Love/light, light/love

So, these two are essentially the same thing, love/light just existing in time/space and light/love existing in space/time?

So if this is correct, one could study the nature of love by studying the nature of “light” in the physical world?


From: Love/Light (Light/Love)

Love and light (like love and wisdom), are not black and white, but faces of the same coin. There is the same difference between love/light and light/love as there is between teach/learning and learn/teaching. Love/light is the enabler, the power, the energy giver. Light/love is the manifestation which occurs when light has been impressed with love.

In some instances there seems to be correlation on wisdom and light/love with those who took the STS path while love and love / light with those who took the STO path.
From my observation, I tend to say.
Wisdom / knowledge without love lead to brutality. #manipulating #enslaving
While love without wisdom / knowledge lead to naivety. #manipulated #enslaved

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