Trying to Understand Archetypes

I’ve been trying to slowly digest the Ra Materials so I can integrate them as fully as possible, but wow have I become frustrated and stuck at Session 078.

Ok, I feel dumb. There is it :sunglasses:

Can anyone help me fill these in?

The First Nine Archetypes (from Session 079):

Matrix of the Mind = the Darkness (from which All Sprung)
Potentiator of the Mind = (great Resouce Sea?)
Significator of the Mind = (a self-created tulpa/golem?)
Matrix of the Body = (polarized energy incarnate?)
Potentiator of the Body = (some kind of self-regulating energy police?)
Significator of the Body =
Matrix of the Spirit =
Potentiator of the Spirit = (the most Illuminated?)
Significator of the Spirit =

Grateful for any help ⚘



Matrix of the Spirit = night (constraints of the thoughts, opinions, and bonds of other-selves?)
Significator of the Spirit = radiating or absorbing love and light

80.17 Questioner: How would you describe the Significator of the Spirit?

Ra: I am Ra. In answer to the previous query we set about doing just this. The Significator of the Spirit is that living entity which either radiates or absorbs the love and the light of the One Infinite Creator, radiates it to others or absorbs it for the self.

80.8 Questioner: I am sorry for my lack of penetration of these mechanisms and I apologize for some rather stupid questions, but I think we have here a point that is somewhat central to what we are presently attempting to understand, so even though my next questions may be almost unacceptably stupid, I will attempt to try to understand what this power that our visitor seeks is and how he uses it. For it seems to me that this is central to the mind and the evolution of it in which we are involved.

As this entity that is our visitor increases his power through these works, what is the power that he increases? Can you describe it?

Ra: I am Ra. The power of which you speak is a spiritual power. The powers of the mind, as such, do not encompass such works as these. You may, with some fruitfulness, consider the possibilities of moonlight. You are aware that we have described the Matrix of the Spirit as a night. The moonlight, then, offers either a true picture seen in shadow or chimera and falsity. The power of falsity is deep as is the power to discern truth from shadow. The shadow of hidden things is an infinite depth in which is stored the power of the One Infinite Creator.

The adept, then, is working with the power of hidden things illuminated by that which can be false or true. To embrace falsity, to know it, to seek it, and to use it gives a power that is most great. This is the nature of the power of your visitor and may shed some light upon the power of one who seeks in order to serve others as well, for the missteps in the night are oh! so easy.

80.10 Questioner: Now, the fifteenth archetype, which is the Matrix of the Spirit, has been called the Devil. Can you tell me why that is so?

Ra: I am Ra. We do not wish to be facile in such a central query, but we may note that the nature of the spirit is so infinitely subtle that the fructifying influence of light upon the great darkness of the spirit is very often not as apparent as the darkness itself. The progress chosen by many adepts becomes a confused path as each adept attempts to use the Catalyst of the Spirit. Few there are which are successful in grasping the light of the sun. By far, the majority of adepts remain groping in the moonlight and, as we have said, this light can deceive as well as uncover hidden mystery. Therefore, the melody, shall we say, of this matrix often seems to be of a negative and evil, as you would call it, nature.

It is also to be noted that an adept is one which has freed itself more and more from the constraints of the thoughts, opinions, and bonds of other-selves. Whether this is done for service to others or service to self, it is a necessary part of the awakening of the adept. This freedom is seen by those not free as what you would call evil or black. The magic is recognized; the nature is often not.

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Consider resisting the urge to attempt figuring the archetypes out as if they were simply a map or a code. As Ra says, the images haunt rather than explicate.


Ty for your thoughts.

(01) Do you think all the matrices are night/dark related?

(02) If so, do you think that necessarily implies most experiences of the adept to be dark-related?

(03) Do you think that dark thoughts and painful imagery are imminent consequences of trying to bust out of the matrix due to the reptilian overlay?


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I will. I’m going to have to in order to keep moving forward.

Ty Jeremy ⚘

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This is one sadder aspects of the material, imo. The Questioner was following the scent of the “Magical Personality” and seeking propinquity (if you will) to it through an incessant and abstruse exploration of the deep self, not by experiencing it, but through discussion of imagery. He seemed to look past the ways of knowing self given along the way, such as “The mind must be opened like a door. The key is silence.” [5.2] This is a far more effective step towards inner knowing than all the lectures in the world, one might suppose.


