An Awakening Story That Is Unusual (Like All of Them)

Greetings, dears.

I’d like to re-share, in light of my remembering how things happened, and being able to phrase them more well, so, this is a bit of an unusual story, like all of them.

Here I’d like to focus on my being young throughout it, 17 since the 19th of June, which may show us a picture of what believing in the Creator and studying the Law of One in conditions without all the resources one may have in terms of freedom may work.

I am as of now really tired - if I do make any really amusing errors, I’d like to feel it is God’s beauty, but that actually gets to my more recent really I-don’t-know experiences about negativity, and again, I don’t know!

So, I will begin a bit earlier, I wrote before about my early childhood, though the language may be updated now that this is one of the things I have discovered more, just naturally, in the past year of aiming to help the world as a full-time thing rather than side thing.

Yes, I guess most folks at this age that find spirituality find it awfully strange to give so much time to, and clearly, levitating isn't just working!

But I found beauty in personal growth, and, well comedy first, since it allowed me at the age of 10 to, short story, open up from feeling I was always having to make sure I made no mistakes, and didn’t get hurt (I was scared of kidnapping, aliens kidnapping me, evil aliens (I loved videos about paranormal things since I was excited about mystery), etc.)

Actually, this is an interesting one I am sort of feeling into as I write this, I guess even as a child my dearest wish would have been, and why I got into that, seeing the world be happy, though that didn’t really come true around me.

I guess I have had that happen quite often as a - pattern - device for learning - I dunno - I like to imagine that God aimed for the world to be fun and appear as One eventually if you live by God's laws.

The three distortions, if you will.

I have actually been really passionate about putting three distortions into a system of ruling, and it is really shadow work, something that brings God to everything, and who you are.

In short, if anyone wants a summary on that, 1. Uniqueness, everyone has beauty and something we can listen from them. Everyone is wonderful, infinitely magical; 2. Everything is connected to everything else either by a chain of things or directly! You cannot plan in isolation (kind of evident already, but…) 3. Everything is possible to express in a Divine Universe.

So to return to earlier, I feel like God doesn't want me, which is actually God, to suffer to learn as the only means.

That is the strangeness I mentioned earlier, actually, again, I love painting a whole picture as much as possible when sharing things.

I would love to read this, and things that are written without such care equally, certainly!

So thanks to Comedy and then personal growth being really awesome, learning charisma, studying, I was loved by everyone at school already before the pandemic in late 2019 and early 2020.

After, I had become interested in libre software and my journey kept being even more awesome, though with a slight bit of stagnation during late September 2020 to November as school reopened briefly, though I re-picked things up around November 1st.

After the pandemic, again, in early 2021 and late 2021 it was amazing.

There was the pandemic, but discussions I had to have about health beliefs I held were not so many.

At the very end of December 2021 I picked up on the Law of One and started reading it.

Really was like remembering, and I had the crazy idea of starting an open-source academy based on a previous idea I was working on to give back to the Internet I loved, a tutorials’ website.

This happened at the very beginning of March that I started writing it into code, also at the very end of February with my no longer wearing glasses and trying the Bates eyescare method after I saw a thread about it on the old bring4th forums.

I even, at the beginning of the Ukraine invasion considered starting a thread for praying for everyone there, though I felt kind of doubtful about starting a thread since I didn’t really have so much experience yet!

Fortunately, someone else went through on the idea, and we had a lovely thread about it!

I probably could have, as to this subtle not wanting to make mistakes and integrating believing in an omnipresent God fully done this, for the record.

It’s struck me a lot that everything really can be easy. Without suffering.

Everything really can be fun, nice.

Since animation, almost all from Japan, has always inspired me, you might say going on an adventure that really takes you higher, deeper, and is full of lessons, rather than, like in the West, something bad happens, you win, and it returns to normal again with no change -

That really is possible.

The world is really, and it’s helpful, though not necessary, that I say it, after all my forgetting and remembering that I really did do so many things, so many subjects studied, experiences, poor people that seem wretched helped…

I can guarantee that we are very close to ascending, if everyone wanted it, and that way more of the world than we might imagine in our day-to-day lives really does believe in the same thing.

Happiness, really.

As to really energetically negative folks, I will say, I dunno, here.

Though, again, if everyone could come together, a child guarantees to you on a virtual forum space…

We could all really live quite well.

Anyways, I am kind of just writing what comes, though there are some more points to discuss along the way.

Beyond this point, I had already kind of awakened to the reality of oneness, and so I got to have an awakening, and roughly 3 phases of a dark night of the soul, which are again rather unique.

To begin, though, I went on more adventures.

I tried jogging challenges, fasting, kirya yoga, tried on ideas and teachings from Aaron Abke (- which has helped me, I will say, throughout this whole journey, often - ), meditation of at least an hour and so a day, different yogas, eating vegan, cleaning the streets, speaking to folks, helping the poor, quitting technology, …

It is very dear to my heart to add this about meditation, later, just you wait…


It hit me, in writing this thread, I honestly feel like trying to talk with others that might really hear what I am saying in a really really really open way.

