Don’t be a professional “repeater”

It’s quite a concept to consider that hundreds of millions of the people of Earth have become professional repeaters. For those who follow the concept of re-incarnation and repeated life experiences over time, it is obvious that so very many have chosen to remain comfortable in 3rd Density over the last 75,000 years. It should be no surprise that the mix of those from Maldeck , transfers of other populations from other planets, and the natural Earth populations, that the challenges in not moving from 3rd to 4th Density makes it an easy process to repeat.

To re-incarnate - repeat - is not the long term goal.

I’m reminded of ”The Doors” song from 1971 “I’ve been down so long it looks like up to me”. After 75,000 years of 3D experiences, many have developed into thinking its “up”…… and have forgotten that they have the potential of not staying down so long that they think it’s ok to stay in 3D as long as they are happy and taken care of.

I guess we all go through ups and downs that, hopefully, serves as a catalyst to inspire us to get off our butts and do something about it. It should be super apparent…… and a wake up call to all of us… to know, we can not and should not look to anyone else to carry the load of dealing with “our” emotions and trauma solutions for us. We will, on our own, eventually come to the realization that we have only ourselves to motivate us to the degree that sufficient change will “free willingly” take place.

You have the “Free Will” to “repeat” and/or to get out of lazy mode and take the steps to improve you position in the universal “trip”. Inner work is self motivated. No motivation indicates a professional “repeater” attitude, IMHO.

It is a major component of the concept of “free will” that someone who has figured out how to navigate the process of the planetary experience of 3rd density, has no obligation or karmic duty to show you or help you or anyone else how to figure it out. To think anyone else should share with you, what you are too lazy to put in the effort to figure out for yourself, would be transferring the quality and potential of the true growth of yourself.

You’ve become a professional “repeater” if you won’t exercise your free will to create the necessary changes in attitude and in making more attempts at gaining the knowledge and wisdom to rise above the “repeater” attitude. I have these same challenges and will make every effort to follow my own advice.

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Interesting S.Myers, thank you.

Yes, we need to keep wording at it, no laziness, lol

But there may be a certain number of incarnations needed in third density… I remember having my one and only reading with a quite remarkable psychic, really humorous too, and a musician in this incarnation. This happened many years ago when I had a young child in a coma. The second part of my reading he would be transferring thoughts from my spiritual guides, who in fact at first made fun of him, lol.

One of my questions was, how many in our years are apart between each incarnation ? And they said, " About 200 of your years, unless you wish to be of service earlier. " and then they added,
" Imagine if you will, for each entity, a beautiful puzzle made of any number of pieces. Each time this entity comes on Earth, she/he/they will fit in some pieces of the puzzle. The more he/she/they put in, the more challenging the experience will be, but it will always be quite an extraordinary puzzle being made. "

They were very kind, and not really speaking about laziness, but more about the wishes of a certain number of pieces to be fitted in. It was so interesting.


Maldek always seemed like a fantasy story, sort of like Game of Thrones, but with technology. It sounds like everything that unbalance masculine energy would become or put the blame on. Rather than seeing the error of their ways, they were doing it because they thought it was “their duty to dominate and control everything into oblivion.” It seems too perfect, like it follows a “movie plot” formula of something you’d see where people are comparing their lower appendage sizes rather than doing anything good for the world they are a part of. This sounds oddly familiar. :thinking:

“It’s all good, they don’t know better, they were from Maldek.”
The crowd, then falls into a group silent “nod.” But really they are thinking…


Then, it becomes easier to look the other way when you want to label someone with that statement, like it makes you better than them somehow because they “blew up their planet.”

That doesn’t inspire green ray activity for me, does it for anyone else? I never understood why this was included in this material regardless of it’s legitimacy.

The Maldek story does frighten me, as well as what Ra mentions of the people who were attacked by the nuclear weapon that was dropped on Japan.

Yeah, that chilled my blood quite a bit as well. I had to move past all those implications and bury them temporarily.