Is the universe God's oblivion?

It’s strange that infinity didn’t initially create the universe. I.e., it was only after some time that infinity wanted to create it. For me, this is some kind of strange infinity that, for some reason, was missing something in infinity, and it decided to create “newness” where, by definition of infinity, there should already be this “newness.” I thought of another thing when I was thinking about this. That “something” that has awakened and realized that it exists somewhere simply doesn’t know its own boundaries. This is a pretty logical assumption, because this “something” might not have noticed, due to its ignorance of itself, that duality isn’t needed since there’s one continuous infinity around, which this “something” probably didn’t fully realize, because I thought that if there really is infinity around, i.e., there is the presence of absolutely all experiences, then why would you create anything at all? So it does meaningless things in the hope of knowing itself.

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I didn’t understand all completely but will add comments that I hope will be useful.

I feel all my life as returning, that’s the exact word. I do not feel it’s like awakening. Even more, awakening seems to me the opposite because awakening is connected to the consciousness and returning to subconsciousness.

I think the numbers are just part of “reality”


28.1 Questioner: I may be backtracking a little bit and make a few false starts today because I think we are at possibly the most important part of what we are doing in trying to make it apparent through questioning how everything is one, and how it comes from one intelligent infinity. This is difficult for me to do, so please bear with my errors in questioning.

The concept that I have right now of the process, using both what you have told me and some of Dewey Larson’s material having to do with the physics of the process, I have the concept that intelligent infinity expands outward from all locations everywhere. It expands outward in every direction uniformly like the surface of a balloon or a bubble expanding outward from every point everywhere. It expands outward at what’s called unit velocity or the velocity of light. This is Larson’s idea of the progression of what he calls space/time. Is this concept correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This concept is incorrect as is any concept of the one intelligent infinity. This concept is correct in the context of one particular Logos, or Love, or focus of this Creator which has chosen Its, shall we say, natural laws and ways of expressing them mathematically and otherwise.

The one undifferentiated intelligent infinity, unpolarized, full and whole, is the macrocosm of the mystery-clad being. We are messengers of the Law of One. Unity, at this approximation of understanding, cannot be specified by any physics but only be activated or potentiated intelligent infinity due to the catalyst of free will. This may be difficult to accept. However, the understandings we have to share begin and end in mystery.

I’m copypasting what I wrote recently, maybe it can be answer to your questions about creating something new:

What you wrote about 𝝅 looks the same as described in the Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book:

Vesica Piscis

Referring to the evil you mentioned I think it’s a way of introducing problem God/Creator has and offering to solve it.

I think that God doesn’t know himself and so creates existence and all life to understand. Otherwise, as I wrote in my post, existence makes no sense. Most likely, God’s thinking is limited and clearly not infinite, but gradually evolving.

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If that is what you want, then that is what you will receive.

To open your perspective to infinity.

I offer you first the opposite of “your” thought.

And in turn, I complement it with the boundless perception that you have never even heard of.

To you, that is the “unknown.” and that… is “infinity”

I did not understand what you wanted to tell me here, but I will say that, in my opinion, the universe should still have some kind of reasonable intellectual basis.

If an event is unnecessary and doesn’t make sense, it just doesn’t happen.

I accept the idea that there was a certain substance before the creation of the very first universe, and I would even say that this is the only logical conclusion – something must have existed originally, i.e., something that no one created.

Well, let’s say it has always existed, but the universe DID NOT exist originally, that is, it was created later. This leads to the logical conclusion that this substance, or this “something” has realized that it is necessary to create the universe. This leads to the conclusion that this substance has some kind of intellect and desires. And if it needs something, then maybe it’s missing something. So, again, I come to the conclusion that the intelligence of this “something” is limited, and it simply doesn’t know its own boundaries.

I deduced all this logically, knowing only one fact, that the universe was created, that is, there was a moment when it didn’t exist. There’s one point that I did not mention: I categorically deny the following sentence in quotation marks - “Our universe is a universe fixated on the birth and destruction of itself, which has ALWAYS given birth and destroyed itself. And the phrase – the first universe – doesn’t exist.”