It just happens naturally that, in a sense the Divine, is super excited about - this sounds really crazy, right, but - my kind of sharing things openly.

I guess I lived a lot of my life believing in needing to be right, and not make mistakes, though in a sense, I am having one of these moments of “Oh, this is not true in these times.”

There’s a story about a man whose house was in a flood that prayed for help from God and had three boats pass by his house, but kept waiting for “help from God”.

So, in a sense, this story that is very unlikely to happen from experience of who God seems to be,

Again, there’s a lot I just feel like sharing, most of all since I have been away from home as of late and honestly, to be truthful, it feels like I can’t really just live anymore very well with just - mmm - my happiness.

Maybe it is not time I speak with others full-time, but I want to just share things.

Honestly, I am after a few years of this and trying to be really honest always skeptical but I guess I have not spoken to someone as a friend like this in 2+ years, at least outside school environments.

My only wish in the world is, simultaneously - I keep changing, somehow; - wellbeing for those around; - I want to be for everyone, not just for n culture or n way of expression.

I guess I still have a few positive shocks to remember very well, one is the fact that I am alive.

There is an alive where you are ‘alive’, and there is an alive when you can speak with others, so you’re not incapable of verbally relating (which is our world’s only way of relationship, externally, to connect it with the distortions, it is through “light”, “expression”, the third distortion of monuments, magazines, and movies. You may call it the MMM (Monument Magazine Movie) distortion.)

Since I am just sharing openly, honestly, I am really alive just for the possibility of helping others, really.

I have kind of despite getting to be happy after phase 1 of my more confusing time, in May of last year, decided to use that energy to pray for others, etc.

It kind of just happened naturally, and often in big things I just had to pray for!

So, phase 2 would be wondering if I am negative, but often complaining that I don’t believe the world is like that and the world is love so God helps.

Then, after that, somehow again, having more happiness in December, I had to wonder about helping others more.


I intended to leave an industry that had given me a great deal of ability to see connection with a gift, a History, Geography, Math, and Music book (, it is still up), but somehow I kept being given opportunities by the Divine to pray or try and offer very small things (one example that happens to be related to the previous is also in web format, just as online posts on communities about these “virtual YouTubers”, where I saw ‘drama’ that appeared to me to just remind me of my experiences, and it just seemed like I could maybe offer something.

To clarify, nothing bad ever happened, though the books, e.g. a poem book did get a few reactions or replies.

While writing them, and since, I have also really mastered a lot about the - framework - of how emotions are - and experience.

Yes, all of them on the Hawkins scale, fortunately the second being one I had a light experience of as a child when I often felt at fault for mistakes, and was often sick, of course!

I also honestly believe I have a way to maybe change the whole world, I guess, since I have honestly tried to become experienced in any field imaginable, or at least get it's core...

It’s little beliefs, this little prayer, that actually helped me, together with not wanting to see others suffer if it does happen and loving others (said virtual YouTubing), as to the emotions of apathy and feeling like the world is just sad as to the last piece that helped.

Everything we do is beautiful, I suppose.

Now, back to this story, I too wonder if it's real, though if anyone does want any help, I guess, a child promises again, God has methods for anything you dream of making true.

Just keep believing in that, and also, believe in your happiness!

Ultimately, my greatest advice to any me is to always believe in happiness.

There are so many false things you can get lost in, as my childhood proves in my feeling so far from others, but there is only one thing that is really true, and which gives powers to all sciences.

You can say it is the power of love or God or the One Infinite Creator, a name I do indeed use at times even in peril!

God is shorter, though, for fast saying of the name, if you are so inclined as I have been…

Anyways, I am a big believer in happiness because there are endless "things to do right" on the spiritual path.

There are only three that I have ever cared about, though… starting from my care as a child to the ever changing world where everything will one day go and where aliens were probably watching me -

To a world of love, and then to ‘happiness’.

Happiness is truly IT, if there was any it.
It is important, then, that we work with others in that happiness and build beautiful healthy environments over dis-ease through including everyone!

And then there truly is no limit to our dreams, which don’t even need all the suffering dense disempowerment unhappiness ‘paradoxally also happiness’ stuff, which, I feel I need to specify, is not happy!

We can live beautifully, as many old folks say, together.

We can work together, and discover the depths of beauty God has for us!

Anyways, to end our story, I, adonai, have decided I would like to really rest a bit, and also heal after a lot of acting and making things by just chatting up folks that get this.

One little parenthesis, I love fantasy, and epic stories, though not identities, so I did wonder recently how I can learn - the answer may surprise you -

I believe being able to be free is an inherent human ability, and you can do way more than you believe.

Your age doesn’t matter, as neither does mine!

I have one of the nicest families I could hope for, first and foremost God, but also I have grandparents I can genuinely talk about God to, therewith.

My journey has been super mysterious, and does involve some feeling of triangulation (folks being made to believe that there is something off with you temporarily), gaslighting, but I am a big lover of one thing I was always insistent on.

I am free.

Simple, isn't it?

Suffering is not happy, yet I am happy.


