Destiny of Souls and Other “Recommendations” from “Quo” and Friends

While studying the channelings, it became obvious that those “channelling” Q’uo had very similar “thoughts” on what was good material to read/study based on “channelled” recommendations by Q’uo and friends.

Michael Newton’s Destiny of Souls was mentioned multiple times.

It seems to be mentioned a lot in their speeches more than anything… :thinking:

As one who owns copies of Destiny of Souls and Journey of Souls, there does seem to be a lot in common between them and the law of one.

Did the staff study these books extensively to make notes and that is why they are recommended over and over again? Carla’s Christian background did lay the foundation for many of these “theologies” to be included in the channelling, so why this particular author?

Some dialogue from an interview of Jim from December 2020:


One of my preincarnated choices was to balance the wisdom that I had with compassion. And the way that I did that was to program a lack of compassion for myself. That’s called opposite’s programming. So that when I made mistakes, I would get angry and break something. Break a hammer or a saw or whatever I was working with. It started when I was in the fourth grade. So that tendency to do that was accentuated on occasion when I was doing work around the house. I’d have that image in my mind to do that. I became more aware of that as time went on, and I was no longer subject to that because I knew that was something that would be accentuated. So I worked on it myself to balance it so that I wouldn’t do that. I wouldn’t present that distortion in my own perception that then could be intensified.


Nice example. I Like it. On a more personal level, was it a conscious decision for you and Carla not to have babies?


Carla always wanted to have six children if she could, but she was never with anybody that wanted to have children. So we did. And she realized that it wouldn’t have been a helpful thing during the Ra contact to have children to look after. So we did.


OK. Oh, neat. And have you read Journey of Souls by Michael Newton by any chance?


That’s where the opposites program comes from. And the Destiny of Souls.


So, you know, in reading that book, one of the things that they discuss is that when you are an advanced older soul, usually you would come in and then may not even choose to have children because of the karmic lessons that are involved with that. Or something like you’ve already done in the past. And, you know, in reading and listening to the law of one material and then also having been exposed to the Journey of Souls, I kind of thought about that in thinking about your group, actually, all three of you as really advanced beings. And in another conversation where we talk about the different densities, like one through seven and then eight, I think, will we dive into that a little bit more then? So you guys, before you even got in contact with Ra, I’m trying to imagine what was that first experience like where you said, OK, “Who are these guys? This is a new, you know, social memory complex that was contacted.” And, you know, what was that first experience like before you even started recording?

They’ve also mentioned Brian Weiss, Dolores Cannon and a variety of other sources over 40+ years of channelings.

What system of “judgement’ have they used to determine these sources were in alignment with the law of one?

I am curious to hear your thoughts on this.

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Apparently they were also huge fans of “muscle testing” and recommended Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams also.

From: Seven Principles of the Law of One

I went through an interesting experience recently where I watched a video of Bruce Lipton and Rob Williams talking about the biology of perception and the psychology of change. I thought it was very helpful and I recommend its source and various places on the web you can find it. Bruce Lipton’s is, and Rob Williams’ is

Anyway, I called Rob on the phone, or rather he called me after I wrote him an e-mail and said that he would be interested in writing something for my little book 14, but what he would like for me to do, actually, is write it myself, about my experience, so he would like to do testing on his wife and she’ll be your surrogate and we will find out just what kind of cat you are. So he called back after a little while and said that his wife and he had gone through this process of examining where I was weak, where my belief system was weak, and they gave me four affirmations. One was: “I release the past with joy and expect the best now and in the future.” Many of us have problems with releasing the past. Another one was: I am in control of my own life. Another one was: I learn from all my experiences, including the difficult and painful ones. We don’t really want to do that, do we?

That was a very difficult one for me. There are perhaps sixty different affirmations to choose from and those were the ones that I tested weak to. 15 Each one of you would test [weak] to a different set of them. So it is very helpful to begin to know yourself, and to begin to realize where you do need strengthening in your faith, in your life?

Does anyone know where in the original Ra sessions or the “channeling” library where Ra or Q’uo, Latwii, Latios etc. etc. mentioned muscle testing being useful?

I don’t recall anything in the five Ra Material books regarding it, but I’m not saying it isn’t there, just that I don’t recall anything that sounded like that. I like that you question things; we all should.


I was thinking about pyramids, then rocks,
and so searched the term “alignment.”

There’s Muslim people, actually I think
Muslim people may be one of, if not the
largest spiritual groups on the planet.

I’m not Muslim so please pardon me if
I misunderstand aspects of this. There
is the idea of Qibla which is the sacred
direction toward the Kaaba located in
the sacred mosque in Mecca. The Qibla
is used as a direction of prayer, used for
Salah ritual based on phrases from the

I was surprised to learn that in the Kaaba
is a sacred black rock, like either a special
meteorite or obsidian glass that was
held sacred by Adam in leaving the garden
of Eden, a long time ago. So here is a very
large religion based upon rock fetish and
alignment, in some respects.

Because so many people find their truth
so, I’m curious about some of these
elements that may be shared or bridge
with other mentions in a wandering path.

I’m curious with what you meant or definition of “alignment with the law of one”.
Because the law of one by itself state that everything is actually aligned.
Although everything exist in “pair of opposition”. (light/dark,sto/sts,positive/negative etc…)

The concept by itself is ancient, personally my first introduction to such concept was actually from Tao The Ching written by Lao Tse more than 2500 years ago.
In my opinion Lao Tse teaches law of one (or law of unity or whatever names / label that one came up with).
The same concept came up again and again in mysticism tradition of Christianity and Islam (Sufis), Hinduism (Yoga), Buddhism and many traditions which the church labeled as ‘pagan’ (druid celts, native americans etc…)

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I don’t think such “rigidity”, if I can use that word, is beneficial in spiritual seeking. Very often, spiritual seeking amounts to “following your nose”, if I can put it like that.

It’s better to see these channelings as conversations between friends, where people who have biases and who seek freely, will naturally have their “little favourites” as far as spiritual literature go, and ask questions about those.

If think in the pioneering mind of Don (as an example), “rigidity” would have been quite the handicap.

It’s true that Carla was very fond of Journey of Souls (I am too). Jim read it aloud to her in her last days. I think it was pretty groundbreaking for its time, and popular. I remember many mainstream bookstores had it in their spiritual sections.

When we’re “working in darkness with a tiny candle” as Ra puts it, then “subjectivity” is our territory.