I deny this text in quotation marks, that is, I disagree with it, that is, I believe that the very first universe once existed. The reason I believe this is simple: everything in the universe has a reasonable basis and strives for a reasonable basis, strives for PROGRESS, so obviously there can be no stupid looping that leads to nothing. All these births and deaths of the universe are needed for something, and everything that happens, I believe, is filled with a special purpose.

And yet I don’t understand how I feel about all this, and I don’t understand my own goals, why I exist, and what I REALLY NEED.

My own answer to this is that one needs to recall. So one has the goal and will have the answer. Looks like correct direction.

Yes, and I wonder how wise my higher self is, or this form of mine, which is the true form, and how much knowledge is in it.

I want to find the energy in myself to start meditating and try to see something inside myself. I try to think logically and look for meaning in everything, I just can’t do otherwise, so maybe problems may arise because of this, because I tend to believe that there are things that cannot be understood by the ordinary logical human mind.

I’m totally agree

I think you can ask yourself/Higher Self, Higher Self stands awaiting.

To my opinion it’s a correct approach if not forgetting that logic is a box.

I would reformulate the topic’s question as “who should do the first step?”



You are on a kayak, paddling down a river… You want to go faster… But you are trying to make the river go faster. Let the river take you ~

I have internally asked myself many times before I go to sleep something that will somehow help me understand my real self, but to no avail. I really started to feel that there is some real barrier.

Because to me, it’s like “driving a car (dream) through the city center, and every time you drive, you NEVER see a single pedestrian on the street. But when you walk (reality), there are plenty of pedestrians around”.

I hope I’ve expressed my feelings clearly.


I would reformulate the topic’s question as “who should do the first step?”

I often think about why God doesn’t understand himself.

Why did he suddenly wake up? What made him realize that he exists? If some energies supposedly began to concentrate there, why did they begin to do so? Why not just rest forever and create nothing? I am haunted by this very moment, the moment when something within infinity wanted something, as if it were missing something. I can’t understand this mechanism, why something inside this infinity started to realize itself as something separate and then, for no reason, created the universe.

And if you think about it, he created it for the purpose of seeking different experiences, and again, it all boils down to the already-voiced idea that our God doesn’t know what he is and, just like us, doesn’t fully understand the nature of the infinity we are all in. And yet our God has a strong intention of sorting things out and figuring out the true meaning of his existence.

A thought upon the same subject but from another side: There are choices that shouldn’t happen. But such choices happen to demonstrate they shouldn’t happen.

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Sorry, I didn’t understand the driving car comparison.

In this example I meant that when I sleep I expect to see something related to my search for the spiritual, but in the dream it’s like I’m a different person, not related to the spiritual at all, I just don’t dream about it. And in this inappropriate example I was trying to describe a situation where there are events that have a very low probability of happening. So it seems very strange to me that it’s like I’m a different person in the dream.


86.6 Questioner: In the last session you had mentioned the properties precipitating from the veiling of the mind; the first being visioning, envisioning, or far-seeing. Would you explain the meaning of that?

Ra: I am Ra. Your language is not overstrewn with non-emotional terms for the functional qualities of what is now termed the unconscious mind. The nature of mind is something which we have requested that you ponder. However, it is, shall we say, clear enough to the casual observer that we may share some thoughts with you without infringing upon your free learn/teaching experiences.

The nature of the unconscious is of the nature of concept rather than word. Consequently, before the veiling the use of the deeper mind was that of the use of unspoken concept. You may consider the emotive and connotative aspects of a melody. One could call out, in some stylized fashion, the terms for the notes of the melody. One could say, “a quarter note A, a quarter note A, a quarter note A, whole note F.” This bears little resemblance to the beginning of the melody of one of your composers’ most influential melodies, that known to you as a symbol of victory.

