Encouragement from Ra to Carla, selfhood

I wanted to share this quote that I just uncovered. I had been searching lawofone.info for the phrase “selfhood” and this quote came up as one of three quotes that contained it. I am partially posting this 1.) as an appreciation for the quote itself 2.) as a conversation on the nature of selfhood

103.8 Questioner: I didn’t mean to cover previously covered material. I meant to add any of this to specifically focus on at this time, the best possible thing that we or the instrument could do to improve these energies, the salient activity.

Ra: I am Ra. Before responding we ask your vigilance during pain flares as the channel is acceptable but is being distorted periodically by the severe physical distortions of the yellow-ray, chemical body of the instrument.

Those salient items for the support group are praise and thanksgiving in harmony. These the group has accomplished with such a degree of acceptability that we cavil not at the harmony of the group.

As to the instrument, the journey from worth in action to worth in esse is arduous. The entity has denied itself in order to be free from that which it calls addiction. This sort of martyrdom, and here we speak of the small but symbolically great sacrifice of the clothing, causes the entity to frame a selfhood in poorness which feeds unworthiness unless the poverty is seen to be true richness. In other words, good works for the wrong reasons cause confusion and distortion. We encourage the instrument to value itself and to see that its true requirements are valued by the self. We suggest contemplation of true richness of being.

I find this quote to be quite poignant and can be looked at from many perspectives. Although I am a little bit confused at their use of the word “clothing”, “sacrifice of the clothing”, is the “clothing” the actions which feed into addiction? Carla’s body, the vehicle, her actions, the clothing? I have no idea. Anyone? lol

Lately I have been pondering the idea of “self”. Hmm… what is this “self”? A word we probably all use in some sense every day!

It seems like we all have a different sense of self. So, going off of that, it seems like the concept of “self” and the concept of “individualism” or “individuation” might be linked somehow.

We all seem to have a different self, and yet, I get the sense that all these “different selves” are just components of a larger “self”. It’s kind of like a country, or a neighborhood. Everyone has their little space contained in a larger whole.

Is a “sense of self” a product of individuation? Hmm… I’m not too sure. I would love to hear y’alls thoughts

edit: after reading some more quotations, found this one:

51.1…these helpers are around to ensure a proper harvesting so that each entity may have the fullest opportunity to express its violet-ray selfhood.

This quotation seems to imply that, at the very least, the violet-ray has a distinguished “selfhood”. I wonder if this applies to all the rays, and if rays are simply microcosms of the self



www.lawofone.info does not have note that the book has. It’s “Carla made a New Year’s resolution to give up buying clothes for herself for one year.”

English is not my native language, but dictionary says that selfhood has two meaning 1) egoism 2) personality, individuality. I believe in both cases it’s “personality”.

I think here you’re saying about identification which is an orange-ray.

Indeed the violet-ray does. And it applies to all rays also:

51.8 Questioner: What do you mean by crystal structures?

Ra: I am Ra. Each of the energy centers of the physical complex may be seen to have a distinctive crystalline structure in the more developed entity. Each will be somewhat different just as in your world no two snowflakes are alike. However, each is regular. The red energy center often is in the shape of the spoked wheel. The orange energy center in the flower shape containing three petals.

The yellow center again in a rounded shape, many faceted, as a star.

The green energy center sometimes called the lotus-shape, the number of points of crystalline structure dependent upon the strength of this center.

The blue energy center capable of having perhaps one hundred facets and capable of great flashing brilliance.

The indigo center a more quiet center which has the basic triangular or three-petaled shape in many, although some adepts who have balanced the lower energies may create more faceted forms.

The violet energy center is the least variable and is sometimes described in your philosophy as thousand-petaled as it is the sum of the mind/body/spirit complex distortion totality.

I hope I helped you and please ask if I can do more.



Thank you for your response!

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sillyharold, I not only agree that the concept of “self” and individualism/individuation are linked but that it is fundamental.

Ra says that, in essence, all exists because the One Infinite Creator is attempting to know itself. In that way, the One Infinite Creator recognizes Its own sense of self and, seeking to understand Itself further, manifests experience. Experience comes through catalyst. Catalyst comes from polarity. Polarity comes from separation into Thing and not-Thing, light and not-light/darkness, self and other-self.

The “sense of self” we experience as third-density beings is an outcome of the conscious-unconscious mind separation:

…the Logos, contemplating a mechanism to become what it was not, first devised the tool of separating the unconscious from the conscious during what we call physical incarnation to achieve its objective. 79.11

Ra notes that third-density learning initially proceeded slowly because everyone clearly understood the inherent Oneness of all, which did not generate sufficient polarity to generate catalyst for experiential learning. In particular, it appears that only the STO path made sense to incarnating beings. However, even with that assurance, few entities developed sufficient will to polarize STO. At this time, only nine archetypes existed (Matrix/Potentiator/Significator of the Mind/Body/Spirit).

Polarity was then increased by the separation of mind into the conscious and the unconscious, which is also known as The Veil. As a result, beings immediately began to polarize STO and STS, which eventually led to the archetypal mind developing into the 22 archetypes which are had at present.

You might reflect on the paradoxical need for illusion of otherness to show the Truth of Oneness.

