Last Ra Contact

Oh yeah and I like your quote you posted. It is a special form of torture to know much, speaking of normal material illusion knowledge here, but be ruled by the cruel often ignorant themselves who the masses follow like sheep to the slaughter.

And very lonely besides my mate, who I now feel like I child next to after this ra stuff… rapidly changed her in a positive direction and she hasn’t even read it, I just introduced some basics and she remembered or something and then the lights that in the sky started but they are not too informative as I ask them to intervene and they comfort but just say “it will be as it will be”, thanks for the comfort but whoever or whatever they are I could use some direct directions, give the free will a break please and help if you love us so much!

And my mate just says things without reading this stuff like, “it’s not a battle, it’s a dance”. Where have I read that before? And when I was laughing about us fighting off a fairly obvious and unskilled negative encountered on 4 aco dmt and enjoying schadenfreude about the punishment it’s master would inflict on it, she felt sorry for the stupid thing. I’m like, was zum fick, that thing just tried to take you away from me. And she’s picking up random bits of glass walking the dog and I just say what’s the point, the nukes are likely soon, but it somehow makes her happy doing that and I just look at the dog, shake my head and tell the cute wolf that we can go in a bit, your mother is engaged in higher density bs.

Second density is so much easier to make friends with than third…

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I find it somewhat comforting as well after I got over being freaked out and mind blown everything is an illusion I feel to me it my only “reality” anyway so might as well enjoy it and make the best of it.

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Yeah, I could never get down with asceticism or denying pleasure as long as I’m not hurting anyone, second density that isn’t bacteria or a parasite included in anyone. So most popular religious sects put me off, pretty architecture sometimes though.

It’d be nice to have something like a cross between a sacred gathering and a rave though…

Merry Christmas or merry today if you don’t do that. I’m going to walk the dog on the beach with my mate and then we’ll take psychedelics, meditate together and see if any non bodily parts of the creator, locally, have anything to say. I’m probably going to have an alien tell me to go volunteer at a charity rather than binging on drugs and video games. Again. They’re really after that lately… no respect for introverts with social anxiety sober, these aliens! alright leaving my, ahem, “office”…

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Negative utilitarianism is a form of negative consequentialism that can be described as the view that people should minimize the total amount of aggregate suffering, or that they should minimize suffering and then, secondarily, maximize the total amount of happiness. It can be considered as a version of utilitarianism that gives greater priority to reducing suffering (negative utility or ‘disutility’) than to increasing pleasure (positive utility).[1] This differs from classical utilitarianism, which does not claim that reducing suffering is intrinsically more important than increasing happiness. Both versions of utilitarianism hold that morally right and morally wrong actions depend solely on the consequences for overall aggregate well-being.[2] ‘Well-being’ refers to the state of the individual.[3]

A definition that shows no ways of realization or solving the (real) inner causes for suffering and happiness.
There is this dangerous word moral that is very different from ehtics, because moral can defined as needed.

Libertarian socialism, also known by various other names, is a left-wing,[1] anti-authoritarian, anti-statist and libertarian[2][3] political philosophy within the socialist movement which rejects the state’s control of the economy under state socialism.[4] Overlapping with anarchism and libertarianism,[5][6] libertarian socialists criticize wage slavery relationships within the workplace,[7] emphasizing workers’ self-management[8] and decentralized structures of political organization.[9][10][11] As a broad socialist tradition and movement, libertarian socialism includes anarchist, Marxist, and anarchist- or Marxist-inspired thought and other left-libertarian tendencies.[12]

Why including all this political concepts instead of one clear concept like the anarchist?
Here is an interesting text, found at this moment:

Anarchist Individualism as a Life and Activity | The Anarchist Library

Émile Armand - Anarchist Individualism as a Life and Activity

All healthy organisms have a characteristic tendency to reproduce themselves. Organisms which are sick, or in a process of degeneration. have no such tendency — and this applies to the mind as well as the body. So the anarchist individualist tends to reproduce himself, to perpetuate his spirit in other individuals who will share his views and who will make it possible for a state of affairs to be established from which authoritarianism has been banished. It is this desire, this will, not only to live, but also to reproduce oneself, which we shall call “activity”.

