Message From Jesus

An interesting video about a message claiming it came from Jesus.
I do not wish to debate whether it’s really came from Jesus or not, regardless, I agree 100% with the content of the message and would like to hear your opinion regarding the content.

I Came To End It - Jesus 2023

Beloved ones,
You must now wake up from all the fear-based ignorant teachings of the past the perversions of the message
that I taught and who I was.
And truly see and hear correctly.
For many centuries your hearts have been darkened and your vision blinded by false teachings about my life the nature of my death and my teachings.

You have built many religions and movements based on untruths and led yourselves into deeper bondage and
If you will to stop your sufferings and ignorance you must wake up from self-deception and desire to see correctly and be willing to leave the false behind and wake up from your slumber.
This is a choice many are not willing to make because you choose fear and conformity rather than truth and

Many of you are questioning what religions built in my name have taught you.
Do not doubt yourselves because it is that the awareness on your planet is rising and the veils of ignorance and
illusion are being lifted layer by layer this is your own true nature waking you up from lifetimes of deep slumber to the truth of love.

These old paradigms will no longer work.
Because their very foundations which are based on illusion and fear and worship of man-made teachings are being shaken.
Those that desire the truth about my life and teachings will hear it in the depth of their being.

I am not your Messiah and I am not the only son of God.
I was not sent to die for the sins of the world.
You must leave behind these old fear-based illusions of sacrificial lambs which keep you stuck in deep patterns of fear and bondage.

I’m just like you, one who walked the same paths as you in many lifetimes and out of my own seeking and questioning.
Pierce the veils of ignorance for myself and woke up to the truth of my divine nature just like many did before me and continue to do to this day.

I did not come to be worshiped and you must stop this if you are to awaken to your own true nature.
I am not a partaker of your false teachings of worshiping me as special and apart from you.
I taught my disciples these very things when they tried to worship me or believe me as king of Israel.

I taught them that I was a servant a teacher of truth and that they were just like me and could know what I had come to know by following the teachings I gave them.
I tell you the same things.
I cannot save you from your error or sins.
You must walk your path and master your own self and no one can do it for you.

I only taught the truth and radiated my energy to those I encountered to help them understand.
But the times were dark and most could not comprehend my teachings.
And instead use them to form religions to elevate their own authority.

I am available to offer help to any who asks just like all awakened ones are.
But you must walk your path and reach your own awakening.

Beloved ones
I love you and it is time to leave the old behind and mature into who you really are.
It is a choice that no one can make for you.
For your free will is sacred.

You are divine and how long you remain in ignorance depends on you.
If you chose truth there will be assistance on your path it is built into the path of awakening.
For all who choose it this world is your own projection.
And the end of the world I spoke of, is the end of your own illusions that project this world of suffering.

Let those that have ears hear let those with eyes see…

I am and will always be your friend and brother on the path.

I am Yeshua


Hello @Quid. I find these words correct and even trivial. But it doesn’t mean it’s easy to follow. We are deceiving ourselves and just saying truth is not so easy as it looks like. It constantly reminds me Matrix of Spirit. Fortunately humanity passed some tests. But everyone has the test individually. Very often I listen from people “well, what you say is maybe truth, but what you can do with it so I will not agree with the truth”. Staying in balance, having heart to feel truth, having eye to see truth and having voice to say truth (and thinking you might be damaged because of it) is so simple and challenge at the same time.

Book 1:

This choice will not be made by saying, “I choose the path of love and light,” or “l do not choose it.” The verbal choice will mean nothing. This choice will be measured by the individual’s demonstration of his choice. This demonstration will be very easy for us of the Confederation of Planets in His Service to interpret.

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I think Urantia book already mentioned that Jesus is not the only son technically. Urantia book says that Michael (Jesus’s real name in Heaven) is a creator son and he is managing this universe but there are many universes.
Also Urantia book did mention that Paul (yes, that St. Paul) deviated what Jesus really taught based on Paul’s own understanding, which is wrong.
Urantia book was published around 1950’s and was mentioned in RA material. But RA said that Urantia book was written by those spirits who live in the earth plane and is not endorsed by Galaxy confederation.


