Love, light, intelligent energy and intelligent infinity

Whats the difference between "love and light"?

Whats the difference between “intelligent energy and intelligent infinity”?

In simple terms, one is infinite in potential, but not taking a specific form. The other is the means of, or the substance of, the form which is created. A crude analogy would be that one is the blank canvas upon which anything might be created, the other is the paint and the brushes. But what is the actual painting? Who designs it and why is one design chosen over another?

This prompts the query, then, what are you? How do you fit in to this?

As a being becomes more conscious via the path of following desire which then leads to exploration of higher energy centers, one’s internal Love becomes more directed and personally defined. This then allows one to use Light more and more effectively so as to experience progressively more deeply the potential Love. The depiction of this process becomes your painting, as it were.

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