Maintain high vibrations or do shadow work?

Hello other selves! I’m relatively new to the materials but been a seeker for a long while. I’m struggling rn with the seemingly contradicting information. On one hand there’s Ra and Quo telling us to embrace, feel and process all of our emotions, be they positive like love and joy, or anger, sadness, stress, anxiety in order to advance spiritually. On the other hand there are the arcturians and tbh most of the new age sentiment that is telling us that we should maintain our vibrations as high as possible at all times in order to help co-create the world we want to live in.
This may be a stupid question but how do you settle this discrepancy? I have been on the high vibrations wagon for years but now I am definitely feeling some low vibration emotions that are bubbling close to the surface and want to be processed (I think a trigger is the current war in the Middle East, or maybe it’s growing pains of the soul). Will it set back the creation of the harmonious world I visualize and create every day? Or will holding them at bay cause physical and emotional issues at some point? Would love to hear some points of view on this one…


Thanks for sharing. There may be a paradox at play.
If high vibration is a future state and low vibration is a past state, say your future state tells your past state to strive to balance, So you value balance because in the past you
received it from your future, meaning such idea was
never created but always existed; a bootstrap paradox.
That might be confusing, like how might imbalance
enhance balance, or vice versus - unless both
accepted as whole are one and the same?

Another important idea from Law of One seems
to experience all things desired. And I ponder this
from both a hedonistic and stoic perspective.
Sometimes a hedonistic approach is a short cut,
going through desire as faster then otherwise,
to arrive at a point of freedom from desire. In
other cases, a stoic approach might be holding
self discipline resolve in a sort of self denial of
say base desires to better enable pursuit of some
higher desire. Maybe some are mind over body
and some are mind under body, or - mindlessly
following cultural norms long outdated, etc.

Every person seems unique in their desires,
their choice of pursuit, the balances of their
energy centers, and their choice in modes of
vibration. In this way, owning the idea each
as infinite creator embodies unique variation,
seems as if self acceptance might help
coping somehow.

I think harmonious collaboration seems a
special case of co-creation. Two parties can
co-create disagreement, destruction, war,
etc - but that seems to diverge from cases
of harmonious collaboration. In many cases,
harmonious collaboration can involve some
compromise, though benefits can outweigh
the downsides in many cases.


Thank you for your detailed answer. You have given me much to think of :pray:

Sarah upon this topic:


Hi otherseeker. I think this is a great question. In my experience, if emotions like anger, sadness, stress, anxiety aren’t addressed, they don’t disappear. Suppression, like you alluded to, will eventually cause harm to yourself or others (unintentionally). I think part of the wisdom in bringing those emotions to the surface and facing them is that they can be integrated. Or transmutted? I’m not really sure exactly what the end result is yet, but I know it’s ultimately transformational in a positive sense.

You mentioned growing pains and I think that acknowledging and accepting the pain that comes with growth is part of the process. From the broadest perspective, I think painful, uncomfortable or unflattering emotions aren’t bad. They just are. And they can teach us so much about how to love ourselves and each other.

I still have much to learn about the Confederation philosophy and don’t come from the new age space, but I have experienced growth and healing from sitting attentively and lovingly with negative emotions. It may help to think of awareness and acceptance of the negative emotions and sending them love as another way you can co-create a harmonious world.


What a gem of a video - answered some of my questions, thank you! :heart:


Thank you, Melissa! I am feeling what you are saying and am becoming more and more brave with regards to sitting with difficult emotions, embracing them and learning what they have to tell me, and how I can integrate them. This I think will be a lifelong task :slightly_smiling_face:

I find it hard, though, to deal with emotions that come up for me with regards to wars (specifically right now the one in the middle east). My entire being shrinks back with fear, sadness, compassion. I work so hard not to take sides but I also am trying not to read/watch anything about it because it’s too much for my soul - is this avoidance that will come back to bite me in the backside? I don’t know. But if I will allow myself to go deep into those feelings, am I letting my fellow-people on earth down by lowering the overall vibration? Am I negatively impacting a harmonious and peaceful manifestation?

Definitely true for me :slight_smile:

The suffering and grief we are witnessing is intense. It’s absolutely understandable that it feels too much. My opinion is this is where the work of meditation, contemplation and prayer comes in. I picture the steady-state of silence (paraphrasing Ra 5.2) as a vast inner landscape, where nothing is too much. It seems like the video Oleksii posted above was relaying this idea with the “savings account” analogy.

