Academic philosophy and channeled information

Philosophy and channeling

I recently got interested in theoretical philosophy, mainly metaphysics (including idealism, panpsychism, …) and philosophy of consciousness.

I was wondering if anyone knows about books/websites/… that connect such academic philosophical Investigations with insights from channeled work like the ra contact. Or on the other hand, if there are any channelings that directly ask questions in relationship with philosophy, i.e. how Fichtes Science of Knowledge is perceived by higher beings.

(I know that there is of course a lot of information in the RA contact itself, and well one (or the) point of the RA contact is to teach the LOO. I am however interested in direct comparison with academic philosophy)


Hello Artis,

I too would very much like to see that. So far I have not found such content. But the Essentia Foundation is slowly getting there it seems. Example at this link.

Just watching this video makes it obvious that mainstream philosophy is getting close to the Law of One.

Incidentally, this video also points the finger to scientific evidence that disproves materialism. That is quite something.

Just watched that video again. It is soooooo good. Well worth spending two hours watching the whole thing.

Based on my shallow dabbling in the academic philosophy works, I am of the opinion that a large number of academic philosophy works concern philosophy of an illusory nature due to the limitation/illusion imposed on every human being doing logical analysis. And what’s more, there is little refreshing coming out from such kind of philosophizing in my opinion.

BUT academic philosophy really teaches me to ask questions of such content and from such angles that I have never thought of before. If you can apply this kind of way of questioning to your research of the L/L research materials, you can ask thought-provoking questions and even may get mind-opening answers from the existing materials.

The Law of One gradually led me from Hermeticism to Neoplatonism, then to analytical psychology, at some point wrapping me in the Golden Dawn and the order of Memphis-Mizraim. And at the moment led to the theology of Revelation (this is my current topic for teaching/studying))) My experience shows that everyone has a unique Path and it is better to follow their own personal “hyperlinks” on this path. Patience and having free time helps me in this.

Carla has a very strong Christian influence, therefore, in my personal opinion, in order to better understand the Law of One, it makes sense to follow the path of Christian theology. There you can find answers to many questions. Also in the text there are many “evolutionary branches” to the mainstream in the ideas of the 60-70-80 years of the 20th century. Including the esoteric mainstream of the late 19th century. All this needs to be studied comprehensively in order to form a more or less complete picture.

The modern philosophy of consciousness in the spirit of Ken Wilber without a good foundation in the classical fields of science (psychology, biology, physics) will be perceived at an insufficiently good level. My verdict, we need a good and high-quality akkademic scientific base to track many of Ra’s answers)

Thank you for the pointers!
And I agree, Bernardo Kastrup is awesome. However, interestingly even though his theory opens up the possibility to all kinds of “supernatural” phenomena, he is still oposed to them. Not sure why, but noteworthy anyway:D

Interesting. I guess it’s natural boundry to work in, as if the human mind is completly susceptible to some form of illusion, I do not see how it could break free from that in analytical thinking. Would be awesome to see it from a 5d+ perspective I guess, where I suppose there is less limitation.

Thank you for your thoughts🙏🏽

It seems you are far further along the path than I am😅 I have barely heard of most of the pointers you have given. Sounds very interesting tho, will definitely check them out! Thank you🙏🏽

I think he believes that it will be easier to show the world that materialism is already scientifically disproven if he does not touch anything that could be considered woo woo. :slight_smile:

Because once that is done we can collectively start exploring many great things.

The Lyricus Order calls that the Grand Portal. Which is basically the scientific discovery of the soul.

I’m linking a post here, from Strictly Law of One. The original post asks a related question, but it’s not obvious, because I don’t describe details. This discussion is about looking for something, and I think Dewey Larson’s Reciprocal System of Theory has “it.” Let me know.