These considerations explain our title: “Anarchist Individualism as Life and Activity”. Tending to live his own individual life at the risk of clashing intellectually, morally, and economically, with his environment, the anarchist individualist at the same time tries to like himself, are free from the prejudices and superstitions of authority, in order that the greatest possible number of men may actually live their own lives, uniting through personal affinities to practice their conceptions as far as is possible.

The anarchist individualist does not live in intellectual isolation. As individuals who share his ideas increase in number, so will his chances improve of seeing his aspirations realized, and as a result he will be happier. As individuals of his own “species” increase, so will the power of environment over his own life diminish. The wider his propaganda spreads and the more his activity grows, the more will his life be intensified.

His relationships with his comrades are based on reciprocity, on mutualism, on comradeship, and take numerous forms, all voluntary: free agreements of every type and in all spheres; respect for the pledged word and the carrying out of promises and engagements freely consented to. It is in this fashion that the individualist of our kind practices mutual aid in his species.

A conscious individual — seeking to create and select others — from being determined by his environment, he tends to become self-determining, to live his own life fully, to be active in the normal sense of the word. One cannot conceive the anarchist individualist in any other way.

Yes - the german word “Unter-haltung” for enter-tain-ment does show it better - “keep under”.

There is the nice word Wetiko that describes it maybe better?

This sounds like to fall into a belief of a new religion (New Age)?

This can be seen as an attempt to present something unavoidable positively.
But it is possible to use the informations from Ra in a very different manner for an inner development.

Yes - there can be only information / learning that offers the possibility to realize more options to live / use your incarnation.

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Your input is valuable. Thank you.

I’ll save this. But I’m not really into a lengthy debate on philosophy right now. So my response will be short.

My philosophies are idealistic.

There is likely no way to implement them without first using positive eugenics, not to remove diversity, but to remove cruelty and selfishness and greed from the human organism while vastly improving intelligence.

Of course to accomplish that one would need total control… and those that seek power always seem to be the worst to have in power. Marcus Aurelius situations are rare.

I’m into this primarily for the ufos. The ra thing was interesting but I never order my life on any ultimate authority, I explore many things. It is strange that my senses have on occasions as objectively as senses can confirmed certain things in there. But while Ra seems quite nice, in fact I’d like a 3D one, an actual one not a wanderer, for a platonic friend, with all this mention of this law of confusion, I’m not sure I trust a lot of the specific strange information.

My mate is not particularly into so called new age unless you consider the more reasonable parts of ra new age. She mainly reads technology and science fiction. Certain entities certainly seem interested in her though…

What I do know for sure is, unless we fall back on this entire experience being a hallucinations and others or other selves, if you prefer, are not even real is this:

  1. Ufos exist and they are likely what is popularly called interdimensional. Something about us interests them and it doesn’t seem to be material resources.
  2. There exists irrefutable evidence for reincarnation.
  3. Something really weird is going on and it would appear that in some way consciousness is more fundamental than matter.
  4. I won’t actually know anything for sure until I die.
  5. Humans are generally tribalistic and exhibit idiosyncratic insanity. Emotion ultimately rules logic. Thus any information transmitted via one is questionable at best.

You are writing about eugenics, but this is a problem of psychological programming and not really a genetical one.
The genetical one seems to be credulity and a certain predisposition to masochism.

Yes - this is controlling the self individually for your own.
No one else can do the job for you.

It was not possible to find anything then “Ra new age” here - that’s why an international platform is visited.

That’s indeed a point that should be analyzed more in detail.

Well said! ~ It’s NOT a battle, It’s a grand dance! The Whirling Dervishes have nothing on US! Lol. For they who have Eyes to SEE.


Identity known as Quo = Ra + Latwii + Hatonn
Thus no more ‘trance channeling’ is required, as Ra’s frequency has been lowered down through mixing/blending with Latwii and Hatonn’s frequency. Conscious channeling drained less energy from the channeler, thus can receive more lengthy message.
I found this mechanism very similar in radio transmission (basically any electro magnetic transmission including light), higher frequency requires more energy compared to low frequency both on transmitting and receiving.


During the pandemic I went seeking songs that might resonate with the Ra Materials. I resorted to doing lyrical improv renditions - that is, I’d find a song the somehow resonated with the session, then wrote verses to the same beat of the song, verses based on the session.

The later sessions were among the most difficult to get through and I’m not sure my attempts were very good, though my intent was to resonate love through the melody in some way the session might be more easily assimilated, though for most people song lyrics go in one ear and out the other without any comprehension so it may all be meaningless in the end. Please pardon me if none of this resonates.