I don’t know if I have a satisfying answer to your questions, really. Personally, I am suspect of any teaching or ideology that doesn’t allow for even an internal expression of negative experience. I think there is wisdom to be gained in understanding the metaphysics of vibration, but I don’t resonate/vibe with the way it’s presented in new age circles, so I may not be speaking your language here.

My opinion:
Are you letting others down by engaging (in any way you are able) empathetically and with compassion? No.
Should we send love to the people and places on the planet that are suffering? Yes.
Can we do that without bearing witness to the suffering? I don’t see how that’s possible.
Does bearing witness to that suffering lower the planet’s vibration? I don’t know but I don’t think so if it’s done in love from the activated, open heart.

Frankly I think a lot of the new age stuff comes from a place that lacks wisdom. I think it isn’t really useful to try and continually maintain any certain state of being all of the time. As Melissa said, its useful to sit and allow those emotions to be fully felt. It has taken me a considerable amount of time to learn what that even means, but it is where real transformation begins to happen in my experience. I also have found that, contrary to some schools of thought, when I hold back a fear it actually is more likely for the negative thing I fear to actually happen than if I allow myself to just feel afraid when I’m afraid.

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Yes, thank you! I am also moving along these lines and I also think that if I’m in a state of being worried or anxious about maintaining “high vibrations” all the time, I am no longer in high vibrations anyway. I really connect to meditating and sending love to the people and places that are suffering right now. I am also limiting my exposure to the horrific videos people share about things done in war zones, however I am somewhat staying informed on the progression of things. I pray every day that this catalyst will resonate in people’s hearts and bring an era of peace, love and harmony on earth.

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thank you for elucidating this for me! I was leaning in this direction already I think, and sharing your experience helps :pray:

There are two “definition of vibrations” from Q’uo and Ra:


That’s a good point :slight_smile:

It’s a difficult balance for sure.

:green_heart: I don’t think your efforts will be in vain.

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The Ra contact is as legitimate and credible as it gets.


We make a definition about something which sets into motion an E-MOTION; example: I had a definition that someone slamming a door was irritating - so everytime I experienced this, it pushed my irritation button. I realized this one day and put it into the neutral zone - it’s just a door slamming - no polarity swing :slight_smile:

Suppressing e-motions equals resistance which creates pain & dis-ease; energy being held, backing up, rigidity, friction, etc.

A healthier approach is to assume an exterior point of view - observe the persona’s re-actions - the neutral zone - and this is where you have a choice - keep the definition or rewrite it.

On 3D atrocities - I had an NDE in 1989 and realized that every thing is All That Is/Love/Source and every thing is allowed for our education and evolution. When we leave here, every thing melts back into Divine LoveLight. When our less conscious brothers and sisters suffer, instead of going into agreement with their pain, I think it serves best to anchor that LoveLight for them, recognizing Source within them, who they truly are and we’ll receive the mirror of them waking up. What you put your attention on is what you get!

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Thank you for sharing, Ellie. I connect and agree with what you said. And I guess these are my lessons to carry this incarnation. I am striving to be at peace with this truth but human-incarnation-me sometimes finds it difficult. Love & light to you :pray:

This idea shared reminds me of a simple
question, which when earnestly answered
might be considered dangerous because it’s
potentially life changing.

Is this good enough?
Like really - am I helping people around me
to bring out the best in themselves?
Do I observe that my actions improve by
imersing myself in the activities I engage in,
with the people I interact with - and is the
direction congruent with something valued?

There’s some book out Dopamine Nation
that touches on the idea that many people
are becoming like dopamine addicted with
so many sensationalized stories and media
propoganda which seems to degrade life,
not enhance it. There’s so much commerce
tied in with advertising and attention time,
people have more difficulty managing
their focus than ever before.

And a good meditation practice involves
singleness of thought - free from things
that might cause preoccupation. If you’re
a spiritual person you necessarily make
room for spiritual practice, as priority,
and not let your vibration suffer in ways
that disapoint so greatly.

In the book Seven Habits of Highly Effective
People is a description of circle of concern
and circle of influence. You pull in your
concern to within your reach of influence
and after taking effective action, quickly
let go and let god. You do your best,
you don’t settle, so that your circles
can expand beneficially.

