Arguments why all is one


I would like to open this topic to welcome everyone to express why he/she thinks it is so, as it is important in all aspects. Please add whatever, either you think or experienced; mathematical, metaphysical, scientific or sensory etc.

And right away I’m sharing from my side:

  1. Because mind is not my own only, tree of mind demonstrates that we all have common mind.

  1. Hologram view of reality organized by Logos:

13.8 Questioner: Can you state the next step?

Ra: The next step is still at this space/time nexus in your illusion achieving its progression as you may see it in your illusion. The next step is an infinite reaction to the creative principle following the Law of One in one of its primal distortions, freedom of will. Thus many, many dimensions, infinite in number, are possible. The energy moves from the intelligent infinity due first to the outpouring of randomized creative force, this then creating patterns which in holographic style appear as the entire creation no matter which direction or energy is explored. These patterns of energy begin then to regularize their own local, shall we say, rhythms and fields of energy, thus creating dimensions and universes.


For me it is this that sums it up.

To have infinity you must define infinity as unity (otherwise, that term does not have any meaning)

Seems simple just like that, but this has been a very profound revelation for me.


In order to define “many” (more than 1) a border need to be defined to differentiate the 1 and the not 1 (2,3,4,5,6,7 and so on).
Once border is defined then each is no longer infinite yet it has become finite.
Once border is defined how many finite element does the infinite contain? It’s still infinite…
and each finite element in essence is actually still the essence of infinite yet contained (virtually) within a border.
The border is a ‘hologram’ or ‘virtual’ definition of the infinite, once the border is broken through the essence within the border shall rejoin the infinite again, as it has no longer any border.

That’s why ‘infinite’ has no border, thus there’s only one infinite.


Well, all good answers of my predecessors for which I am grateful.

From a more spiritual and philosophical point of view, if we look at all of Creation that is, that what we see, is this what we could call Conscious Life, which unfolds itself on different levels.

Then everything that recognizes life in itself and recognizes life in other beings that have life, even if it is grass that we meet on a walk, and even more so if it is the light and love of the Creator collapsed in our mortal experiences or in what we see and experience in the form of light/love after death and leaving us to the light of the Creator.

It’s all related to self-awareness and seeing awareness in others. Regardless of experience. A common denominator can be drawn from all of this: consciousness. Consciousness in everything and everyone is the same, the only difference is the type of experience that consciousness experience, however consciousness as such is the same.

This is one characteristic that unites us all: the consciousness that are observed from a top-down perspective, will be one. The conclusion to draw from such a perspective, is that it is one consciousness that experiences a variety of experiences, depending on the illusions it creates for its various parts.

I believe that anyone who focuses hard enough on the conteplation will find that in this most basic experience of self consciousness and observation of it in others will find the consciousness for which there is no clear difference or boundary, because boudnaries cannot be stated, just as you cannot prove the existence of consciousness, it just is.

Since there can be no fully recognized clear primal reason of existence of consciousness or boundary between the consciousnesses of living beings; since it is impossible to clearly prove the source, form, or boundary of consciousness; so we can conclude that consciousness is one, and so everything is one in consciousness, in the glowing “lamp” of one consciousness, is the One.

The only difference is the different impressions/experiences received by this global consciousness in its various distributions and manifestations, and these manifestations can be considered as individual consciousnesses.

So as not to make this post too sprawling, I’ll try to write later how I see it from a more, as I might say, technical perspective, referring to the logic and essence of information theory.

And consciousness as such is of course infinite. It has no single source (“source” is where we want have and is everywhere at the same time), consciousness has no finitude or limits. It is infinite as The One.

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Right. As an expansion of my post, I will now write about how I see it, from the more “technical” side, expanding on the spiritual part, from the previous post.

From a “technical” point of view, I see all sorts of exchange of information between different structures also made of information. The simplest way is to compare it to the movie Matrix. There, all life is a computer simulation based on the Matrix code.

When Neo first connects with the Matrix, he touches the couch and is surprised that it is so real and convincing. Marpheus then explains to Neo that what is real is actually information that is interpreted by his mind. They themselves in this Matrix are merely a structure made up of information that characterizes their character, likes and motivations and appearance. They are, as it were, part of the computer code seeping into the whole system built on the same foundations.

The same can be applied to our real life, which can be interpreted as a holographic projection, composed of various structures of information (beings) and the information that is transmitted between these structures. As it is in computer code, where graphics showing beautiful and realistic images supported by programmed physics, create a coherent world for the players. A cat is an information structure, a human being is an information structure, the moon is, the sun is, God is too. If everything is information then? Everything is One.

If we look at the entire universe from above, maintaining this perspective of universe as a holographic projection made of information, we can see that we have One great stream of information, which in reading shows us: “This is this, this is that, this is this, this happened here, this happened there.”

What can be done with this information? Well, it can be segregated so that the reading of this stream satisfies us more and more. Segregating and improving this stream of information, will be the pursuit of beauty, goodness, unity, service to others, knowledge, skill, wisdom, understanding, which will give its expression in the information code, and these aspirations will be realised by these characters like Neo and Morpheus living in this Matrix. Which is actually such a cinematic representation of me and you, actually.

What is the nature of this information? Hypothetically, similar or the same as in Boolean algebra and the binary system.

