Help me understand this discrepancy if you will

Ra says that if they were seen in their default 6th density form by 3rd density beings, they would be perceived as light. But then they said they came to Egypt in their natural golden luster form.

8.20 Questioner: Were the entities that picked him— can you describe… is that the normal configuration of these entities? They [inaudible] rather unusual.

Ra: I am Ra. The configuration of their beings is their normal configuration. The unusualness is not remarkable. We ourselves, when we chose a mission among your peoples, needed to study your peoples for had we arrived in no other form than our own, we would have been perceived as light.

6.4 Questioner: He’ll understand me. We’ll be very careful to totally inform Tom before he attends. Thank you very much.

It seems to me that it might be an appropriate time to include a little more historical background of yourself, possibly information having to do with where you came from prior to involvement with planet Earth, if this is possible.

Ra: I am Ra. I am, with the social memory complex of which I am a part, one of those who voyaged outward from another planet within your own solar system, as this entity would call it. The planetary influence was that you call Venus. We are a race old in your measures. When we were at the sixth dimension our physical beings were what you would call golden. We were tall and somewhat delicate. Our physical body complex covering, which you call the integument, had a golden luster.

In this form we decided to come among your peoples. Your peoples at that time were much unlike us in physical appearance, as you might call it. We, thus, did not mix well with the population and were obviously other than they. Thus, our visit was relatively short, for we found ourselves in the hypocritical position of being acclaimed as other than your other-selves. This was the time during which we built the structures in which you show interest.

My understanding is that Ra were perceiving each other in tall and somewhat delicate golden form. And they chose this form to be in third density, so third density form is similar, the tall and somewhat delicate golden form and it’s different from usual physical people’s appearance. But if they didn’t change the form, they would have been perceived as light.

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So there’s actually another section where they say that 5th density beings look like us, but that 4th density beings are very varied in how they appear due to having evolved on other planets.

They later clarified that 5th density beings have complete control over how they look, so while they may have a natural “at rest” form that is close to their 4th density selves which is derived from their 3rd density selves (and so on), they are at a point where they are so non-physical that they’ve become something close to formless light like our souls. And so in order to relate to us 3rd density humans they choose to appear as 3rd density humans. Their “true form,” which is something they’ve begun to transcend, would be based on their bodies which would more than likely be quite different from ours. I’ll have to look this up but I think since 5th and 6th density still have a space/time aspect then there must be some sort of “body” that they incarnate into so they’d need some sort of semi-permanent form to exist in that is different from their time/space consciousness.

I’m not entirely sure, but Ra may be seeing each other in their golden bodied form and we simply don’t have the capacity to perceive them as anything other than light. They exist outside of our immediate perception and so they have to then concentrate into a manifested body in order for us to see them.

Interesting convo for sure :slight_smile:


I have a theory. Ra visited Egypt using thought-form projection. They used this projection technique to come to Egypt. They probably chose their natural form (perhaps a crude 3d representation of their form) to be honest about their appearance and hoped that they would mix well with the population.

In 8.20, I think they are contrasting how they would be seen if they tried to phase into our 3rd density rather than use thought projection. They don’t seem to have an issue appearing solid and tangible through thought-form (if you were to look at the “thought-form” references in the material).


Something about this discrepancy
might be explained by choice of
language. I’m not sure the Egypt
experiment turned out well, but
possibly others turned out better.

I ponder if Ra had a hand in the
Vedas, as if a study of Sanskrit
might tie in or else some South
American dialect might have
been influenced by some
encounter that went better.

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Hello Avid and welcome. In [43.22] 5th density beings are said to have bodies that need to be fueled.

“One of the preconditions for space/time existence is some form of body complex. Such a body complex must be fueled in some way.”

So 6th density space/time should indeed have a body.

The wording they used,

“Your peoples at that time were much unlike us in physical appearance, as you might call it. We, thus, did not mix well with the population and were obviously other than they”,

strongly suggests that they appeared to humans as this tall golden form like they appear to each other.

I perceive a discrepancy within the paradoxes linked to the concept of time’s existence. Time in the metaphysical realm could be termed as “Zero time.”

Physical time, on the other hand, represents an array of illusions tied to the relative comprehension and arrangement of objects in space, influenced by our perception of time passing.

Hence, for Ra, a singular event has unfolded within the confines of its unique sphere. Meanwhile, for external observers in the human physical realm, diverse events of varying forms and temporal placements (as perceived within human consciousness) occurred, rather than a singular event.

I ask myself and I wonder if the currents and streams through the electrically conductive plasma of the sun are a projection and connection of a guiding consciousness into the physical. Just as the currents, flow and stream of energy through our nervous system and brain is a projection and connection of our consciousness to the physical.

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