This is the nature of the deeper mind. There are only stylized methods with which to discuss its functions. Thusly our descriptions of this portion of the mind, as well as the same portions of body and spirit, were given terms such as “far-seeing,” indicating that the nature of penetration of the veiled portion of the mind may be likened unto the journey too rich and exotic to contemplate adequate describing thereof.

86.7 Questioner: You stated that dreaming, if made available to the conscious mind, will aid greatly in polarization. Would you define dreaming or tell us what it is and how it aids in polarization?

Ra: I am Ra. Dreaming is an activity of communication through the veil of the unconscious mind and the conscious mind. The nature of this activity is wholly dependent upon the situation regarding the energy center blockages, activations, and crystallizations of a given mind/body/spirit complex.

In one who is blocked at two of the three lower energy centers dreaming will be of value in the polarization process in that there will be a repetition of those portions of recent catalyst as well as deeper-held blockages, thereby giving the waking mind clues as to the nature of these blockages and hints as to possible changes in perception which may lead to the unblocking.

This type of dreaming or communication through the veiled portions of the mind occurs also with those mind/body/spirit complexes which are functioning with far less blockage and enjoying the green-ray activation or higher activation at those times at which the mind/body/spirit complex experiences catalyst, momentarily reblocking or baffling or otherwise distorting the flow of energy influx. Therefore, in all cases it is useful to a mind/body/spirit complex to ponder the content and emotive resonance of dreams.

For those whose green-ray energy centers have been activated as well as for those whose green-ray energy centers are offered an unusual unblockage due to extreme catalyst, such as what is termed the physical death of the self or one which is beloved occurring in what you may call your near future, dreaming takes on another activity. This is what may loosely be termed precognition or a knowing which is prior to that which shall occur in physical manifestation in your yellow-ray third-density space/time. This property of the mind depends upon its placement, to a great extent, in time/space so that the terms of present and future and past have no meaning. This will, if made proper use of by the mind/body/spirit*, enable this entity to enter more fully into the all-compassionate love of each and every circumstance including those circumstances against which an entity may have a strong distortion towards what you may call unhappiness.

As a mind/body/spirit* consciously chooses the path of the adept and, with each energy center balanced to a minimal degree, begins to open the indigo-ray energy center, the so-called dreaming becomes the most efficient tool for polarization, for, if it is known by the adept that work may be done in consciousness while the so-called conscious mind rests, this adept may call upon those which guide it, those presences which surround it, and, most of all, the magical personality which is the higher self in space/time analog as it moves into the sleeping mode of consciousness. With these affirmations attended to, the activity of dreaming reaches that potential of learn/teaching which is most helpful to increasing the distortions of the adept towards its chosen polarity.

There are other possibilities of the dreaming not so closely aligned with the increase in polarity which we do not cover at this particular space/time.

  • Should be mind/body/spirit complex. Ra and Don corrected the error in session 87.

86.8 Questioner: How is the dream designed or programmed? Is this done by the higher self, or who is responsible for this?

Ra: I am Ra. In all cases the mind/body/spirit complex makes what use it can of the faculty of the dreaming. It, itself, is responsible for this activity.

86.9 Questioner: Then you are saying that the subconscious is responsible for what I would call design or scriptwriting for the dream. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.

Because signs given to you are your signs, I think you are who can interpret them. To my opinion you were asking about your real self and the dream (or “dream”) is empty city when in reality there are many people. So it is: you think streets are empty, but all people are here. See the people, they are here. We’re here. You’re not alone.

65.12 We may note at this point while you ponder the possibility/probability vortices that although you have many, many items which cause distress and thus offer seeking and service opportunities, there is always one container in that store of peace, love, light, and joy.

Interesting observation. Perhaps there are signs in my dreams, but I just don’t notice them. I realize that this boundary protects me so that I remain in ignorance, living an ordinary human life. I’ve even started to think that it’s so that I can start to notice the beautiful in little things, to take something unique from the seemingly simple material world.

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