For Session 106, the last - I picked Cotton Eyed Joe.
If you consider the improv song, the fiddler would explain simply that Ra was left in the dust by a faster beat.
(She may not be totally wrong.)

Kathy Kallick’s Cotton Eyed Joe

COTTON EYED JOE’S (Song beat similar to The Kathy Kallick Band, Cotton Eyed Joe)

Looking for a benign abode.
Finer then cotton eyed Joe’s.
Finer then cotton eyed Joe’s.

The quality eludes us wherever we go.
Many hackneyed tags for cotton eyed Joe’s.
In the humid realm of cotton eyed Joe’s.

Turn from the shapes now turn from shadow.
Turn toward the One near cotton eyed Joe’s.

Well her health went marginal, her health went grim.
But her maiden tresses were plaited to win.
A home unsoiled, a home unstained.
In steps of confusion for dry from the rain.
Steps confused for dry from the rain.

Turn from the shapes now turn from shadow.
Turn toward the One near cotton eyed Joe’s.

Cotton eyed Joe’s?
Cotton eyed Joe’s?
Finer than cotton eyed Joe’s?
Finer than cotton eyed Joes?

Metaphysically all right to go?
Didn’t find finer than cotton eyed Joe’s.
Nothing finer then cotton eyed Joe’s.

To search far and wide for benign abode.
You may pass by one of cotton eyed Joe’s.
Passing by one of cotton eyed Joe’s.

Turn from the shapes now turn from shadow.
Turn toward the One near cotton eyed Joe’s.

At last the being, the changer of worlds.
Leaves us with some final words:

“All as intended, all is right.”

3 days after Don’s death, in a dream channeling, Don appeared in Carla’s dreams, to reassure her as such.

“Gee, thanks.”
I think it did help her feel better though.

Don agreed to take on Carla’s burden in the late stages of the contact.

The Orion Empire higher ups, we can assume, sent 4th density negatively polarized entities to divert the contact trough self-aggrandizement distortions.

The 4th density negative explores the distortions of primarily dual self-love/hatred, with love expressed as self - and everything-hatred. They attempt to use pride and belief in superiority and the like to distort, making high use of the ego

That didn’t work on our wanderers channeling the Ra contact.

Therefore, the 5th density entities would begin taking note, and make an effort to shut off the light of the contact.

5th density negative has reached a point where they can conceive of reality where the truth is purely separation.

While the 4th density perceives God as being evil, and acts out God’s will, the 5th density negative entity has condensed so much negative polarity and wisdom, that they only operate on the level of thought, and consider themselves the only God, everything else being an illusory object for them to enslave.

All negative entities you have ever heard of, like grays are 4th density.

The 5th density negative has psychic abilities, and can do things like create physical pain. Please don’t blame your backpain on negative entities though!

So, they tried to weaken Carla, the channel.
I read somewhere on this forum, but I don’t know if it’s true, that they once almost took Carla into negative time/space while she was out of body. Again, don’t know if that’s true, but even without that, Carla was suffering pain.

Eventually, Don himself decided to take on the burden in Carla’s stead.

I think you can find what happens next in the epilogue to the original volume 5, but just in case it’s not there…

The “shield of light” (as Carla called it) that Don had which protected him shattered.
Eventually, the man known to history as Don Elkins, which had forever changed the field of UFO research, passed away by thyne choice.

3 days after the event, his partener received assurance in her dreams that everything had gone according to plan. From here on, LLResearch and the Law Of One would go on to become a highly influential medium of change, as humanity passed test after test.

The Law of One ultimately helped inspire some of those that pushed humanity forwards as leaders, setting the exemple of a much more tolerant and infinite planet than would have been otherwise.

The entities of Ra were satisfied with their work and left Earth, hoping to serve humanity for one more major cycle before leaving.

The path involved much more chaos, destruction, and amazing exploration of the depths of heaviness than it may sound like at first, making Earth not only a 4th density planet, but the most radiant one, in a way unseen before in all creations.

At last, the ones that gave themselves to the experiment of separation the most found the keys of this creation.

As Don, would say: “All according to plan”.

Edit: Ah! Do note that we don’t actually know if the 5th density negatively polarized entity that attempted to stop the Ra contact was from Orion.

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