I had to “fast” read through the archetype material, as I had no way to process it spiritually or logically. I have since picked up a tarot deck that is pretty close to the images described (Brotherhood of Light), but have not been able to use it as a spiritual learning tool. I mainly use it for reference when information surfaces concerning archetypes in these threads or other material that I search for myself or the Creator through.


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I’m not pretending to be correct, also I’m moving with archetypes very slowly, but I think that

(1) No, at least matrix of the body is not such.
(2) No. But I think such experiences should be.
(3) As far as I can try to imagine what reptilian overlay is, I think busting out of the matrix is accompanied by hope and light.

I feel that something disturbs you, am I right?

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Hi there ⚘ (ty for your answers)

You are correct: I’m disturbed about the Orion reptilian overlay virus in the matrix and its relationship to emotional pain, OCD in particular.

[Reptilian overlay: a virus unleashed into the Earth 3D matrix that entraps human consciousness in lower frequencies to (01) loosh feed & (02) recruit for harvest]

It often feels that the closer I get to the Light, that someone is turning up a pain dial in response. Like a punishment or a ‘go back the way you came’.

I don’t want harbor any anger/fear/dark emotion towards ‘them’, if this is what is happening. The low frequency emotions are torture. I want a Light/STO path.

I’ve been able to break out of it for brief periods of time, and I can look at myself from around myself, and see the painful matrix ‘surrounding’ me. The distance is very peaceful. Then, all of the sudden, I’m energetically lassoed/sucked back in.

I love the Ra Materials bc they give me mathematical & scientific distance from the emotional myopia of the situation. The materials resonate deeply with me; it’s like being finally told the truth after a lifetime of walking the edge of 4D and hiding it from everyone.

I need to dissolve the reptilian-tightened energetic OCD mind screws.

Thank you for asking, Oleksii. It’s like the universe heard a silent plea :candle:


There are other ways of looking at this dynamic. One is that our dark passions, our emotional pain and all the rest is generally stuff we’d rather not deal with, so we suppress it one way or another. Because we fight it, it becomes stronger within our being, and it becomes stronger than our lighter qualities. When we move closer to the Light, all these things become more exposed, and the darker aspects, being made stronger, have more power than our kindness, gratitude and gentleness. Thus we might feel like something was unleashed upon us when it was all of our own design.

This is something to consider.

Alternative to this, we can be more accepting of the darkness within us and put more energy towards making our compassion, acceptance and love stronger and more focused.


You’re right: most of my focus IS on fighting back the dark. Exhausting, for both me & for those I love.

Ty for new perspective: your mirror of compassion is well received ⚘

Thank you for your answer, I agree with @Mirror with stipulation that both alternatives are the same to my opinion.

In the former USSR there was a kind of punishment as putting child into the corner where the child should stay until he/she “understands”. My mother was telling me that her father was putting her in the corner with words “stay here and do not think about polar bear”. It was distressful for her as the more she was trying to stop thinking about it the more this thought was obsessive. So the only withdrawal can be is understanding that it’s not needed and just stop it.

For what such thoughts are worth… The instinct to push something away (the darkness) is simple and fundamental compared to taking on a discipline of growing the light within which requires imagination and love. But the fact that it requires these things helps us find and build the tools we need to do this work. The process of developing the tools is awkward, but the eventual feel of the skill in using them is quite rewarding.

Usually, however, these kinds of observations are gibberish until they become quite obvious. So, sharing them is of questionable value, I would say. A better bridge across the confusion might simply be cuddling up to the light within, such as you can open to it.


Ty Mirror :wind_face:⚘⚘⚘

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What material discusses this reptilian virus?

I was pondering the idea of self actualization
in terms of a human brain striving to understand
the human brain. And this path of seeking led
me to the idea of neural resonance involving
both intention and attention. Some scientists
call this Adaptive Resonance Theory or ART.