In my personal conceptualization, I see a self as a self-observing energy/information loop. Each self exists as a distinct loop. Two loops coming together at a single point form a figure-8 or infinity symbol. The joining of loops forms larger and larger energetic/informational structures. Ra does mention beingness as a circle as well:

The higher self is a manifestation given to the late sixth-density mind/body/spirit complex as a gift from its future selfness. The mid-seventh density’s last action before turning towards the allness of the Creator and gaining spiritual mass is to give this resource to the sixth-density self, moving, as you measure time, in the stream of time. This self, the mind/body/spirit complex of late sixth density, has then the honor/duty of using both the experiences of its total living bank, or memory, of experienced thoughts and actions and using the resource of the mind/body/spirit complex totality left behind as a type of infinitely complex thought-form. In this way you may see your self, your higher self or oversoul, and your mind/body/spirit complex totality as three points in a circle. The only distinction is that of your time/space continuum. All are the same being. 37.6


Okay, I have an odd perspective which may be difficult to grasp but I’ll try to convey it as best I can. The reality may be that we are all the densities overlapping simultaneous, however we live in an illusion because our consciousness seems veiled.

The veiling of our consciousness amplifies our ability to polarize, which then enables the facilitation of greater states of evolution than we’d otherwise have access to.

That is, if we can strongly polarize 3D positive, we’re better able to form 4d and 5d positive social complexes.

As many earthly experiences demonstrates,
an STS in an STO basket of eggs - ruins them all.

If you’re in a leadership position, it’s helpful to
group these perspectives separately because they can perform better in environments of trust and like mindedness.

However, 6d wanderers may not care, they may bond
with STO or STS without discrimination, striving
to accept everybody, they can do stuff repulsive to those embodying lower conscious evolutionary states.

So empathizing the perspective of differing densities may help explain so many dilemmas observed in the world. Stretching out of comfort zones as humbling and scary may be like a stoic insight - the obstruction as the way,

I agree with it. In the same way there are multidensity delusions or manipulations.

There’s a modern paradigm of artificial intelligence that is based upon neural networks. These networks can be thought of as layers of weighted summing nodes that take inputs from earlier layer nodes and output to later layer nodes. A deep neural network can have many many layers of nodes and once trained, can be difficult to understand how it all works, i.e. they approach infinite complexity.

It may be far fetched to place this simplistic pattern onto the idea of a social complex. For example each person as residing as a node in a web of interconnecting layers. But such patterns may help explain why polarity is important.

Within the human mind are neuron cells with dendrite tentacles that interconnect it with adjoining neurons.
Just as a simple neuron may have fewer dendrites, a simple mind may have fewer interconnecting dendrites between neurons. A more complex neuron may have many dendrites and a complex mind may have highly interconnected neurons.

By analogy, a spiritual light body may interconnect with other spiritual light bodies with light connections and networks of these interconnecting spiritual body light
nodes may be thought of as a form of neural network. Simplistic light bodies may form simplistic networks, STS; and more complicated light bodies may form into more complicatedly interconnecting spiritual networks STO.
Strength of polarization, i.e. harvest thresholds, may then speak to compatibility within a spiritual network of spirit bodies.

It may have been found experimentally by the Logos, that mixing poorly polarized STS and STO spirit bodies at 4d causes unfruitful malfunction of the networks downstream.

The concept of density then, may then speak to degrees of interconnection between spirit bodies. That is, as we evolve our number of interconnections increases and our training between input and output may improve. The idea of spiritual mass then, might speak of accumulating spirit body nodes into the network of spirit bodies.

The idea of 5th density negative merging with 5th density positive may relate to a joining of networks, like left brain right brain becoming whole brain in 6d.

Oddly the appearance of 6d from lower density vantage may not be polarization free. I think many people feel threatened by the possibility of intelligence way beyond anything they can fathom, and such can be the nature of infinity - both a love of uncertainty and/or a fear of the unknown as a choice we make.

Just as I believe that artificial intelligence can help people improve the quality of decisions faster, I believe coming to terms with 6d is better your friend than your enemy. Such things may be a personal choice which might entail seeking to learn more (or unlearn) in some way or another.

This is how I have interpreted Ra’s response:

I use “addiction” lightly.

Carla had a clothes-buying addiction. She symbolically threw out clothing because she was not happy with her addiction, and sacrifice is generally an effective form of magick. But Ra seems to imply that this magickal work was done for the wrong reason. I assume they meant that she was addressing the addiction itself, the symptom, rather than the underlying cause of the addiction. She may have broken the cycle of buying addiction with this magickal work, but it may arise again later or re-express itself in a different way. Ra seems to imply that her sacrifice of clothing caused further unwanted mental distortions. Perhaps she was buying clothes to feel less poor, wanted to stop the addiction, so she stopped (perhap temporarily) using the magickal act of throwing out a bunch of clothes, but in turn just felt even poorer. This is why Ra suggested that a more appropriate approach to Carla’s conundrum is contemplation of the true richness of being. Through this contemplation, perhaps there will be less of an inclination to buy unneeded things.

I don’t think Ra is speaking symbolically here at all.

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I searched for “Cats” and found this thread,
but where cats are in the thread may take
some seeking beyond my patience at the
moment, so I’ll just trust in faith that the
search engine didn’t misbehave so that
this is properly placed. Today I was
searching for this because session 46
inspired this lyric improv in some slim
chance it honors important beings - for
example Fairchild or Gandalf reincarnate
as humans and stumble here and for
some peculiar reason, get a purr feeling.

CARLA’S CATS (Song beat similar to
Kelley Deal 6000, When He Calls Me Kitten)

For love of cat Gandalf, Gandalf
Armored in light
We say meow, meow
Be careful my love

Gandalf purrs softly, softly
Protected he hears
And ventures about
Knowing love’s near

For love of earth Gaia, Gaia
Armored in light
We may accept or control
Be careful in choice

Gaia spins onward, onward
Protected she be
With lives all about
By catalyst with love

For love of cat Fairchild, Fairchild
Armored in light
We say meow, meow
Be careful my love

Fairchild peers watchful, watchful
Protected he sees
And wanders about
Wherever love be