How to non violently heal from negatively polarized conditioning

I think it’s no secret that most of us are constantly being drenched with opportunity to practice negative polarity by other selves on a constant moment to moment basis.

I have no idea whether I myself am positively or negatively polarized, but I want very much to choose one, but here’s the problem;

As an Entrepreneur who is enrolled in many lifetime group memberships that I have spent my whole adult life paying the balances off for, much of which is fundamentally negatively polarized, this is all I have ever known when it comes to how to generate prosperity.

In other words, I have only ever learned how to support myself financially through the participation in negative polarity practices.

Though if I had to categorize myself I would honestly still consider myself to be positively polarized cause I have never really gotten very far or made any significant amounts of money in my life and in fact have basically not been able to support myself at all in my adult life

And so I am at a cross roads because I want to be Positively polarized still and not give into the temptation to follow these trainings and generate negative polarity in order to sustain myself,

Especially because I have never learned of any sustainable mostly positively polarized business models that function to create anywhere close to as much monetary profit as I would be able to with the strategies in these courses.

I dont see it as correct and fair to myself to continue to accept poverty, but even more so I dont see it as correct or fair to others to employ and teach negative polarity philosophy in order to sustain myself and to teach others how to sustain themselves.

Has anyone managed to create substantial economic success using positively polarized energetic potential and service to others and all the good pretty things that I long for so?

AKA, are there any entrepreneurs in this group who have been able to scale their communal joy without using the method where you help people achieve their desires by bridging their perceived gap between them and their desires by leveraging their fears and pain points?

Because I want to help people with all of these kinds of things in order to sustain myself financially, and I know how flawed this model maybe is to one who is a truth seeker, so is there anyone who has figured out a business model that functions on joy and oneness alone who has managed to generate sustainable income at 6 or 7+ figures? I would love to hear from you,

I have felt lost on this for 8 years, in a constant war with myself, just never quite having it in me to do it and never really making any real money through entrepreneurialism beyond literally a $20 sale that I didn’t even really make myself…

In short, I want to serve others and give others who are positively polarized who want to serve themselves by by serving me the opportunity to do so as well. I just, I feel completely lost and alone to this end because I feel like I can’t talk about it in any of my circles honestly including this one I’m honestly worried I’m going to get flagged…

All I am asking is how to radiate not only my green ray but the yellow ray and the rest of them too from a place of joy without being a martyr and letting my own life go down the drain economically :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I have thought of models on my own but have no idea or proof of whether or not they are at all viable, the main one I have thought of most heavily is the idea of just providing endless free value like l/l does and simply leaving the door open for donations, but I’m scared to because it feels so uncertain to me


I do not understand the question fully but maybe Jeremy Griffin’s channel might help as he is concentrated on financial questions.

If you feel a pull towards an endeavor which you feel is the right thing to do, but which feels risky because of all the unknowns, then you are being given an opportunity to choose whether to jump into the unknown or not.

This has often been called taking a leap of faith.

In my experience, and in the experience of many others around me, following such a pull has always ended up being very rewarding. It led to a much better situation than any other we could have planned for ourselves.

The Universe takes care of each of us and often our plans are just in the way. If we follow our intuition, those hunches or pulls we get, then we are getting out of the way and letting the Universe do its things. We are joining the dance.

If you want to maximise the bounty of such opportunities, then you can also use the opportunity to jettison your preconceived notions as to how any of it could/would manifest and instead become much more attentive to what is happening in the moment.

This way, while that transformative process is ongoing, you will not suffer your imagination of a bleak future or suffer a past which no longer exists.

The negative conditioning you refer to does its best to prevent us from doing just that. It trains us to keep our focus on the future (or the past). It trains us to try and control all aspects of our lives in order to become successful.

So releasing this control is as positive as it gets. By doing this, you are not giving away your will, simply because there is no one else to release your will to. Our minds are nearly blind while incarnated in this veiled state here. Why should we follow the plans of the blind part? Instead you are just letting that part of you which sees clearly lead you to where you wish to go.