Roughly, because I’m not so smart nor self
actualized - I thought of Intention as if some
factor in the Matrix, and attention as some
factor in the Significator - both playing some
part in an experience of the Evolution of Mind.

Catalytic agents might be neural support
compounds like glutamate, glycogen,
dopamine - there’s a learning curve on
the jargon but there seems some
archetypal analogy going on, strangely.

I ran across various neuron types, and
one is called pyramidal, that have arbor
root structures, it’s super cool and lends
me a feeling of awe.

ART Article

Back to the thread there’s some question
of reptilian agenda - and it reminds me of
the reptilian brain stem responsible for
fight or flight responses. At some point
in the study of archetypes I resolved that
brain geography is precious, and fight or
flight might be reprogrammed by things
like “dark nights of the soul”, which may
perturb the amygdala interconnection,
the amygdala as moderating things like
fear response.

Back to the point, reptilian agendas may
correlate to STS factions that have not
evolved spiritually say, a sort of brain
rewiring - as if spiritual evolution carries
physical differences in brain structure
which influences cause and effect
karmic response and accessible growth

Because of the differences in brain
structure, the neural resonant balancing
may not support neural plasticity - the
ability to adapt and learn new things,
to reach the summit of self actualization
on the mountain of Maslow’s needs
hierarchy - may come into play.

A reptilian agenda seems as if
some people for lack of seeking,
may become their own worst enemy.
The 2nd density contains many
examples of hardwired fight or
flight brain stem behaviors - the
harvestable feature of 2d as some
degree of individuation - likely
initiates the potential liberation
from such 2d limitation. However,
it seems an evolutionary choice,
to reach out of the fight or flight
Matrix and allow transformative
experience chariot away from it.

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Lots of wisdom on this thread. I have a thought. I think it can be inferred from the advice given. I’m not sure I can articulate this clearly but i’ll try in case it’s helpful.

It seems that both the exploration of archetypes and the acceptance of the darker things within (as you are able) are opportunities to build self-trust.

With the archetypes, I believe we are discovering what is already a part of us. The ideas/images that you offered above for some of the archetypes are where your self begins to explore. The discovery process might include getting a bit lost (spoiler alert: it definitely does :). But getting a bit lost might mean finding a new way that resonates deeply with you. Like going off trail and finding yourself in beautiful clearing you had no idea existed because it wasn’t on the map. And your thoughts on the archetypes were sparks of inspiration for me, as well. For example, the “Great Resource Sea” is a rich image to me. It makes me think of the primordial nature of our oceans on this planet. How inextricably linked they are to 3D life. Am I floating in that sea of potentiality in each moment? Is that sea in me?

This statement from Ra comes to mind: “As you can see, much work was done creatively by each initiate. We have no dogma to offer. Each perceives that which is needful and helpful to the self.” 88.24

And along the same line of trusting the self–when we work on accepting the darker, heavier things within, I think we prove to ourselves that we are trustworthy. We can trust ourself to be able to handle (to be present with) whatever we find within ourself. We can meet fear and still carry (be) the light.

Sending you love and encouragement.


Hi Shelley,

I don’t recall Ra ever mentioning a reptilian virus. The energetic virus is a conclusion I came to. Sorry for any confusion.

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Hi Soup,

That’s extremely interesting: your idea of the catalytic agents, archetypal mirroring and neuronal resonance (with accompanying changes during incremental energetic fluctuations: there’s a book called the Biology of Kundalini [BOK] by Jana Dixon that goes into marvelous detail about the biological interplay between the body and energetic changes, the role of neurons, as well as support systems and other things when the body is ‘upgrading’). Lots of fascinating stuff there :smiling_face:; not the easiest of reading (I have to take lots of breaks) but enthralling, really.

I think the brain can actually light itself up internally if it hits the right frequencies, like a brain-gasm (if you’ll pardon the word). It never lasts very long, but can leave me ‘satoried’ (blissed) out with whatever heights it temporarily reaches for like, up to 18 hours as the longest I’ve experienced. More typically like one hour. Then it fades.

