Last Ra Contact

Why was the 106th session the last contact with Ra? Im sure there was an attempt to contact Ra?

A demonic interdimensional alien eventually dissolved the group eventually leading to the more scientific input euthanizing himself with a slug thrower in psychosis as they made the very stupid mistake of getting the government via the piggies involved who are the very worst bodily entities you can encounter in such a state.

Carla started consciously channeling quo, a group including ra, though her being awake makes it much more Jesusy and less alien. And thus much less interesting, in my view. It is in plainer English though.

Have a good day and remember it is your responsibility to prevent web of souls purple flame fires by smoking dmt out of a crackpipe and becoming a pscionic warrior of vibratory thought forms incongruent with the Orion empire. And make sure to keep your vitamin d up.

Dionysius vasu borragus


I thought tht would have been a possibility. Ty.

This are interesting questions, because Ra is part of the Q’uo.

Another question is why the original question series has never been continued?
(For example regarding the tarot.)

Not to offend you, but can’t say I’m too broken up about the tarot thing. Did not understand that at all. General concepts of the contact, very interesting. Some evidence of truth- Venus being discovered inhabitable by what mainstream science considers life in the appropriate time frame… after said contact. Etc.
Forgive my unevolved view, for I have a filthy, filthy planet-destroying, Atlantis-sinking, likely past life nazi, filthy, libidinous HUMAN soul. Though I SUSPECT I have my own Ra- afterall, are not most wanderers sixth density? Who has a some would say pathological obsession with we neurotic apes upon their sister planet? Perhaps I’ll make a post about that… I’m feeling 5-meo-mipt-ish tonight and THAT’S an “oversharing” “steroid” (technically a tryptamine with concurrent MAOI and slight SNRI action which can go TWO ways- obsession with vaginas OR emotional music and making internet posts which you’ll DEFINETLY regret in the morning. It amuses me greatly that all are one, thus all are “god”, and the fractals of infinite intelligence do tend to copulate each other. I spent much of my life telling the god in which I did not believe to go fick ihm selbst!

Main emotional evidence for contact due to psychedelic experiences, previous, putting it together. I rejected it at first due because I saw the word bible near the beginning (not understanding this was, let us say, soothing to Carla’s zenith “distortion”), but it kept appearing in comments on random youtube videos about ufos- just the link- Then mysteriously I stop seeing such things, once I read the entire, weird, underground yeti of extraterrestrial word salad (some may say nutritious, probably many on this forum) of ETWAS.

It was hilarious when it was revealed LSD was depleting Carla’s “vital energies”. I just KNEW psychedelics were involved with something THIS weird! Yeah, yeah. Meditate. Gotta spurn Ra’s advice there- the shamanic path is for me. Why spend all that time when the mutliverse game gave me cheatcodes? “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.”- Hunter S Thompson

Personally, I want to know the exact appearances of all major species in play in the galaxy (our word galaxy), second through seventh density. Especially their reproductive methods
I bet Ra was like those blue, fairly, peaceful-ish tall blue cat girls and boys from the Avatar films by James Cameron, “The people say that all energy is only borrowed”- just expand their conscious planet deal to the whole multiverse. I want a DETAILED description of Ra playing with his cat boy/girl tail! No, I want a kitty Ra Tik Tok! It’s so charmingly naive even sixth density, I bet it was just ADORABLE purring while playing with its tail!

Ufos, aliens, VERY INTERESTING. I don’t think new age types really understand that crystal thing (nor do I) and the rest of it sounds like a lot of work when I can just go find some oddly moving lights in the sky to yell at incorrectly and kava and benadryl-tacos. I have enough to worry about already- I seem to do alright on the rare occasion I encounter negative entities in hyperspace.

And some of them are somewhat… alluring, intriguing, oh you’re speaking my language, can’t say you’re wrong, no they couldn’t hurt me if I used my intellect to pull their strings, I don’t like being hurt, oh my your fractals would look positively brutal in a heavy metal video, can I get that as a tattoo? Yeah, I’m going to buy and sell anyway if I do, ammunition and drugs are always illegal tender, oh YOU know how I LIKE IT IN MY LOWER ENERGY CENTERS, oh yeah I’ve been a naughty terran, don’t mind if you want to control me like THAT for a little bit, just a taste, I just like the smell of negative polarity cocaine!