I understand where you’re coming from. I’m an entrepreneur myself and am accustomed to gravitate on the corporate business, working with billionaires on a frequent basis. I know how this system works and what you’re talking about.

In short: No, you don’t have to be negatively polarized to become wealthy.

You just have to know how our reality works. Why do you think every single ‘secret society’ member is rich? Their money come from their understanding of the laws of the universe, not from their polarization.

I strongly suggest you to read these two books:

How to Own Your Own Mind - Napoleon Hill
7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey

Chapter 4 (Think Win/Win) of S. Covey’s book in special will be of much relevance to you.

As said by Andrew Carnegie, who led the expansion of the American steel industry in the late 19th century and became one of the richest in history:

“Riches which are sought merely for the sake of the riches alone have many forms of evasiveness by which they avoid capture! Alas, I fear there are too few who recognise this truth. I sincerely believe that the best way for a man to accumulate riches is by making himself indispensable, through some form of useful service. All my experience confirms this. All that I have learned from the experiences of other men supports this thought.”

Napoleon Hill. How to Own Your Own Mind (p. 43).

Also, watch this video: (you can skip to 15:40 if you’d like)

I hope it helps and brings you more clarity.

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Sadhguru has also addressed this many times.

Here is a sample.



Yes… ‘fear’ worked only in the short run, while it’s opposite ‘hope’ worked better in the long run.

That’s the ‘flaw’ (underlined).
You don’t need 6, 7+ 8+ or whatever figures income.
The ‘enough’ threshold will only be increasing and increasing and increasing.
Because any figures will not be ‘enough’ if you still maintained the attitude of ‘lacking’ thus ‘the drive of needing more’.

There are reasons why Jesus only recommend to ask for “daily food/sustenance”. And not ‘weekly sustenance’ which will be expanded to ‘monthly’ and then ‘yearly’ and then ‘decade’ and then ‘7 generations down the line’ and so on and so on.

Look at the birds in the air.
They don’t plant or harvest or store food in barns.
But your heavenly Father feeds the birds.
– Jesus

As for advice from Quo, here’s an interesting read:


One thing I wasn’t aware of in the shared definitions in this group is the idea of consciousness and the mental plane being different things, I admittedly find this quite confusing Q’uo is right about that, especially given the fundamental principle in here and in hermeticism and all over the place in esotericism being that all is one in the mind

I appreciate it none the less and am glad to hear this however hard it feels to examine for me, especially since i have been consistently at odds with this idea of giving up on the idea of future abundance and living only in the moment and still am not sure if it is correct or even if I am correct that this is what you are meaning, but hearing it from someone who if I understand you correctly has actually made it work for themselves is definitely helpful as much as I’m afraid to admit it after everything I’ve invested in my my past and am currently working on finishing investing in in my present to create a sustainable future

I think it was also kind of extreme of me when I said that all I have ever learned from these investments is how to sustain myself through negative polarity cause honestly I feel like there is positive polarity contained in a lot of it as well, like putting the client first always and wanting to help with pain points instead of creating them and various other positive things,

I guess it was just me struggling to believe in the truth behind it and in the forgiveness of what might be some of the more negatively polarized aspects of my training investments.

I am surprised to find out how many entrepreneurs there are in here though I wasn’t sure I was gonna make sense to anyone so thanks everyone and it feels good to feel like my communication is understood by and even relatable to others when it comes to this, specifically when you @marina stated it directly that you know what I mean so thank you for that I’m really grateful you took the time to let me know that

and of course I am just as generally grateful for all these generally helpful ideas as well that all y’all have taken time to offer to me so thanks again everyone, and I did read all of it and watch all the videos in full without any interruptions and after doing it I still do genuinely mean it