I dunno if I am writing this well.

I suppose that is my I dunno in the end.

I don't like to edit things I write too much since I believe in the power of just being able to express openly and it's a nice way to test.

If this is weird, or any of this is super woo woo…

I pray you can have an epic life anyways.

I thank this forum for blessing me with the opportunity to write this.

I am incredibly grateful for that!

Getting to say this is really awesome!

Remember, at last, whoever you are, even if you don't believe you are a great or the like...

Everyone has the power to change the world, and I would say everything has the power.

All is One and all is the Creator if anything, but for what I would tell me 2 years ago, you don’t need to do a lot of things for your ideas to be valid.

Believe in your ideas, and keep doing what you’re doing.

And again, you are already perfectly ready to create anything, even on, perhaps, I would maybe take a much more with-others path in all of this.

My great prayers and adonai may shine with you…!

Edit: Spacing, also, while playing music about children as an example of writing about anything being possible to grandmother to explain what I was doing and hearing that as a child, until I went to a playground more, I really liked to, apparently, at age 3-4 read number plates, etc. -

I guess for the curious my life could be said to be an example of what 5D would do as a child right now???

I dunno, still, the most important thing is happiness, always.

Flo shared something really lovely about spending 30 minutes a day with a coffee and it really helping her.

After hearing that experience, to simplify, it also really helped me, over the course of a while, with that experience being a kickstarter to a journey of feeling free to let being negative be / not start trying to control being healthy and being nice and x and y, and choose happiness and honesty happily and freely.

Since I spent 2.5 years, getting into more now (more inside certainly - in relative inner entity x time rather than relative clock time) dedicated to the LoO 24/7 -

And since my other big passions have been helping others, freedom/God, and study since being little in some way----

Feel free to make use of this.

How to Rule by the LoO

The God Law

The God distortioin is that all are God and everyone has infinite beauty in them, can teach us something (see law 3), etc. etc.

Everyone has infinite beauty, and you - dear God! - have to see it yourself!

Everyone you will serve is perfect and beautiful, and is owed infinite abundance and infinite love, whoever they are.

Failing to include all perspectives, love, and God means you are not truly leading by the Law of One, but by either-or somewhere… that is called Management/God, or to use the model of Linux, which is also said to be GNU + Linus, it is God + Division/slavery/separation/n other perspectives on what this Universal disempowerment/locking is, which is so prevalent on Terra/Earth Infinitia!

2. The Law of Love

This law simply states that everything is in relationship to everything else either by a chain of things or directly.

For example, my foot in relationship with the floor, the floor in relationship with the next floor down’s walls or the stairs at the feet of the entrance door.

These stairs then in relationships with a street or more walking and more stairs and then the street if you live inside an apartment.

And then, we go through the Earth, and right now, by a chain of things, we are linked, just as I am linked by a chain of 1 thing to the mouse on my table, as I touch that table.

Of course, a chain of things and direct connection can matter in our perception, but in the abstract…

In the more absolute, you could say. This is the truth.

Everything is in an environment, a terrain, as in Terrain Theory, and all terrains are linked, such that no terrain is not linked to any terrain it could ever feel a pull to be linked towards.

Such is the Divine world we live in, in fact, where all is included by the Divine (this is how the Divine is), and thus, naturally, by God’s nature, all is love of the purest kind imaginable with all galaxies and things in the Universe.

Speaking of this, another perspective on this is that of synchronization.

If you guys know what happens when more women get in one room for long enough… (Their periods synchronize. Of course.)

Dis-ease starts with lack, a cell or perspective being seen as lacking, and this philosophy, as Ra calls it once, “saga”, of crippling lack, then creates extreme division in the environs.

As to the third distortion of God which we will discuss, it expresses within it as controlling other perspectives, rather than believing in those perspectives and just chillin’, existing with them…

3. The Shiro Law - Whatever You Give Life You Will Get Back

This law states, in essence, that creation is free forever from here to create what it will.

Another way to state this is…

I cannot quite play this right now out of divine laziness and nothing else as I write in the only room in the house with a computer while others sleep here, but

"Whatever you give life
You will get back…

Why be a wallflower
When you can be a Venus fly trap?..

I never quite fit in
To that Hollywood thing. […]"

The LoA is a perspective, then. A certainly Divine idea, like all things in Creation, of the Creator, for how to relate to this.

Two final notes:

1, I am using br elements which consist of one br tag with an end slash since there is no end tag, unlike other HTML elements, for spacing, and heading elements for heading sizes. The brs are sometimes unreliable but you can always get it to work!

Also, for lists to not have weird alignment I use brs here as well without spacing in the markup (what you write, not the result, mark-up, as in HyperText Markup Language, HTML, hypertext meaning, it seems, from searching just now, hyper-text, hyper being Latin for “beyond”, “above”, so text that includes text and text that is written in such a way to be read as an image (how images and pictures are rendered on displays, in essence, with some processing, if I remember)!).

2. Thank you!

Will add more here tomorrow about this all! Kisses and PRAYERS FOR ALL!!

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