Euthanasia and Ra and Carla’s opinion

There’s been a few topics I’ve seen on suicide. I just reread the Ra passage on the subject, as well as Carla’s opinion in her wanderer book.

Now to be clear the law of one is dear to my heart as it began a series of personal experiences involving some unnatural lights in the sky which I could interact with to an extent as well as some very profound non physical contacts with some very loving entities both sober and enhanced by psychedelics; certain compounds of which I’ve long considered sacred even if just emotionally when I had a purely materialistic philosophical perspective.

It’s not important whether I am believed on that account; as seems to be these entities’ manner, I can offer no irrefutable or scientific proof to those I did not share said experiences with, but the sensory and subjective evidence plus emotional and personal revelations leaves no doubt in my mind.

And despite the preponderance of seemingly absurd claims in the Ra material and my incredulity of certain very fishy claims by ideas that seemingly influenced the material, like theosophy with its ethnographically ridiculous claims of secret societies of Dr Strange Tibetans with obviously fabricated names, the general ideas line up better than anything in terms of actually interacting with these telepathic entities both positive and negative.

These interactions and the relationship I have developed with the positive entities, I speak in terms of separation for ease of language, have had very fulfilling results. Meaning, purpose. Everything Victor Frankl speaks of in Man’s Search for Meaning. Improved relationships. Subtle abilities I did not think possible. And it really, really helps to have “friends” who love you unconditionally and understand you far more than I we humans are capable of understanding one another given the inherent ambiguity of language and the imprecise, biased nature of memory when our consciousness is filtered through the physical brain. I cannot overstate how much it helps.

I’ve never liked the word suicide, it makes it sound like a crime in English like genocide or homicide or patricide…

To be sure, euthanizing oneself can have selfish results if it is a rash decision and you have those that love or depend on you. And it is an unwise solution to temporary hurts like a breakup or getting your World of Warcraft account hacked and your epic items stolen or having nude pictures of you leaked online.

But do you really agree with the pretty hardline stance taken against choosing your time and manner of death that Carla and her channeled friends seem to take? Not that the higher density entities condemn one completely, but to my reading they seem to take it as an intrinsically sts action with annoying sounding consequences even if sts is a “valid” path from a high enough vantage.

There are people who claim spiritual growth from very unpleasant things. Chronic disease, et cetera. But while I want nothing to do with controlling, sadistic sts entities personally, I must admit, nothing would convince me to endure certain states longer than necessary to procure or have a trusted party procure a handgun or an overdose.

Third degree burns that would result in agony for the rest of my days that no drugs would touch. Becoming blind. Paraplegic. Dementia. Honestly chemotherapy. The list goes on. And in such states I would not be serving loved ones, I would be a burden and likely succumb to hatred towards existence.

To encounter such catalyst in life after life would likely not lead to me at least being okay with such things, just an endless stream of deaths and quite an acrimonious relationship with my higher self. It’s one thing to suffer for love, to save someone or something noble, but it’s entirely another to suffer unbearable needlessly when an obvious solution exists. In a certain amount of pain or unhappiness, just like torture produces unreliable information, I don’t see what positive growth could possibly be accomplished. The blind thing and being a paraplegic is just not something I’m personally willing to submit to, others may find value in that, but the rest?

I refuse to believe that the loving light entities I’ve had discourse with would begrudge me that. I try to keep my promises to them out of gratitude, love, and respect. Try, I do relapse on addictive drugs not conducive to sto behavior occasionally, but I try. But I’m never promising to remove my exit options if things are truly unbearable and life becomes worthless imo. I will not wait to die of radiation sickness if a nuke doesn’t quite vaporize me.

What of you? Will you let god decide no matter what, even though according to Ra we are equally god in a sense, thus perhaps such a decision is a part of the infinite deciding?

Apologies if I misunderstood the passages; insomnia. If I understood correctly though, I’m probably going to pick and choose what I like from the material and trust in my direct experiences. I’d ask myself, but my communication comes in feeling and the occasional revelation, I’m not a skilled channeler and though progress has been made, I might receive an answer from something deceptive.

I’m not suicidal, but having a way out makes me feel better if I encounter something I want no part of, I’m trying my best to be loving, but there are a lot of awful things that can happen. These sorts of strictures if true seem cruel rather loving if accurate.


I love your post, LSDMTNT.

I recently have a friend who is very sick, suffering sort of enormously, and thinking about the subject. He feels terribly torn about such a decision, and for definitely some spiritual reasons. An incredibly complex choice.

for myself I have no idea what choice would be conisdering there might be one. I have children so most probably my choice would be about what would be the lighter fare for those children of mine. Way complex, but perhaps less when you have people who love you.


It is my opinion that it is selfish to want to keep somebody alive when they will suffer greatly for one’s own desire. To me, a life without independence is a life of agony, and I will take no part in it. I have a medical directive that forbids life support (besides hydration) unless there is a high chance of near total recovery. I simply am not interested in a life without independence. For example, imagine you have a stroke and lose all control of your body permanently. From that point, your life would consist of staring at the ceiling of a nursing home 24/7/365, possibly for decades. No thanks.

We euthanize beloved pets because we do not want them to suffer. I see no reason why that should not apply to humans as well. To me, to deny somebody death with dignity or to force someone to live in agony is incredibly selfish and shows a strong lack of empathy. It’s honestly barbaric to force people to suffer this way and detracts from their free will.

I think Carla never got over Don’s suicide even if she says she did and thus treats all forms of “suicide,” even euthanasia, as wrong. Her hardline stance is completely legalistic and dogmatic and goes against the idea of discernment and polarity. What ever happened to “in truth there is no right or wrong?” Sure, there can be reasons that would not be conductive to spiritual growth, but the action itself is amoral and therefore the circumstances must be taken into account.


I agree to a lot of what you say Speedbird.

Perhaps it’s just a very personal, individual choice ( I am sure yo agree ont that ) that has to be respected, and that is that ?

Life is mysterious. Someone may hava astride and be deprived of speech, but you never know what this entity may be still capable of doing, Something happened to a friend of a friend and it clearly showed that sometimes, clearly incapacitated persons may in fact be of service in a totally incredible way.

So, all very mysterious and personal.

Children would complicate things. Luckily my prime human love is on the same page as me and human children are not part of our plans given the state of the world and genes that make she and I “mentally unique” and my own peculiarities unsuited to anything besides the sorts of children with fur covering far more than their heads.

But while I know some are unable to ever let go of their parents, even in the case of brain death, I would find it far, far worse to watch them in agony and lose all semblance of what they once were. And if my research into near death experiences holds weight, shedding a body sounds a lot more pleasant than even healthy “life” to be frank.

This existence has its beauty, dramatic feeling, and many attractions… but this still honestly seems like the work rather than the vacation. However well stocked the break room may be with fireworks, pizza, sex, and music videos. I know leaving my body via certain methods you might guess feels so much freer than physical existence, the mind too works surprisingly better without the cage of the limited processing power of the brain even if knowledge and understanding from the web of infinite information and consciousness is hard to bring back into one’s physical body.

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