Meditation on beauty

Opening this new topic, I hope this is in the right category… :wink:

So I am reading right now two very small books by a French writer, Francois Cheng, born in China, but migrated to France and became known also as a poet and a calligrapher.

The second book is titled " Of the Soul "

But this first little book is titled ‘5 Meditations on Beauty’, written in 2006.

I shall copy a first excerpt below, please forgive a translation which may be heavy but I tried to stay close to his own style. it starts from simple physical human beauty.

I don’t know if you are like me, but I still find some mystery still to human beauty when, for example , I pass an unknown person in the street who may have great physical beauty. or sometimes that sort of ugly/beautiufl beauty which I find so remarkable.

So here is the excerpt :

" Let us go back to man and his different levels of constitution. First to his physical level, to say that physical beauty exists, and that, inhabited by desire, it is full of enticement. Consequently, why be surprised that it includes its share of lure, incited as it is, to dazzle or to tempt ? It is yet from there that we have started, that we have acquired and refined our sense of beauty, thanks to which we became connoisseurs and pleasure-seekers of beauty/. But beyond this basic schooling, we have expanded and raised our notion of beauty. For, formal beauty, such as it is expressed from the organization fo the human body to the laws ruling over the movements of the celestial bodies , has us foresee a nearly ethical beauty, in the sense that it lets show through an always held demand, a promise which never betrayed.
And this ethical perspective wake us to other types of beauty, from the spirit and the soul. "

So I don’t know what you think, but I found interesting how he linked slowly body to infinite through beauty…