I Love you <3 what can we do if we tune together?

I love you! I love me! i Love us all.
Faith of a mustard seed can move a mountain
purified of all flaws i am not.

Global meditations, Global directions
A gift , a gift, a gift.
where are we going? where do we want to go? where do we need to be?

What does the world need? how can we be of service to you?

a dream inside a dream inside a dream inside of a dream
a butterfly fluttering in the chaos of a storm birthing rainbow bodies in every density in the eternal now.
between yin yang, time space . we are 1

can you feel the healing?
can you feel the feeling?
balanced and whole?
are you ready, are you ready, are you ready?
how much energy is in the magnitude of thought and emotion ?
does nonsense create sense?
law of love, law of light, law of one.
creative principle .
be free be free be free


I hear you. All good questions which are never completely answered in 3rd Density. According to Ra, 3rd density is NOT for understanding. We will figure it all out eventually—just not here on earth. The One thing we can always do is practice loving kindness NOW. Unconditional love is the infinite/intelligent energy which powers the universe. Our job here Now in 3rd Density is learning the Law of Love.
Jim Upperpenni

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