Insider12, His Messages in 2012, My Personal Favorite

One day I came across this site and I liked some of the messages, so I want to share them. I translated them from Russian.

  • I’m sorry you’re blindfolded.

  • Your question indicates that you have not yet been able to rip off the bandage and see.

  • Have you not yet realized that everything that happens in your three-dimensionality is full of meaning and greatness?

  • Are you not aware of who you ARE?

  • I invite you to show how we see you. From our side of the veil we see the learned angels who are striving for duality in order to perform the largest experiment in the Universe that will ever be used.

  • Understand that you can’t lose and you can’t win. Meaning, from our point of view of perception, is nonlinear. He did not enclose a path from point A to point B.

  • The fact that you independently chose to come to this planet, die and be born thousands of times, endure pain and suffering is a great gift from you to the Universe.

  • Don’t try to understand it logically. Feel this truth within yourself.

  • I will make you happy — you are in captivity of illusions.

  • The “Matrix” does not exist. There are no significant forces in this world that are designed to keep you unconscious.

  • To put it simply, you put chains on yourself and then try to get out of them.

  • And once again, the question reveals a desire to sort multidimensional energies into three-dimensional shelves.

  • I hope you will be satisfied with the answer that your Creator is you.

  • See how this information resonates with your sense of responsibility for what is happening?

  • You, exactly you, created it with your intention.

  • Are you aware of this?

  • Is this too big for you?

  • Who was the first grape in the vine?

  • We are all an extension of the original energy of the Source.

  • In this process there are no gradations, no lists, no plans.

  • If there is no entity on the planet, there would be no God.

  • Different words for Source energy.
  • I can’t do anything for you.

  • Intention is a tool that obeys only its owner.

  • Should a lighthouse worry about not being able to reach all the ships on the ocean?

  • Your only task is to maintain the light within yourself.

  • Ensure synchronicity in managing your contract and guiding all those who need you.

  • You are lost between other people’s illusions.

  • And this, by cosmic irony, is an important stage of what you call destiny.

  • Destiny is not about saving the world or feeding all the hungry.

  • Destiny is about the painful search for meaning, about successes and failures, about stupidity and falling in love, about sins and mistakes, and about the gradual revelation of God within oneself.

  • I thank you for your awareness.

  • Revealing the experience of your past life, I play the role of a pop psychic.

  • By telling you your purpose, I distract you from the process of self-discovery.

  • You came here to independently find all the answers you need through gaining a stable connection with the Source.

  • Why should I do your job?

  • Don’t expect rain of frogs, fireballs and gray eyed friends.

  • You will be left with the option of ignoring this day, just as you ignore the daily miracles around you.

  • Don’t you understand yet?

  • You are here.

  • And that’s enough.

  • People need masks in the war against their fears.

  • Insider12 is just a free nickname on this site for an entity that has no name.

  • Time travel is something you do every time you incarnate on this planet.

  • Have you ever thought that a “past life” may not be a past life at all, and that different parts of your soul are developing simultaneously in the eternal Now?

  • When moving in time, you do not move three-dimensional matter, you, by the power of intention, implement a quantum scenario into which you embody part of your multidimensional essence.

  • You could not “deserve” anything for the reason that you have no judges.

  • Your free will “out there” has determined that you will come to this planet one more time.

  • When you leave Earth, you will again decide whether or not to return.

  • How will you identify these people?

  • Will you be able to recognize Jesus in the carpenter?

  • You are free to set any rules and restrictions for yourself within this game.
  • Everything in the universe is alive.

  • Rocks are no less alive than mammals.

  • The wind has the same intelligence as God.

  • If the whole universe is God’s dream, then the essence of it is the living God.

  • One of the important lessons of the soul here lies in the conflict between the divine and the animal.

  • Your animal component seeks to keep you in the herd of “normality”.

  • Animals are accustomed to bunching up in packs and rejecting those who are not like them.

  • The fear of being rejected is primal, and the lesson in overcoming it is one of the key lessons on the path to enlightenment.

  • The divine part of you is focused on breaking down barriers and finding freedom.

  • The issue of orientation will fall away by itself as the Planet becomes enlightened, just as the issues of racism and religious intolerance disappear.

  • Keep your love pure and fear nothing.

  • Listening to yourself.
  • Oh, yes, of course! Suffer and repent, sinners.
  • Humans are often so amazing.

  • Once in a world where they can create any reality they want, they prefer to sit in a corner.

  • Finding themselves in a world of love and beauty, they want to leave it as soon as possible.

