Love, Light & Thespian Pursuits

This is a portion of an answer to a query about the relationship between Love & Light. It holds an unusual focus of light, in my view, and it might prove a dense read, and possibly worthwhile.

Love as an unblinking, steady, stable untransient focus, having conceived of its creation, is then a portal through which infinity, exercising its free will, flows into the body of Light. And thus, the plan conceived of by this Creative Principle is made manifest and put into motion with layers upon layers, generations upon generations of further distortions and tweaks and modifications to the plan and the journey upon an experiential level in the laboratory of creation, where each is endowed with all three of these primal distortions beginning at the foundational level with Free Will, and the Creative Principle level of the Logos, and the manifest level of form as Light, and understanding that this is one energy, of love/light, light/love is all things, and is the self. The self pays attention more toward the wholeness of its experience and the recalibration of its vibration so as to more fully match, we might say, or be congruent with, and merge into that original intelligent energy, of love/light, light/love.


The more that the self awakens and integrates these energies, the more the self becomes transparent to the radiance, the unstoppable radiance of the One which transcends all circumstance, all events, and all stories within the illusion, and becomes a beacon unto others—a beacon not of unique specialness, but of a living reminder of who and what that entity is through the various costumes with which the entity identifies.

The Creative Principle or Logos is not an event, shall we say, that happened long ago. Though from the standpoint of time, it may be reasonably said to be so, but is rather your very nature right now. The disciplines of the personality and the practice of love and forgiveness which open the heart to the totality of self—the light and the dark—that opens the gateway to infinity, is an act of discovering the Logoic nature of the self.

You know yourselves and are to a degree imprisoned by this knowing of yourselves as humans with certain biographies, certain limitations, certain likes and dislikes, quirks, strengths and weaknesses, and all the ways that you identify with the costume and receive reinforcing music from others about who and what the self is. The opening of the gateway is to awaken and make conscious the self which is much closer to eternity, much, much closer than the roles which you play upon the stage, closer, even, as we had said before, that oxygen and mixture of air which respires through your system.