@Oleksii I agree with you.

As mentioned on the above message.

You must walk your path and reach your own awakening.
It is a choice that no one can make for you.
For your free will is sacred.
You are divine and how long you remain in ignorance depends on you.

And I just recalled a fragment from Ra, which correlate with this specific statement from Yeshua above:

I only taught the truth and radiated my energy to those I encountered to help them understand.
But the times were dark and most could not comprehend my teachings.
And instead use them to form religions to elevate their own authority

From: The Ra Contact: Session 62

Nearly all positive channels and groups may be lessened in their positivity, or rendered quite useless, by what we may call the temptations offered by the fourth-density negative thought-forms. They may suggest many distortions towards specific information, towards
the aggrandizement of the self,
towards the flowering of the organization in some political, social, or fiscal way.

And explained why:

These distortions remove the focus from the One Infinite Source of love and light, of which we are all messengers, humble and knowing that we, of ourselves, are but the tiniest portion of the Creator, a small part of a magnificent entirety of infinite intelligence.



83.10 The structures of society before as after veiling were various. However, the societies before veiling did not depend in any case upon the intentional enslavement of some for the benefit of others, this not being seen to be a possibility when all are seen as one. There was, however, the requisite amount of disharmony to produce various experiments in what you may call governmental or societal structures.

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I apologize for violating your free will but writing because it’s a public post. I just find it important because nevertheless source should be considered when looking the content. I’m providing information without judgment. Mwendwa Mbaabu that was probably saying on behalf of Yeshua last year (“probably” because now this content at her site is not available) three months ago has said she was blinded by Satan:


For many years I was a follower of, teacher, and author of new age doctrines and false teachings which led me completely away from the real Jesus I had once known and loved- Jesus Christ the Son of God who was crucified for the sins of humanity- to a false Christ who was an ‘ascended master’, an enlightened being who showed us the way to enlightenment, Christ-consciousness and awakening to our divine nature or Godhood. I was sincerely deceived believing I was serving and loving God, but I was blinded by the god of this world Satan who masquerades as an angel of light.

These teachings lead you away from the one true God and Jesus his Son who died for us and the Holy Spirit, to the spirit of deception of the god of this world Satan, the master of deceptions and illusions. Jesus warned about this happening in the last days; false Christs and false prophets rising to deceive, if possible, the very elect. I was deceived and believed in a false Christ. These teachings talk about oneness, all paths leading to God, talk of love but love on man’s terms, following our own hearts and where they lead us- being our own Gods; self-worship.

Astrology, channeling, numerology, the law of attraction, aliens, ascended masters, mediums, Buddhism, nondual teachings, Hinduism, secret doctrines that were really occult, reincarnation, past life regressions, enlightenment, and so forth were some of the things I falsely believed and soaked up. These teachings led me further from God and made me depend on myself. But deep down I knew something was wrong because I had once known Jesus as my lord and savior and knew I was not God and could not save myself, but I kept silencing that voice wanting to believe that I was on the right path.

My opinion about the message is the same.

Do not worry Oleksii you are not violating my free will, and thank you for the information.
Violation of free will happened if you use “fear” and “oppression” to enforce your will upon others.

The ‘teachings’ of ‘salvation’ by itself implies that ‘the loving creator’, loves conditionally, loves a selected few who ‘worshipped particular figure’ or ‘join specific group/religion’ and will ‘punished’ those who do not. To me this is similar to ‘mafia like’ scheme, the mafia will ‘save’ those who ‘agreed and pay up to their term’, save only those selected few from the danger coming from the mafia itself, this is known as racketeering.

The life of Jesus actually teaches us about ‘forgiveness’ or the ability to forgive.
Which is among the expression of ‘unconditional love’.
Ra material’s focused on those, I forgot where but once I found it I will post it here.
By forgiving, one will then activate the 4th chakra, the chakra of unconditional love, and potentially graduate to 4th density positive.