I believe Quo’s depiction above contain many gems of wisdom, especially around the illusionary nature of “wealth”. It’s not an easy read, and might need times of pondering.
But I might quote a snippet of it:

In your culture, there has been more and more an unspoken assumption that there can never be too much energy, money, power, call it what you will, that there is literally no end to ambition or greed—all in the name of being more secure.
Yet where is your security?
In the bank which may fall?
In the job which may cease?
In the legal agreements which may be broken?
Step back now and gaze at the illusion. Money is a perfect symbol for this entire illusion. It is a polarized concept. Not only is it “more” and “less,” but “all” and “nothing.” To the prudent, there is more money and less money. To the large majority, there is the state called, “I have money,” and the state called, “I don’t have enough.” It is all or nothing. Such is the radicalizing effect of fear.

For me personally; my catalyst involved working on ‘macro economic’ and ‘central banks’ related projects. Through it I gained understanding about how the financial system works and the ‘lifecycle’ of fiat currency / money. I find it quite humorous how they named the ‘products’ as “securities”, as it actually provide none of it :slight_smile:

Quo is 100% correct and I’m amazed how they really understood how Earth’s current financial system works. Banks might collapsed, jobs dissolved, ‘promissory note’ with it’s myriad of forms which oddly named as ‘securities’ might be broken.

And I might add, central banks might also fails to provide stability of it’s fiat currency, thus your example of ‘enough’ level of 6 figures of certain currency might ballooned to 12 or 18 figures due to inflation. And I do believe it will happened soon especially for US Dollars.

Add as well to the fact the illusionary nature of your current identity and physical bodies, when your physical body drop dead (which can happened anytime), so does the related ‘possession’ tied to that body and temporal identity.

Thus hoarding / possession of currency is actually not the main point of why you are here on earth… thus the main question that you should seek answer of. Why actually you are here on earth? You know you will die, but do you know why you live?


Yeah I agree about the 12 to 18 figures thing I was just using it as a reference frame for where might be best for me to target questions about at the current economic reference frame, I wasn’t exactly trying to say that my plan revolves around slaving until finally making that exact range and then I can finally stop serving or anything as opposed to just mastering service itself and reaping the rewards at wherever the inflation level ends up falling at the current moment without any intention of stopping or retiring the mission to serve or anything like that, I just thought it was a good ballpark metric (not fundamentally defining factor of my or any of yall’s entire life purpose) to spark the conversation I am currently wanting to have about all this which I feel like has been happening and I thank you and everyone for this

Oh you will not stop serving, even if your earth’s physical body has drop dead.
The question will be serving who/what?
Ra/Quo explained there are two path:
Serving The (Limited) Self (STS) or Serving Others (STO)
Both path are valid as part of the Soul’s long journey back to the One Infinite Creator.


There was a question persuading me for years when listening masters and I think I can formulate it now.

I was reading/listening to Quantum Warrior of John Kehoe. He was describing his terrible material state, and when not having what to eat he was counting how many grapes he had. And an idea came to his mind that he can learn others his ideas. And in this way he became successful.

It’s quite common for gurus and masters to teach how to reach well-being; and they say look at me, I’m an evidence you can reach the same.

Thinking about what’s wrong in this conception I came to conclusion it cannot be spread on everyone. Because it’s based on that fact that there are people who create thing, support existing infrastructure etc. The way these people are living is incompatible with the way the masters are living. Hence if everyone will do the same as the masters so the situation with terrible material state will return back.

Please note I’m not denying completely they way they are living or the teaching they say. It’s OK that someone takes mission to learn people. I’m saying they cannot state how to reach well-being disregarding life that many people live as growing children and supporting things because it’s incompatible with each other. So to my opinion master can state the well-being method is working in general only by demonstrating how to reach it having at the same time what we call everyday life (things I mentioned as growing children and supporting things).