I’m going to go find out more about the pyramidal neurons you mentioned. I just looked briefly at them and it mentioned them as being excitator cells, so it sounds like you’re on to something about their roles as catalysts in archetypal functioning. Sparks :sparkles:

The Three Brains & Reptilian Interference:

The human brain, consisting of three parts, sort of jigsawed/grown together is fascinating in itself. (01) The oldest part is the reptilian brain, which operates off instinctual responses. (02) The second, the limbic system/mammalian brain is the emotional one (w the amygdala/anxiety center as a major piece of frustration for me personally) and (03) the third, the neocortex, the squiggly-looking ‘thinking’ part that encases the outside.

They fire off in first-come, first-served order. The reptilian brain gets first response, then the mammalian brain fires secondly, then the neocortex straggles behind. That’s why logic (neocortex) doesn’t defeat fear easily, as the amygdala (mammalian brain) have priority wiring. Unless of course, you’ve ‘stoic-ed’ your brain out with years of training and have thickened myelinized pathways (which I have not been able to do, with my alarm systems contionously tripped into a state of permanent hypervigilance). So, I read voraciously, and try to shut the brain up that way. But that approach can only go so far.

Another reason to embrace Ra. They offer unbiased, honest answers not found elsewhere (that I have encountered).

I’ve understood the Orion Group to be one that has learned to use intimidation/fear frequrncies as an offensive tactic (most reptiles on Earth only use intimidation as a defense, not an offense). This ‘fear as offense’ energy is the ‘virus’ I roughly spoke of, (though I’ve read/heard that it goes further and an actual physical encounter w such a being can overwhelm a human energy system/body - again, not personal experience).

So, theoretically, they have the capability to target the human brain and evoke responses from both the reptilian and mammalian sections, without the neocortex being aware of what’s happening (thanks, Veil). They take advantage of the Veil and its shrouding capabilities. So, it’s nigh impossible to detect what’s going on. It’s actually a very clever design, if this is the case.

Electromagnetic Imbalances:

I feel that many of the so-called mental disorders humans experience are energetic imbalances caused by a possible reptilian interference thrown into the matrix, a matrix we choose to come into. Thus, bc we came into it of our own Free Will, the Council of Nine/Saturn is having a hard go of it, trying to determine what has been self-induced, and what has been Orion-induced. I wish they’d make up their group mind to help us.

Talk about a diaphanous line.

Switching :gear:s:

You hit upon a point I hadn’t considered: that a lack of access to brain plasticity might be a key factor in the recruitment of STS. Maybe the Orion group is able to inhibit the brain’s neuronal plasticity processes by trying up the mind in energetic knots and affecting physical functioning. It wouldn’t surprise me, as I’ve read/heard they’ve had all kinds of access to us through the various points in our history.

Another reason to embrace the White Light, as Mirror suggested.

Ra says (85.19) that Pre-Veil Mind/Body/Spirits were able to control their biological functioning: turn off pain, control heart rate, etc. I’m betting that the PreVeils could turn off (or ignore) the fear response and resultant accompanying biochemical tsunami of pain. It stands to reason that we (the PostVeils) can as well. Tibetan monks can withstand many physical extremes, and there are other examples. If they can, why not us?

So, we could throw off the virus, or dissolve it, or override it with repeated applications of White Light and the creation of (01) new time/space mind energetic pathways and (02) new space/time physical neuronal pathways in the brain.

Dissolve undesired conditions, like emotional and physical chronic pain. Dissolve unwanted reptilian influence.

Maybe this could help lead us to the Transformative Chariot.

(I’ve been working heavily with the White Light in the last few days. Previous to Mirror’s suggestion, I didn’t think I was capable, ready or good enough to do so. But now I’ve noticed some small glimmers of relief :heartbeat:).

So grateful for this Forum.

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Hi Melissa,

Thank you so much :heartbeat: it’s so neat you bring up Session 088: I’m on Session 087 and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes next. I was stuck on the Archetypes and afraid if I didn’t ‘get it’, that I couldn’t graduate to the following sessions. Luckily, I was wrong.

I mean, I’m still in a lot of confusion, but I’ve integrated enough to grasp further sessions.

I really appreciate your encouragement: I often feel alone. I’d love to share all this with others but it seems inadvisable.

So it’s extra nice to be able to communicate with individuals like you :smiling_face:

I wish you Love and Light ⚘

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