If we had the 1’s themselves (information bit = true), then there would be no problem segregating with such information, segregate the 1 alone there is no problem, because there is only 1 and the only one way to arrange them.

Learning to ride a bicycle as one of possible skill to learn allows us to sort bits in general those 1’s and 0’s and replace those 0’s with those equal to 1’s, these new 1’s will reflect the new valuable experience of learning to ride a bicycle or other collected advice on learning to ride. Of course, cycling will never reflect the only and only 1’s themselves, because then cycling would dissolve/dissolve into the absolute/infinite, we will never exchange all 0 for 1 becuase would lose some distortion, in the direction of ‘cycling.’

In conclusion. In order not to write too extensive posts. I’ll sum it up in such a way that all finite creation is based on bits of information 1 or 0, just like in computer science. I could distinguish three stages of bit of information. In this example the number 1 of these 3 will be the most advanced (further in the execution):

  1. 1 or 0 - information bit gets 0 (false) or 1 (true)
  2. There is only potential to get 0 or 1 by bit - that state can generally be related to “infinite potential.”
  3. There is something that is BEFORE the state number 2. which is, that number 2., only potential to getting 1 or 0. There is something before. And this state in the perspecitve of universe baded of information is the state that relate to The One - and this is the state number 3 in this case.

So to put this in the perspective of an argument intended to work in favor of the thesis that everything is One, is that going by the thread to the puck: the world for us here and now takes its reality from the fact that we process one or another piece of information, and when we go to the puck, we find that everything is related is this information and comes, from the same source of The One, whose distortion is the division into truth and falsehood, which can be referred to bit 1 and bit 0. Originally and in implementation, everything remains One.

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“And now for something completely different” : )

My subjective felt-sense…

The depth of our desire for relational connection seems like a magnetic force pulling us into the mystery of oneness. Connection with each other, the creation and ourselves. The strength of the pull and how inescapable it feels seems to point to its inexorable quality. Somewhere in our depths, we remember we are one.

Even on the path of separation it seems that a shadow version of the desire for unity operates. The desire to dominate, control, possess is an attempt to enfold or consume another into an existence with the one who sees themself as the only true self.

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I think that once you get into mathematics, numbers, geometry, etc is where you really start to see the “logic” or “arguments” behind the “All is One” thing.

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A recent idea I had is that reality must be one, because if there are two or more separate realities then there is a larger “container” holding them in existence. Even any separate God or creator will also be contained in the container of everything. And even with two or more separate containers, there is always a larger container containing them all as a oneness. And Ra said:

Ra: I am Ra. … realization of oneness with the Creator 17.2

So it’s not the Creator plus us humans, it’s the Creator including us humans. And as I see it even the Creator and the creation are parts within the one container. Also the Bible talks about what sounds to me like oneness, such as:

“On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.” - John 14:20

Yes, and to my opinion it’s about illusion. Even being in the illusion and separated from something you know it’s connected,

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That’s a good point, even all forms of illusions are still a part of reality. For example something cannot be truly separate or it wouldn’t be a part of existence.

How to explain both oneness and separation? My model is Indra’s net without the “jewels” so reality is a web of relations. It’s emptiness in the sense that there are no fundamental objects, but it’s also a fullness, a plenum as Ra mentioned.

Ra: I am Ra. … The second confusion lies in the term, ‘void’. We would substitute the noun, 'plenum’. 82.6

Then how can there be change if all is one? I think of Indra’s net as always expanding since infinity can never be reached. And Ra said:

82.10 Questioner: Why does this partaking in the original thought have a gradient radially outward? That’s the way I understand your statement.

Ra: I am Ra. This is the plan of the One Infinite Creator. The One Original Thought is the harvest of all previous, if you would use this term, experience of the Creator by the Creator. As It decides to know Itself It generates Itself into that plenum, full of the glory and the power of the One Infinite Creator which is manifested to your perceptions as space or outer space. Each generation of this knowing begets a knowing which has the capacity, through free will, to choose methods of knowing Itself. Therefore, gradually, step by step, the Creator becomes that which may know Itself, and the portions of the Creator partake less purely in the power of the original word or thought. This is for the purpose of refinement of the one original thought. The Creator does not properly create as much as It experiences Itself.

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Consider a single point. It Is. That which Is has a quality of singleness.

Now look at the point carefully and pluck off a portion. How many more times can you pluck off a portion? An infinite amount. How many times can you pluck off a portion of the portion? An infinite amount.

How many points exist on the circumference of a circle? An infinite amount. How many points exist within a circle? An infinite amount. How many numbers exist between 0 and 1 on the number line? An infinite amount.

Now, divide a circle into halves. How many points exist in each half? An infinite amount. How many halves do we have? Two.

Now, divide each half-circle in half. Each quarter contains an infinite amount of points. We now have exactly four quarters.

One may further divide the circle into smaller pieces of increasing complexity. Still, each component of the circle will contain an infinite amount of points, which is the same number of points as the original circle. Each component of the circle has the same potential as the singular circle. Quite literally, All are One. Because the components are illusions of the singular circle, they cannot be said to exist in fact. As such, the “All” loses its plurality, so All is One.


Itzhak Bentov about why we’re omnipresent:

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