“There can never be too much energy, money, power” - it’s a conception inaccessible to my understanding. Is the one wanting as much power as he can wanting to take all the Responsibility? But here suddenly I understood why

Because it’s a try to take Responsibility of all. But this task is impossible.

You have had experiences in negative paths that may or may not have made money.
Recognize and accept these experiences as learning opportunities.

What did you learn from them?
What would you do differently?
What aspects worked for you?
What did you like, what did you dislike?
What were you good or bad at in these experiences?

You desire to find a positive path that makes large amounts of money?

There have been countless examples of this.
Read some different examples and find some inspiration.
Take what you can from these stories.

Find a business and way of living you desire. Do not worry about being positive or negative. If you have a desire to help others it will come out and when it does recognize
it and nurture it.

If it doesn’t recognize it. Contemplate it. What do I desire? Understand your choices.
Then decide upon a path.

I hope this helps some. Wishing you well and welcome to the forum.


well that all makes sense and I think it applies to my situation in some ways but for the most part the training courses and material I have been consuming have been produced by people who grew up in fairly common living circumstances kind of like the l/l group and transformed the situation they were in into what it is for them today so they typically tend to
present the training material in phases that start at the common ground they shared with the commoners at the start of their journey and then work up to the point of transformation

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I published like like 30 open source apps, 1 getting about 150,000 downloads, and got like $20 dollars of donations over 5 years so it really isn’t a good model lol. Publishing free software has given me job opportunities though.

You can learn a lot of a particular subject (that will greatly help people) and write a book on it and self publish on the Amazon kindle platform. I don’t even think there is a fee for signing up, they just take royalties off purchases.

You can also make a YT channel serving people helpful, positive things, and ad monetize it. These things take A LOT of work but it is entirely your content and you can control the polarity.

Modern internet publishing platforms allow for good independance and control of one’s content. You just have to accept the limitations of royalties and ad placements.

Maybe find something you can create and offer people to sell at a fair price. Of course, something you can put your heart and soul into. I had a friend who made beautiful orgone devices for part time income. It is important not to go down the rabbit hole of thinking you need to publish/sell everything for free and, for instance, some people go as far as saying it is wrong to sell spiritual content. People who say these things have a scarcity mindset and have weird conspiracies about the government. Charging for money is not necessarily negatively polarized.

A lot of people offer around 75% of their content for free, the rest paid, which seems like a good model for “freely giving” but also making money passively.

I am poor of my own volition, so no, I am not making 6 figures from home, but this is mostly from marty and slacking. My experience is that of marty and marty is no bueno. You will eventually get to a point where service can no longer be freely given because the survival needs are not being met.

Also STO is just STS while including others in the service.


Nice to hear that…
I met Richard Stallman in one of his session back in the 90s, where he literally dressed like this.

He was quite a character, I was ‘baptised’ by him during the session… :slight_smile:
I dubbed him “John The Baptist” of computer age.
Back then (the 90s) the notion was Proprietary Closed Source software (represented by Microsoft and Bill Gates) are evil thus Free Software, where Free is Free as in “Freedom” and not “Free Beer” must exist to oppose it.
Fast forward many years later, I didn’t publish any “Free Software” but Microsoft (and many other companies) eventually adopted the “Free Software” ideas and movement and bring many innovative ideas shareable and usable to people around the globe.
I remember a quote from Stallman’s sermon which goes something like:
“You might not become rich, but you will have more than enough to support your life”.


Ah yes, GPL 3.0 is great and is my go to licencing. These days I would create a derivative of it with additional terms to keep people from exploiting it. For instance, I’ve had issues with software re-distribution sites repackaging stuff into installers with ads that also offer suspicious software. Even if I have my own installer published.

I must be a horrible person.
I got so distracted by the typos, grammatical errors, and extra words, I couldn’t quite concentrate on the message.
Something about making a sustainable living through conscious marketing and conscious business practices.
I believe there are a gazillion conscious (and spiritual) marketing companies who can do a free assessment.
Good luck :sparkles: