I would like to join meditations am i able too from canada

So from Canada I found law of one about 3 months ago…I’m about 99% sure I’m a wanderer…one day I’ll tell my story it’s a big one…I meditate daily now trying to raise Gaia’s vibrations…thing is I’m all alone literally all by my self nobody around me is awake and the one or 2 that think they are are just pretending…my father is prob starting to wake up but he lives on the other side of the country and he meditates…but he follows Joe dispenza format and basically does it to better his money situation. I’ve polerized to sto in a huge way I just want to find a community to help this graduation or harvest best way I know how, that being said Ra talks lots about groups and not to mediate solo…yet here I am Mediating solo every day. I would love to here from someone… If anyone interested in hearing my story of sorrow let me know.

Please quote where Ra discourages personal meditation. I seem to have missed that.

In terms of groups, there is a facebook Law of One Study Group you might check out. Also, there’s this.


There doesn’t seem to be much happening in the Great Frozen North, but I have seen a number of freelance devotees of the Ra Material from BC, if that’s anywhere near you.

Oh! And Patrick here is from the Royal Mountain in PQ.

Blessings TMOTH. Congratulations on “penetrating” the forgetting process of reincarnation/incarnation, may the feeling and excitement you feel in this “new” stage in your life last. I humbly send you vibrations/blessings. You know,sometimes it can be frustrating, even when living in good faith,to be around people that maybe don’t value certain aspects of life as they could. You think your two people are just pretending? Dude let me tell you…try working at a job with people who think they know eeeeverythiiing lol. I mean some of my coworkers can’t even ring up the cash register right and everything is literally just a button you have to press and BASIC math for the orders,if even that.
But I digress.
Needless to say brother you are never alone,the vibrations of God and the people who serve Her are all around us even though we can’t see it. When I meditate I do so with you in spirit, with my deceased loved ones in spirit,with the angels (as they call them),and with my brothers and sisters (not blood related ones) whom are still alive and with me now. So you are never alone brother and you never were and if you feel that way then,lord willing,may you feel that emptiness no more for there is love and acceptance for you in people,just gotta find them I guess.

Can I give you something that may or may not be of any value to you?

I “woke up”,if you will, at an very very very very young age. So here it is,I’m not even old enough to answer the door without telling my mom who’s there and even then shes going to answer it lol and I’m spouting all this crap about “life” and existential shiz (I read the Ra Material when I was nine).So as I’m getting older you know highschool is when we all are getting our bearings,know what I mean? So imagine being told as a kid you’ve been alive forever and all this space cadet crap,at an young age it sticks with you. But you know,highschool were all just trying to fit in and hopefully get laid in the process you know?So here I am this head-in-the clouds boy scout lol and non of my peers are trying to hear that mess. “UsernameWho nobody cares!” “Bro have you even had sex yet?” “UsernameWho come smoke this joint” I was lame as hell when i first entered highschool and no,its not because of the Ra Material (lol) it was because of me,those books just…basically bolstered it. So I’m thinking to myself around my peers “How could this not matter? This is important stuff.How could football or getting laid (until I did lose my virginiy then I understood but…-shrug-)be more important than hearing from the ancient “sun god” his self?!” Lol it makes me laugh thinking about the way I was back then…sometimes I wish I could go back.But anyway I couldn’t reach anyone and school work in my school was easy as motherf- so I had a lot of time on my hands to study when I was taking time from helping my mom fight her cancer or seeing my friends.
But I when I entered highschool things just changed and I felt like everyone was focused of bullsh and so even though I was respected for my character I wasn’t able to have really “vibe” (connect) with people I really wanted to. My friends who I really got close to were basically strong Christians and I couldn’t teach them the LoO cause if they found out I wasn’t Christian they wouldn’t hang with me anymore,even to this day they still think I’m a darn Christian! (HaHa!)

Anyway, in my freshman year I thought my peers would be receptive to the LOO the way they were when I was younger but they weren’t so I just said screw it and set the Ra Material aside with them and in that time I/my spirit created a persona that allowed me to be within this new community lol and it was awesome! So anyway I had three personas:one for my Christian friends, one for my school friends, and the other when I’m by myself or with my mom and family members and I’m talking about the Law of One in ANY of them! Lmao! But dude…I refused to give up so…

I joined the debate team (Excuse me if you dont know anything about debating in highschool but I was what we call an Lincoln-Douglas debater. #GoPanthers) and me and seven others in the varsity team ended up becoming number one in the district (#GoPanthers).

Anyway…when I joined my debate team that was the ONLY and I mean only time I could incorporate what I learned from the Ra Material and bro…I’m not sure I would have won as many tournaments as I did without it (LD debate isn’t an team sport: you represent a school but you have to fight on your own and sometimes you might even debate your own teammates so if you win a tournament…thats all you)
My team thought I was everything:Christian,Jewish,Islamic,Shaman,Bhudist,Zoroastrian,Judaist,Atheist,Gnostic lol.
During those four years I was able to study people,young people but people non the less. Learning how to reach them because for me I was so frustrated how everyone just wanted to to talk about what was trending on Facebook and Instagram when life was about people! Life is about Love but no one saw it the way I did but I refused to let them down! I would find a way to connect with them and I did…it took those four years but by the end of it I saw the strain peer pressure had on…all of us…My classmates almost of them built personas that couldn’t escape from just to conform which was different than what I did because I could take it on and off like a coat.

They were stuck and I saw that they were but I realized (You’ll hear some people in this forum talk about the Veil being “Thick” this is what I mean) that our global system has a loooot of feedback and so…you know,I guess its hard for them to “wake up” and that’s okay but I have to start very small with them and I’m not going to really reach everyone if anyone.

So…my brother,please understand them.They are trying…but some of them are afraid to wake up,some don’t have the glean of enlightment yet and only life as an whole will give them that,which is obviously beyond one man or woman.

Please,if you wilt,feel the…“Thickness” of this carnation.Not everyone has the luxury of coming across the Ra Material,but…and God forgive me if I do more harm than good for saying this to you but…you know…what you may…distort with time is that the fact that you’ve woken up and so many others around you have not may glean something central about a certain “leveling system” of individual capacity within the Infinite portions of the Infinity One Creator that may or may not effecfuate what one is experiencing in regards to this centralization of awareness internally in comparison to the “lack there of” externally.

Welcome TMOTH,it is an pleasure to have met you. I hope you find all that you are looking for,truly my brother…I wish you an happiness that is unique only to you.And remember that you are never alone,if you will.

Alright so all that aside lol! There’s a thead about an Facebook meditation group on the forum its the same one Mirror is referencing and if you type in Law of One on Facebook there meditation groups you will find there so…-shrug- and I think the L/L people do a group meditation thing for Ukrain every Sunday.

Go be great!

Appreciate all the words…it’s nice to have found somewhere to meet people…like minded people at that. So I do social media and obv I’m a truther…but tik Tok banned me at 50k and now I’m shadow banned on all other accounts…same with YouTube…banned close to 300 subs. And growing. Thing is I don’t care anymore as long as I reach 1 person that’s all that matters…and yes I do work with a bunch of know it alls…all of them different level of INDOCTRINATION but non the less.

I think I would die,if both my YouTube and TikTok account got banned.

RA always tells the 3 of them to never mediate alone. All channeling sessions they do up to date is in groups. That being said I mediate daily alone. I’m not trying to channel at this point anyways…just raise vibrations I do believe it’s okay to mediate solo if you aren’t trying to Channel.

Oh ya I kinda just gave up my new tik Tok was doing quite well now doesn’t even matter if I start new account it’s shadow banned. I’ve started a new YouTube and it’s going a bit but I already know once it gets traction It’ll be banned…us familiar with the law of one know the truth and they don’t want the masses to know it’s clear they want this harvest to sway there way…it’s not gonna happen THOUGH.

Yeah,“the plans” won’t work… I don’t know T.I think about Ra sometimes…and our people (Earth)…
You know we’re doing alright?..what I mean is:Yeah, most people don’t remember about the density system or our past lives but…they still believe you know? They still believe in their selves:in the strength of Love,you know??

I was in the Bay (California Beach) and I looked out at that ocean man and…I knew it:Were going to be okay. I really think so T,there’s something about us as entities…even if we don’t choose the light we “know”,you know what I mean?

Yeah,at the end of this war or whatever is about to happen with us,its all gonna work out and that gives me peace. I just wish I didn’t feel so alone in knowing what I know,that’s all cause for me it does get lonely,you know? But I’ll be alright…

Anyway…you said you wanted to share your story about…whatever. I’m interested in knowing whatever it was you intended to share.Lol I’m thinking about it as I’m typing at you:I read the stories of some of the other guys on the forum and you can literally feel that joy within them when they first read the Ra Material lmao! Its…its intense. I mean -shrug- it may not be all that for you but…I like to think of it like when astronauts are in their little spaceships,you know? When breaking orbit you have to go crazy fast in the spaceship,all that force gets higher and higher,but only until you make it out the planet,then we can slow down and just…float in the coolness of space.That’s what these little stories are like,when you get around to reading them you’ll see what I mean and you can see that happening in the illustration of their pasts…I love that shiz:Its beautiful.

Needless to say,please talk about it when you get the time.I had meant to put something in my initial response to your post to encourage you to share whatever you wanted because you had basically asked for the influence from someone to do so so…I’ll ttyl man,and…sorry about your accounts,TikTok is overrated anyway lol I’m making fun but…yeah…

As I am able to recall it, this was to be so only during the period of the Ra Contact so as to prevent Carla in particular from going into a deep trance where she might be vulnerable to the machinations of their negative 5D friend. So far as I know, there were no prohibitions of that sort after that time period.

Yes, and its okay to “channel” your higher self alone or otherwise.

Welcome Tmoth,

Thank you for sharing your group,
As mentioned from other members, there are already study group from facebook if you are interested.

I do want to give you a fair warning and keep your discernment when sharing personal information with people over the internet.

I understand this is a “spiritual” community, but that doesn’t mean there are no danger in oversharing, or giving too much to strangers.

Please stay safe, and be sensible with your privacy.

Much love

I’m in Trois-Rivières QC actually, but I don’t do study groups. :wink:

Yeah I’m gonna go ahead and use this opportunity to finally harmonize with Jayce using that:So obviously in the “spiritual” arena it would be discordant,if you will, for someone to ask you in the course of discussing the Ra Material,philosophy, and/or some pending school-of-thought for your social security number or,perhaps,your living address or the combination to the alarm system in your house so these are worries that we would say are…not likely to occur in this sort of environment,but they could.

However what I/we do see occur in circles such as these is an kind of “manipulation” amongst “seekers” wherefore said individuals who do expose personal experiences and information for the conscious or subconscious persuit of “gaining knowledge”,an individual can consciously or subconsciously grow in trust for the person they are communicating with to an extent that certain psychological biases used for the purposes of self preservation and/or protection are mitigated.
And,unfortunately,empathy is the core ingredient,if you will,for this type of manipulation/control

I’m not sure if you are familiar with the occultic arena much,but if you are then you may surely know what I’m talking about. I’ve seen young practioners commit suicide because of this TMOTH.There’s an woman who is no longer with us who had some of her…people…go so far as to eat feces and they did because she was…very knowledgeable and thus they trusted her.That’s how bad it can get.

Needless to say,I sense you won’t have those issues: Not in the way and/or level Jayce/I fear you could,but always be mindful buddy and thank you for adding that into the thread Jayce.

Happy Halloweeeeeeen!! Ttyl

Ya all that being said I’m deff not the guy to share my personal info online…I appreciate your story though sound like my marriage like it was a narcissistic relationship…sorry you had to endure that.

No sweat TMOTH! I find comedy in the journey and do laugh with the creator in every lessons, catalysts.

As much pain or sorrow in all catalysts, they are imbued with the perfect balance of ALL emotions, all possibilities. We just have to look for it. That is the power of the will.

There is a poem… called “Invictus”
Take a moment to read it if you feel so inclined,

This poem has taken me out of many valleys of deaths and sorrows.

