Interact with Law Of One material via AI

I recently created the website It allows users to interact with the Law Of One material via an AI chatbot in a ChatGPT-like interface. It was created by training the AI model on each session linked to at and it cites the relevant section(s) with its answers. It is free to use. Please feel free to link it on your website if you would like.



Thank you. At the moment I don’t know how useful it is to me, because it uses Don’s questions as correct information and that’s the main issue.

For this specific definition this is what Ra replied:

90.30 Were we to have answered the observations as read by you at this space/time, as much space/time would have been given to the untangling of various concepts as to the building up of what were very thoughtful perceptions.

So I think the given by AI definition misleads. This is what Ra say about Matrix (not only the Mind, but also Body and Spirit):

78.11 Questioner: Could you elaborate please on the nature and quality of the matrix and the potentiator?

Ra: I am Ra. In the mind complex the matrix may be described as consciousness. It has been called the Magician. It is to be noted that of itself consciousness is unmoved. The potentiator of consciousness is the unconscious. This encompasses a vast realm of potential in the mind.

In the body the matrix may be seen as Balanced Working or Even Functioning. Note that here the matrix is always active with no means of being inactive. The potentiator of the body complex, then, may be called Wisdom for it is only through judgment that the unceasing activities and proclivities of the body complex may be experienced in useful modes.

The Matrix of the Spirit is what you may call the Night of the Soul or Primeval Darkness. Again we have that which is not capable of movement or work. The potential power of this extremely receptive matrix is such that the potentiator may be seen as Lightning. In your archetypical system called the tarot this has been refined into the concept complex of the Lightning Struck Tower. However, the original potentiator was light in its sudden and fiery form; that is, the lightning itself.

Also I don’t know how to ask to give certain paragraph number where it took the information.

Regrading the star, it’s mentioned here:

91.25 Questioner: The star could represent the potentiating force of the subconscious mind. Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This particular part of this image is best seen in astrological terms. We would comment at this space/time that Ra did not include the astrological portions of these images in the system of images designed to evoke the archetypical leitmotifs.

96.15 Questioner: I planned to re-draw the tarot cards eliminating extraneous additions by those who came after Ra’s initial giving and I would like quickly to go through those things that I intend to eliminate from each card we’ve gone over and ask Ra if there is anything else that should be eliminated to make the cards as they were when they were originally drawn, before the astrological and other appendages were added.

I would eliminate all of the letters around the edge of the card with the possible exception of the number of the card— one, two, three, etc. That would be the case for all of the cards, I think— the exterior lettering and numbering.

In Card Number One I would eliminate the star at the upper right hand corner; eliminate the wand in the Magician’s hand. I understand that the sphere remains but I am not really sure where it should be. Would Ra comment on that please?

Ra: I am Ra. Firstly, the elimination of letters is acceptable. Secondly, the elimination of stars is acceptable in all cases. Thirdly, the elimination of the wand is appropriate. Fourthly, the sphere may be seen to be held by the thumb and index and second finger.

Fifthly, we would note that it is not possible to offer what you may call a pure deck, if you would use this term, of tarot due to the fact that when these images were first drawn there was already distortion in various and sundry ways, mostly cultural.

Sixthly, although it is good to view the images without the astrological additions, it is to be noted that the more general positions, phases, and characteristics of each concept complex are those which are significant. The removal of all distortion is unlikely and, to a great extent, unimportant.

Looks like definition of star as power of spirit is not correct. The origin of it is astrological and Ra agreed to remove it.

I think there’s three sets of seven plus one.
There’s a set of seven for mind, body and spirit.
The Catalyst of Spirit I think is commonly
referred to as The Star, depicted as as a
water bearer.

In my dream dictionary, water symbolizes
spiritual aspects. A pitcher illustrates that
which one views as a source that quenches
a thirst or desire. A butterfly can suggest
regeneration or renewal. Geometry can
refer to a high interest in comprehending
the interconnectedness of life. Nakedness
connotes an open heart with nothing to
hide, no agendas nor ulterior motives.

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