  • Your meaning in life is to create and manage reality, and to love.

  • These are not general words, but a direct programme for action.

  • Discard right now all three-dimensional attempts to find purpose and meaning and look around.

  • You are.

  • You are strong.

  • You are capable of love.

  • To begin with, get rid of someone else’s feeling of shame inside you.
  • Fear of losing what now makes up your reality.
  • Your mind evaluates and labels those who are not like you.

  • In this you are, paradoxically, no different from anyone else.

  • Go in your knowledge to the center of everyone and you will see that everyone is different and God lives in everyone.

  • Ask yourself: why am I searching for questions while the answers are already in front of my eyes?
  • The ultimate path of faceting will be the level of you as you already exist in multidimensionality.

  • You simply return home, transforming the planet along the way.

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Вот интересно, почему почти все, с кем я общалась на тему “Материалов”, пришли к этой работе через инсайдера. Не перестаю удивляться. Sorry that I write in Russian))

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Почему же Вас это удивляет? Обычно люди сидят на форумах, делятся между собой опытом, и иногда туда заглядывают инсайдеры. Они делятся огнём своей свечи, зажигая потухшие свечи других.

В любом случае, если человек ищет правду, он рано или поздно наткнётся на материалы Ра. По крайней мере, точно наткнутся те, кто всегда замечал в жизни больше других.

It feels to me like pretty profound truths. I feel Seth, and Ra resonating here… Thank you for sharing.

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Thank you, this is one of the few pieces I found something special.

In his last post, he wrote:


I am surprised by the statistics. That in the Russian-speaking Internet space, a lot of people read the insider, and began to search for Ra after his message. There was no independent search, there was a link search. Ra stands out very much against the background of all the New age messages of the early 2000s.

I’m not adverse to Russian psychics
because I’ve been attuned by Russian
Reiki masters residing in California.

However, there seems some bad rap
of Russians inundating UFO forums
with mind control propaganda.

However, I don’t consider Law Of One
forums as UFO forums. Actually I find
Russian people generally highly intelligent
and amiable even though I feel as if
the Putin agenda seems like STS
run amok. Putin seems miserable.

Some Russian people seem to strive
in evolving to human potential. No, I’m
not Russian but I admire Russian STO
people and hold hope for a better
future, who represent STO side of this
largely oppressed cultre,

I feel as if speaking for many Americans
who don’t draw a hard line in being
compassionate toward loving-kind people.

One way or another, people followed the link, perhaps some of them read the materials.

It is not surprising that in the New Energy more and more people will begin to think about love, non-violence, and spiritual evolution.

You can see for yourself what is happening, social networks have been created that unite people from all over the world, for example Tik Tok, the popularity of short videos, the transmission of positivity and joy.

There are good people everywhere, just as there are bad people everywhere.

By the way, the important point here is that people themselves are drawn to mysticism, without even realizing it. They sit on forums and think about god. And no one forced these people to do this, this is their inner desire. I actually started my journey with cicada 3301.

The insider advertised Ra well)) Everyone who communicated with me read this text (Ra) and many resonated with it. The modern world has certainly provided many opportunities for unification, but also for separation. No one has canceled the information war. You can see for yourself how Russians are perceived))) thanks to the “magic” information. I have been checking Ra for a very long time using classical texts (Platonism, Hermeticism, alchemy, Kabbalah, Vedanta, Christianity). I don’t like faith without a solid historical foundation

The “Call” catches up with everyone in its own time. Is cicada 3301 something related to cryptography?

Yes, you’re right, where there’s one side, there is room for the opposite. It’s unpleasant to be a scapegoat, but everything that happens around, all this horror awakens people from sleep, and they begin to understand many things.

In the end it will turn out that it is not the chess pieces fighting each other that are to blame, but the party that caused the pieces to fight each other.

Not everything can be double-checked, and is it really necessary? Isn’t it more important to just check with what your heart feels? Or do you not trust your inner intuition?

Absolutely not. The point is that their goal was to get people interested while maintaining anonymity. The starting point was a paranormal forum on the internet, where they posted a riddle to attract more people.

As soon as more and more people learned about their existence, they decided to share with all of them what it was all for - to share their occult knowledge, “Liber Primus”.

In order for people to take their text seriously, and not as a toy for pampering, they heavily encrypted their text.

And unfortunately they overdid it too much, almost all the pages remained unsolved. People have lost the motivation to solve things because it is too unclear. But that’s not the point.

They gave birth to this desire to seek the truth, and this is what important.

I believe that education is needed, a good, classical education. One impulse is not enough to search