Thus it’s said the focus should be “doing what Jesus did” instead of “worshipping the figure of Jesus”. There is no way a positive figure ever asked any other to worshipped him/her/them or putting them to a ‘pedestal’, as if they’re ‘higher’ than others. Like mentioned above “self aggrandization” is among the key characteristic of those who took the path of “separation”.
The opposite of what Jesus did will be instead to forgive one decide to seek revenge and even the score. This is inline with Siddhartha’s saying that “Forgiveness shall break the bond of Karma”.

And “Holy Spirit” is another name for “Higher Self”, again in contrast to what’s being told by religion, where “Holy Spirit” guidance is conditional (only when one join specific religion or worshipped certain figure), Ra mentioned that every entity are given guidance by each of their own “Higher Self”, yet the law of free will mandated that every entity are given a choice to whether follow the guidance or not. Accepting guidance from the “Higher Self” is not “worshipping the self” or building the “ego”, as the guidance usually are in the opposite of that. A good example is of course the act of forgiveness itself, instead of building the ego it will lessen the ego. In contrast, the act of revenge or thinking one as “the selected few who will be saved”, while others will not be saved is actually building the ego.


I found the Ra’s material on the life of Jesus.
It seems Ra’s words is similar to Siddhartha’s teachings about “Forgiveness break the bond of Karma”.


How did Jesus learn this during his incarnation?


I am Ra. This entity learned the ability by a natural kind of remembering at a very young age. Unfortunately, this entity first discovered his ability to penetrate intelligent infinity by becoming the distortion you call “angry” at a playmate. This entity was touched by the entity, known as Jesus to you, and was fatally wounded.

Thus the one known as Jesus became aware that there dwelt in him a terrible potential. This entity determined to discover how to use this energy for the good, not for the negative. This entity was extremely positively polarized and remembered more than most wanderers do.


How did this aggressive action against a playmate affect Jesus in his spiritual growth? Where did he go after his physical death?


I am Ra. The entity you call Jesus was galvanized by this experience and began a lifetime of seeking and searching. This entity studied first day and night in its own religious constructs, which you call Judaism, and was learned enough to be a rabbi, as you call the teach/learners of this particular rhythm or distortion of understanding, at a very young age.

At the age of approximately thirteen and one-half of your years, this entity left the dwelling place of its earthly family, as you would call it, and walked into many other places seeking further information. This went on sporadically until the entity was approximately twenty-five, at which time it returned to its family dwelling and learned and practiced the art of its earthly father.

When the entity had become able to integrate or synthesize all experiences, the entity began to speak to other-selves and teach/learn what it had felt during the preceding years to be of an worthwhile nature.

The entity was absolved karmically of the destruction of an other-self when it was in its last portion of lifetime and spoke upon what you would call a cross saying, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of action, or what you call karma.

Apparently there’s some mention that entities of “Christ Consciousness”, accessible by way of channels, and that these are congruent with Jesus the Christ perspectives, distinct from Jesus the man.

When I pondered Carla’s Q’uo transcripts, I felt as if they answered this. The transcripts convey in a way that I feel love in my heart in reading them, and that love felt to me, seemed unusual in comparison to other transcripts which seem more about practical timeless wisdom.

If there is a progression of densities that goes from love and compassion before wisdom, possibly for some people, reading Q’uo first in the interest of opening the heart, may help in the reading of Ra wisdom afterwards, because the ability to love so, affords a means of balancing so much wisdom.

Part of the enabling is that love affords perseverance - some degree of perseverance is needed in the striving to embody Ra’s wisdom, it’s not easy reading and may take years if ever to grasp it.

Another part of the enabling is the idea that love displaces fear, people become fearless and free up to do things that may not be easy to control, because controlling others through the means of fear weakens in influence.

Furthermore, as a person opens their heart and strives
to help others, suddenly they become immensely more
compatible with the majority of people out there, they can polarize to harvestable degrees faster than otherwise because that compatibility comes with more opportunity, more catalyst.