Oh sure, the positive ones can be more magical and fulfilling. But all serve, do they not? It is impossible not to serve. But of course… gotta be on the winning team, 10 versus 90 doesn’t sound like the winning side! I wonder if the weird, rehabilitation that, for lack of a better word, “god” is trolling ME, THE BEST TROLL, with will work? Oh well, you know what they say, “Inside every demon is a rainbow”- Hazbin Hotel - "Inside of Every Demon Is a Rainbow" REMIX | AmaLee Ver - YouTube

Here’s something VERY Ra for you to clear your energies or vibrations if you (as in any who were bored enough to read this) feel you need it after reading my third density remedial class comment, wie verdammtes RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- Indigo Children (EMP Mix) - YouTube

That’s a valid believe of course and could be a mainstream one.

This is really a complete new point of view on the material of Ra! :rofl:

Why did you read the Ra material?
It did not give myself such interesting fantasias. :wink:

There are many out there that did not read the Ra material and expect that 10 versus 90 are the winning side.

O.K. It seems you are living in the same centre of insanity and satanism and you like Manga art.

What do you really want?

What I really want is to eliminate suffering. Ultimately. I don’t care for those that are truly cruel and honestly I don’t want to fight them with love. I want to do unto them as they do unto others. I want everyone to be happy and filled with joy. My philosophy is negative utilitarianism, libertarian socialism, with a dash of insanity.

Satanism? Give Me War - INFOMETAL - YouTube

I would say Maldek has done it ultimately.
But this is somehow an very unpleasant solution.

Negative utilitarianism and libertarian socialism seems both not only a dash of insanity.

Yes - that’s already war for the ears and neurons. :deaf_man:
The best way to introduce satanism …

Yes, I suppose the final solution to the Maldekian Question was unfortunate.

Come on buddy live a little on the beautiful spectrum.

What is your definition of “satanism”?

Is it this? 【Helltaker Original Song】 What the Hell by @OR3O , @Lollia , and @Sleeping Forest ft. Friends - YouTube

The best way is to follow the pure doctrine of Lucifer according to William Guy Carr and Alben Pike.
It can be summarized as follows:

  1. Lucifer says: “I will enslave the human race under a totalitarian dictatorship and take away all physical and mental freedoms so that they will not be able to use their intellect and free will”.

  2. Everything that does not please God, pleases Lucifer.

  3. There must be no diversity, everything must be brought together and form a whole.

  4. There shall be only two classes, those who rule and those who are enslaved. One’s own initiative will not be tolerated in any way.

  5. When the Luciferian dictatorship is established on earth, it shall be led by a despotic king whose will shall be enforced with satanic despotism.

  6. The creative power shall be lust and right and might its ruling power.

  7. Only the ruling elite shall have the freedom to enjoy carnal pleasure and the right to satisfy it. All others are to become human cattle and physically, mentally and spiritually enslaved, so that peace and social security are permanently threatened.

  8. The divine plan for the reproduction of human beings is to be corrupted. Therefore, women are to be devalued into objects of lust and considered impure.

  9. Those who are chosen to rule must first prove that they have no human feelings whatsoever. They are to rule without feelings, especially without love or sympathy, and have no sentimental feelings for the opposite sex. Women initiated into lodges are to be general property, and the members of the Palladian Rite are to “use” them lovelessly, often and without compassion, just to satisfy their sexual urges. Men are to keep women unfree in order to have complete control over their human weaknesses.

  10. All goyim who cannot be used for service shall be destroyed.

  11. The state shall regulate births and raise children according to plan selected. Only the state has the right to raise them to serve the state.

  12. The destruction of family and community is absolutely necessary for the success of this conspiracy.

  13. Woman shall be dragged into the mud and considered a lowly creature.

  14. Man shall be law unto himself and do as he pleases - only among the elite, of course.

  15. God’s creation shall be unbalanced so that mankind shall pay for the sins of presumption committed by Luciferians.

Yeah, I don’t think I’m a satanist. 12- the individual I love the most is a woman and I respect her more than I respect my own character. If there’s soul contracts- she’s her to teach me.

I can’t stand the elite- neither can Alex Jones who you thought was auditory satanism and is actually quite the interdimensional christian.

I may not be perfect but life without love would be worthless entirely.

I think balance in life is important. And humor. If I didn’t view the human condition as a comedy rather than a tragedy, I’d kill myself.