“I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.”

Glad to hear! happy swimming my brother

Lol I don’t know about anyone else but Jayce your post was awesome! When I read the part where you’re like “Boo! This is my scary story for the night” I literally had to go back and imagine me,TMOTH,Mirror,and Patrick were sitting around a campfire looking up at you sitting on a large log,the flames halfway obscuring your face with an violin playing soft horror-themed music as you described the events of your “spiritually” inclined penpal. I had to go back and re-read it playing the events with a horror movie flare to it…it was a fun 8 minutes. If posts here had a like button I’d give you one Jayce for that post.

You know what makes therapy as applied to the mystic world (I’m just calling it that for those who even form their opinions using the Law of One since it does technically cross-apply into that and for the sake of over generalization and time) is that it,by its very nature,requires one to “step out of ones own sense of ‘sanity’”,especially the system of magic I use. But as you know (When I talk to certain people whom I respect I do so as though they already know what I do) the Tarot does the same thing.
In fact,as you obviously also know, of the three “methods” Ra prescribed when Miss Carla,Mister Don (May that man be wrapped in everlasting bliss),and Jim were doing their thing for unlocking the “Archetyical Mind” Astrology/The Zodiac reading is the only one that can be done…cerebrally…as opposed to using our mental faculties amixed the indigo-ray vibration/chakras of our “intelligent infinity”:Natal chart reading.

My babyyyyy Miss Dion Fortune (She’s not with us anymore either ugh! The greats are leaving us duuude!) she saw the same issue that we all notice but are sometimes chagrinned to address:The seemingly mutual exclusivity between mental illness and the occult,or shall we put more conventionally,“Truth seeking”. She knew…-and of course she wasn’t the only one but she was one of the few who actually took the time to teach how to work through this so…Golden Stars for her right???-…that this was an area that really needed its own section of scholastic attention,not just mere suggestive contemplation here and there and that both historically and in that community her colleagues were not giving it the time and awareness it deserved. Jayce,my other-self, I understand brother and of course I’m sorry for what happened/is happening with this woman (Even though perhaps you don’t want my sympathy) but…-shrug- I mean lol…what you just described is so powerful because it really highlights what a big problem it is in our community,and I don’t just mean the “Law of One” community haha :slight_smile: but others. And it can be hard for even us (I’m sure you are so much more the adept than I,I can’t even astral project without maybe shooting cocain in my veins) to help in this way because WE are still learning right?? Lol

So how can we guide/influence someone to do something about an field we haven’t even mastered you know??
But never the less Jayce I’m glad she had that problem with you and not someone else,maybe you tried your best to help her as gently as you could and maybe that coincidentally/deliberately took her on a path she otherwise would not have gotten on had she became attached to someone else of whom her best interest was not at heart so -shrug-…

I don’t know man…we just have to meet people where they are you know? And let the totality of existence itself take them the rest of the way.

Ummmm can I say something else to you really briefly???yeah? I can?? Okaaaay!! (Lol I crack myself up)
I want to thank you for keeping your heart open towards me Jayce. I’m not going to go into what I noticed that made me say that,but…just thank you. In real life every now and then I’ll come across an soul who’s intentions are in good faith and yes,some who intentions arent who keep an eye on me or whatever…and unfortunately I don’t always have the opportunity to express my own intentions to said individual when they come across me or see me interacting with people and it builds enmity within them towards me.Almost most times in those cases I never even speak to them they just look at me crazy and you can feel the energy,so…like I said I’m glad at least we chatted a little bit -shrug-.

Weeelp! Im going to go ahead and digress some so T can feel like he’s getting the attention he deserves in his own thread. I enjoyed harmonizing with you Jayce,anytime you interact with someone whether it be in person or otherwise you always learn something, and I learned quite a bit talking with you. It’d be nice to do it again,when the time presents itself.Much love! Ttyl

Hi:) I just want to say hello:) it’s nice to feel so much familiarity and…. Feel more defined… but that’s not the right word… just that … not so lost feeling or on the outside feeling. So, glad you are in a place you can say this and it’s all becoming into your awareness and that you are seeking connection:)