It may be that Jesus or Jehoshua or what’s his name,
may have changed names or dropped using names, as if there’s a place where a fondness for the naming seems lesser significant.

Maybe people pray to Jesus then comes as a shared hotline to the confederation, like a response network having several hubs all tied to a central striving of helpfulness. Here, I think there’s a Law of Squares at play - as if the video is like a shared prayer and many watching it swamps the response network.

Another small thing about the video, seems like some degree of false urgency to instill fear to do something, which seems like an STS ploy to do some STO thing,
but is it? If the STO help line is swamped by frivolous prayers, wouldn’t that benefit an STS agenda?

I think STS polarization harvest requirements are more severe than STO - they really need to manipulate and control in order to make the grade, but that choice isn’t present in the video, it seems like a do as I say and not
as I do kind of thing, because there’s only so much
attention that an STS can manipulate with, they compete.

It’s a bit sad, that a sort of mutant psychologist STS
propagate propaganda in order to manipulate the
masses. You see this in slave states like Russia and maybe China, and of course good old USA.


well, current USA state is doing the same thing to its people, just in a way most of people are not aware of.

Reminding me of a joke.

A man from China landed on JFK airport and enter the immigration gate.
“Purpose of stay sir?” asked the immigration officer.
“Study” said the man.
“Any particular field of study?” asked the immigration officer.
“US government approach for propaganda” said the man.
“We don’t have any propaganda in America!”, replied the immigration officer.
“Exactly, that’s why I’m here to study”, replied the man.

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haha, that actually reminds me of a tiktok video I watched recently.
A Chinese guy was talking to a US reporter/journalist (I suppose). The reporter is white. The guy said China has more freedom on the free speech. Reporter said how. The guy said: can you say N word in public? Reporter said: No, I can’t. The guy said: I can say N word as many times as I like in China. See, China has more freedom on free speech, you should come to China.

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Alan Watts once gave a lecture about Jesus which perfectly compliments this “message from Jesus”.


Well said: which is not the religion of Jesus, but the religion about Jesus.


It’s not too much of a train smash that there is so much misunderstanding about Jesus, as Ra said afterall:

Those who seek will eventually find, and the seeking itself is entertaining, like solving a mystery.

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I think it would be safe to say the story of Jesus has been extremely distorted by organized religion. There are multiple channels alive today that claim to channel Jesus - as an academic study it would be potentially interesting to see how consistent, or not, their various messages are.

For so many people who were raised in Christianity, just the word “Jesus” is an immediate “switch-off”. I myself was like that for the longest time. After much reading along different traditions, I can appreciate his unique experience, along with his challenges in communicating this experience/realisation to the very primitive culture of his time.

The same thing happened in the golden age of zen around roughly 600 - 800 AD, buddha was so pedetalised that one zen master forbid the word “buddha” in his monastery, because it was such a stumbling block for students.

If I recall correctly, I think I read this in the book The Golden Age of Zen.

Here’s a book I enjoyed:

Jesus Christ, Zen Master: The top 116 sayings of an Enlightened Jesus.

My early childhood was spent in Catholic school for about 9 years.
From my personal take of intensively reading the gospels during those time, the book(s) was actually about “The brutality of religion” or “Jesus vs religion”. Well to be precise it’s about “Jesus, John (The Baptist) and their friends against abusive political structure and organized religion of their time”.
Afterwards I study about the history of Catholic church and a recurring pattern emerges.

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When I reread the gospels as an adult fairly recently, that’s how it read to me as well. And not long after his death, Nero initiated the Christian persecution, so the Romans with their Mithraism were equally threatened.

In fact, Mithraism heavily influenced early Christianity. The two strong influences I notice with the Roman Catholic Church is Osiris and Mithra, if you look at their rituals and symbols.

And as a side note, every time I see the pope in full regalia, I always think of Jesus saying “take no care for the raiment”.

I don’t know much about the history of Christian. But isn’t Roman Catholic a split branch from original churches established by St. Paul? If early Christianity is heavily influenced by Mithraism, what about other churches that are not part of Roman Catholic?