, accepting that the goal of this incarnation is neither happiness nor contentment, but service to others, and the learning, for yourself, of how to love without condition.

I likened this with “VR or RPG games” metaphor, wherein one need to assume an ‘avatar’ / ‘character’ in order to have interaction / experience with elements inside the VR realm.

On this physical world we ‘attach’ something to our ‘body’ as our assumed avatar in the physical world, and labelled it with prefix “My”. My religion, My race, My name, My nationality, My parent, My planet, My money, My wealth, My house, My car etc… etc… etc…

Or even “My Club”, a photo taken from White Hart Lane stadium, London, the home ground of Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.
Why they add “My one and only club” in addition of “This is my club”?
Because they (the football club management) is trying to induce loyalty / fanaticism/ strong identification from the audience to Tottenham Hotspur FC. Which shall resulted in more attendance->more sponsorship->more money. Totally understandable.

The ‘ego’ (physical body as an anchor of identity) doesn’t need any getting rid off, because by nature it has it’s own internal mechanism that it will decay, get rid by itself, in due time.
And so does any other concept that one attached to the ego, Religion, Nationality, Race, Football Club, Planet, Star… all of it will be “rid off” in due time. Everything that has a beginning will definitely have an end.

Thus the term “attachment”, and the opposite; “letting go”.
This is the game… attaching and letting go… separating and unifying… finite-ing and returning to infinite.


Joel Goldsmith puts it this way:


Alan Watts kept a file which he labeled SATORI, in which he kept letters from people telling him about their mystical experiences.

Here’s such a letter:

This reminds me of the idea of humans as tool makers who like to use part numbers which I’ll try to loop back onto.

So articulating beliefs might depend upon language, and language can only take you so far in cases where language
with it’s finite nature may not well express the infinite.

For example, the light is on or the light is off compared
to the idea the light glows with a color temperature of
a thousand Kelvin and my marshmallow’s now flaming

So I’m proposing a conjecture, that 1d things don’t
mind being referred to as distinct part numbers, that
lab rats undergoing clinical tests might also be okay
as numbered, but most people don’t like being called
a number. Pets on the other hand can have short
cute pet names, and also lovers - but it’s not very
professional to call your hot boss babe. First and
last names make better sense in an org chart.

However, when your pup barks your attention,
there may be some attempt there to vocalize
your name just as you like it but, it doesn’t
sound great because pups don’t articulate
language well, including names - even though
pups can understand you when you call them.

And so the conjecture stemming from all this
is that humans cannot articulate well higher
vibrational language. In fact when we use
conventional language to convey names and
ideas, we may be falling way short on doing
a very good job.

Vibrationally, as we mimic sounds, at some
point then we mimic vibrations, we sense vibration,
then we echo it. In this way, vibrational
language to convey things like
“the vision of God” may be less of a total
desecration to that aim.

By giving up language
of words, we may better learn a shared
language of vibration, and such language
may offer us some spiritual advantages.

In this way, a closer approach to expressing
some belief of infinite creation might be realized.

I like the way Carl Sagan explained this difficulty.

I personally find it quite a relief that I’m not expected to understand…

Ha! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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This morning I was wondering where the “trinitarian doctrine” in Christianity originated from, given that there’s no mention of it in the gospels…

It was yet another Nicaean Council invention.

Why is it relevant? Because it lies at the heart of the problem in Christianity, making Jesus “other than our other selves”…

The aftermath of Council Of Nicea should be labeled as the “1st Inquisition” or “1st Crusade” as those who disagree with the result are labeled as heresy and punished by either banishment, torture or death.
As mentioned by Mr Watts above, the crux of the problem is in “Fanaticism”.

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