Another curious idea here seems the
possibility of negatively impacting
harminious and peaceful manifestation.
The complement might be to positively
impact inharmonious and violent
un-manifestation. Is this a duality one
and the same?

If un-manifested being relates to pain,
does the manifest being relate to say
pleasure? Are these two sides of the
same coin? These ploys like if you’re
not with us you’re against us - seem
negative, because there’s ever present
choices in addition, like both and/or
neither. Dualistic attitudes like positive
or negative might miss the idea there’s
also weak polarization with little hope
for the future, sad to say.

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Thank you, other-self! As always, you have given me a lot to think of and unpack. I will meditate on this. Love & light to you :pray:

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Thank you for sharing Sarah’s video,
Learn How to Vibrate Correctly. I really
like the setting, I think it is in Sedona.
I also like how she speaks with her hands,
she reminds me of James Hoffman
describing a good cup of coffee, another
celebrity of sorts who I admire.

I probably speak for many having some
study in scientific nomenclature that the
use of words in the video, frequency and
vibration, are used in some metaohysical
sense more than scientific, which seems
okay unless a student is in science class
and arguing with teachers about their ideas.

For example wave theory has period, the
length of the wave, amplitude the height
of the wave, frequency the number of
waves per second traversing through
some point in space, and speed if the
wave traveling through space. As things
vibrate,waves can be generated, and things
over zero Kelvin temperature vibrate.
(An alternate definition of life may be
vibration which implies the whole universe
may be alive in various states of density,
but that may be a law of one tangent.)

So strangely, I’ll agree with Sarah from a
metaphoric standpoint where an idea of
frequency might correspond to character.
For example higher frequencies may
enable higher information bandwidth
than lower frequencies, but in and of
itself, the frequency isn’t the information -
that’s more about the vibration.

In other words, a metaphysical frequency
might relate to an ability to speak and
share ideas, but that character trait is
distinct from what ideas and words are
chosen to be spoken. The impetus of
spoken words may be more like vibration.
This might be metaphysically associated
to the blue chakra which relates to

The physics of red light suggests it has
a longer period or wavelength than blue
light. The longer wavelength suggests
fewer waves traverse in time given the
same wave speed. In other words, red
light has a lower frequency than blue.

Metaphysically, all chakras are sacred.
If you communicate with red that’s okay,
but the information capacity is limited,
compared to blue. It may take longer
to get the idea across or you may be
unable to convey well your idea. (It
seems like as density goes up, the
information density or bandwidth can
go up - also a law of one tangent.)

As we develop our character, we might
evolve in ways that enable us to do
things which escapes those of lower
character. Who we are as loving,
grateful, humble, honest, generous,
etc. in frequency impacts what we do
in giving, sharing, thanking, blessing,
laughing, healing etc. as good vibration.

Another thing I’m struck by in Sarah’s
video is her hairline creates an omega
symbol after image in my field of view,
and I ponder this as a timeless effect
that factored into say the north node
symbol in astrology. (This symbol lends
direction and some astrologers claim
it as one of important influence, but
this is not a law of one tangent.)

Thank you to Sarah for sharing good
direction for those who resonate with
some of these “bridging” ideas being
created. Please pardon my tangents.

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Here’s another thought on this topic.

When you were a kid, did you ever spin a top or some other well poised doodad and watch it and spin until it began to slow down to the point where it would “lose its balance” and topple over?

Now think about – somehow – starting the top from dead still and spinning very slowly, then faster, then faster until it could maintain its upright posture by virtue of its own, let’s call it, “vibration.”

In real life, getting it to go through that first phase of spinning without falling over in small steps would be very difficult, and one could say, that’s how it is for us as we seek to raise our spiritual vibration. We fall down and go “boom!” quite frequently. That’s just the nature of the learning process.

Now imaging the top is heavier on one side than it is on the other sides (well, it doesn’t actually have sides, but you can work that out, I’m sure) and it wobbles like a bicycle wheel tire out of true. The faster you spin it (or vibrate it) the more destructively it will behave. People who live in snow country can have this happen to their car tires when ice forms and attaches to one area of a car wheel, and as you pick up speed, it makes the car more and more unsteady. This would be why clearing the energies in the lower chakras is very important. When you increase the vibration, if your energy system is not balanced, you can find yourself in ditch before you know it.

So, yes, it is a paradox that clearing the crud out of your system may drop your vibration in the short run, but this is the price to be paid for higher long term performance, if you will.