I am god... and so are you

Over the past few years I’ve had a pretty intense spiritual awakening that has had me in bouts of depression and close to suicide. The truth to existence is much stranger than fiction.

I’ve always been interested in things like the paranormal, UFO’s and outer-space etc.
Ever since I was a kid, I remember growing up and one of my friends father’s had a whole encyclopaedia section full of books on everything paranormal you could possibly imagine. From ghosts, vampires and werewolves, to aliens, demons and reincarnation stories.
From around the age of 10 or 11 I had read them all and was completely hooked.

I’ve also always believed in something more than what we perceive with our sense, not god per se but I’ve always believed that when this life ends it’s not THE end. The first law of thermodynamics states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but only altered in form. And as you and I are simply vibrating energy, and energy can only be transformed and never truly destroyed, we must in some way or another be eternal.

From my interest being peaked at such a young age I’ve spent most of my life as a ‘seeker’. A seeker of truth if you will. I’m never just happy just going with the flow of life and always wanting to know how things work and why. I’ve always felt uncomfortable in my own skin if that makes sense.

Over the past few years I’ve rather intensely researched most religions and spiritual practices looking for answers. I’ve explored ancient cultures like the Egyptians and summerians and even more occult teachings like Hermeticism and Rosicrucianism. I believe those, as well as other spiritual teachers like Jesus the christ, the Buddha, and even endless channeled sessions including The Law of One material (which I have found myself very drawn to), Dolores Canon and Edgar Cayce all point to ‘God’, essentially, being the first original thought. The first thought of ‘I Am’ from which all creation was made.

We are all simply thoughts, within thoughts, within thoughts, having our own thoughts, creating our own realities and extending on forever and ever in a rhythmic spiral of attraction and repulsion. An infinite vibratory scale of endless geometric and energetic possibilities. From plant medicine experiences I think this looks exactly like the Mandelbrot set but in many more dimensions that our minds can currently perceive and it goes on infinitely. We are all apart of that infinite intelligence.

That original consciousness is what we refer to as ‘God’ and everything you can (and can’t) currently see, touch, hear, taste, smell or even think of, are all just vibrating light/sound/thought with a varying amount of that original consciousness imbued.

Just as each of the billions of individual atoms in each individual cell of your body are consciously seeking each other to aid in the creation of a single cell, each cell also consciously works together in creating a single life form and so strives to protect it. Then our planet has many billions of lifeforms on it that are also conscious to varying degrees and should strive to love and to help each other and help our host planet as a whole to survive and thrive together. And so on for infinity, as our universe has billions of conscious galaxies, with billions of conscious planets and suns throughout, all attempting to live and to serve each other in ways only known to them. Such as giving heat, light and new life creating atoms and hospitable environments for life to exist and for that original consciousness to experience itself and learn more of what it is. The universe literally beats like a heart (As above, so below.) and to the highest level that’s as quick as it is experienced. Starting from a single point of I am-ness and expanding out to answer the the question ‘what am I?’ This aum vibration of expansion and coalescence is what is referred to as the Yuga cycle in Hindu cosmology and as we grow further from the single point of I am-ness, the creator if you will, we loose our higher consciousness and forget our unity. We get lost in a dream of separation and let our ego mind take over. We are currently on our way back to source however as they are now realising when looking at the outer universe.

We are all simply vibrating light with an amount of that original consciousness within us. The higher we vibrate, the more we become freed from pain and suffering and the more we come into realisation that each living entity on this planet, and beyond, is all just a part of the same whole creation and that we should all treat every other thing with the same love, patience and care, as though they were ourselves (because they are), in turn bringing us closer to that original higher consciousness and remembering we are all infinite Co-creator gods, experiencing an incredible journey of forgetting, remembering and realisation to which there is no true end.

From my personal experience, daily meditations, intentional usage of plant medicines and holding love in your heart, as well as actually WANTING to help others, are some of the easiest ways to achieve this higher vibratory state of consciousness. As mentioned by many spiritual traditions and religions. Through love, forgiveness, kindness, compassion, and service to others we can become closer to that original thought and, as such, closer to god, gaining more light and love along the way.

When you understand the unity of everything you better understand that helping and loving others, is just the same as helping and loving yourself.
The universe gives back what you give because you are the universe. Your existence is a reflection of your higher consciousness. A vibratory simulation as described by many new age scientists and ancient religions alike. A game designed by yourself in which to better know yourself.
Jesus did not say treat others as you wish to be treated because he thought it would be nice. He said it because how you treat other selves is exactly how you are treating yourself.

To raise your vibration is to move forward to the next density of existence. What buddhists refer to as enlightenment. That complete and utter detachment from caring only for yourself and instead caring and loving for others even more so than yourself. Unselfish love is the key.
For love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy or boast… I’m sure many Christian’s will know the rest of that sermon.

Know thyself and love/forgive thyself and it suddenly becomes much easier to know, love and forgive others also. We have lost our connection to that original thought but if you simply try to remember, as you go about your daily activities, that we are all a small part of that eternal consciousness, experiencing itself in this current manifestation, at this current moment of ‘time’, on this current level of creation, you will find it easier to feel the love in your heart in every moment. It is true at present we are all tiny drops of water in an infinite sea of thoughts and possibilities. But it is also true we are all the same ocean. We are all one. When you look at others you must see them as the creator and love them as so. When you look in the mirror you must see yourself as the creator and love yourself as so too.

Make it a conscious effort to seek that love and unity in every moment of your life. Especially during the tough times. . It’s easy to see the love in the face of a loved one or during a moment of joy. It’s far harder to see the love during a moment of anger, fear or suffering. This illusion we have created is full of suffering but it’s through suffering we grow and it’s exactly why we choose to suffer. But when you feel suffering or anger, envy, lust, pain or fear etc you must attempt to become aware of it in that moment. For all exists in the moment. Feel it and then think on it, become aware of what brought the feeling to you, become aware of how that feeling affects your mind and your body. Know in your heart that every feeling has its polarity and that all polarities are but varying degrees of the exact same thing. Light/Dark, Hot/Cold, Good/Bad, Happy/Sad are all the same thing but just at varying degrees.
What is hot to you may be cold to another. What is deemed bad to you may not be so bad to another. What is a sad moment for you may be a happy one for another.
See your life from you own perspective but try to see it from see others perspective also. When you feel an emotion contemplate on the opposite of that emotion and know that both exist within and without and that neither of them are anything but thoughts within your mind. And it is you that is in control of your mind. Not the other way around. For all is mind and the universe is mental and all paradoxes must be reconciled.

Your are infinite energy and no energy can ever be created or destroyed but only transformed…

The all is in the one and the one is in the all.

We are eternal thoughts… learning, growing, evolving and gaining more light, love and wisdom along the way.

Have faith, never fear and surrender to the truth that all is unity and we will all go on forever. Together. As one.’



I’m not sure if this has been done already but I have created a telegram chat group for those that wish to join. It will be a place where others can share stories, ask for help with current life experiences or just connect with other like minded, love/light filled individuals.

Ra states that we are stronger together (physically and metaphysically) and that to not teach what you are learning is a disservice to humanity.
So let’s connect, let’s serve together and let’s share our knowledge so others may grow.

Here’s the link - Telegram: Join Group Chat

Hope to see a few people join :slight_smile:

Much love and many blessings to all.


Hi, a good synthesis and a great journey. This came to mind as i read your post. "Before enlightenment; chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment; chop wood, carry water.”

Best be to you.