And good music- a good range. If there’s any evidence for this not being entirely a hellworld it’s music. And drugs. And sex.

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Also I WAS actually trying to help the individual in that other thread. Look, spirituality- great, sure. But sometimes a more prosaic viewpoint might be helpful. Their freewill whether they find any use in my words. I like to phrase things comedically, it’s true. If I was an entity frequently encountered on DMT- I’d be a cosmic jester.

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I agree fully.

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Especially useful when negotiating the price of a new car. :smiley:

The epilogue explains the reason.

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By the way, since you know the definition of satanism you posted is more or less being enacted…

How do you deal with our current situation? For me, I’m just trying to enjoy life. In my manner…
Oh and my mate who I suspect may just be a very tall blue catgirl in spirit. And a lot of drugs. A LOT OF DRUGS.

Our Joe (from the story of Joe) found a great way to be happy while incarnated in this maelstrom. :slight_smile:

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Why there should not come a new group that is able to gather the energy for a new contact?

But the people don’t want to realize it. …
The current situation is the result of ignorance and the people believe that the situation will go with more ignorance.

Staatliche Museen zu Berlin: Pergamonmuseum

As explained in the videos every museum can be seen as a temple and centre of power of the system.
The altar of pergamon is possible the most considerable one.

Trying to enjoy the biggest show ever as observer.
Live as there are only some month left.

It is one of the most difficult things that can be imposed on a thinking human, to have to experience the course of a historical process among ignorant people, whose inevitable outcome he has long known with clarity.
The time of the error of the others, of the false hopes, of the blindly committed mistakes then becomes very long.

Carl Jacob Burckhardt (Swiss historian and diplomat)

Drugs are only something for a day, but not for every day.

That may very well happen.


Well, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Oh and btw, I that thing about the negative entities was mainly roleplay. Okay I might have had mindsex with one, but I don’t open myself completely like the positive ones.

Oh and I was using some German (Amerikaner) to get around certain things I use “curses” as intensifiers, I believe Ra meant that directing curses AT other-selves was no bueno. Thus the German. Though my only past life memory is crunching boots in the snow and smoking a cigarette. Battle of the bulge, ostfront, I don’t know. Ominous feeling.Don’t know if I was a true believer, but, uh, I had a thing for the swastika (not the buddhist/hindu one) when I was a toddler and didn’t know what it meant. I don’t have any more ill will towards jews in general in this life than any other group, though I find it ironic that a lot of zionists sort of act like nazis. And that chosen people stuff is not so far from Meisterrasse.
My philosophy is actually a thing, at least in English- Negative utilitarianism - Wikipedia
Libertarian socialism - Wikipedia
So, still only a dash of insanity. Nicht mehr als dass.

It is an… entertaining show though, isn’t it? How are things in Europe… I hear they’re shutting down all the farms and energy, well, the war in Ukraine is complicated. It is a conflict between two incredibly corrupt countries and Russia does have some actual reasons. Of course Putin is a horrible dictator, so is Zelensky considering his recent actions. But this Slavic civil war, in my opinion, is being used for nefarious purposes.

With everything going on, like the lab-created sars-cov2, and the cytotoxic spike protein (the “cure” was MUCH worse than the disease for me and MANY others that are censored)… I sort of think that there’s a demonic negative polarity force either controlling the “elites” (aka genocidal parasites) or at least influencing their thoughts.

If THIS is the seniority of vibration and a mediocre being like me is incarnate, Earth is in big trouble, nicht wahr? Thanks for entertaining me the other night when I was on foxy moxy and listening to music.

Alex Jones certainly realizes the situation- he’s been dragged through the mud in the media for questioning things (he questions everything, wise in this world) and I certainly do not agree with him on everything (abortion, for example, forcing children unto the foster system or parents who do not want them causes suffering, my philosophy is to decrease suffering as much as possible- it appears the creator has its uses for it, but I would like the veil torn down and be able to to turn off pain and no negatives, I don’t care if the progress is slower).

I cannot link it directly on this forum and the show is rather American centric, but you may appreciate checking out his videos. (hopefully this is within guidelines, herr moderator).

perhaps this music would be more to your taste Freund oder Freundin than what I posted before, E Nomine is a treasure. E Nomine - Das Omen - YouTube

Auf wiederschreiben

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