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May 18, 1997

“ As you attempt to serve others, always ask the self…‘What is being asked of you?’ For it is in response to what is asked that one may serve another. And upon a deeper level, as events impinge upon you, a good question to ask as a touchstone is, ‘What does the Creator ask of you?’ The answer to this can be known only from the heart, only from the intuition, for what the Creator asks is often illogical, often puzzling. Even though one feels to do or not to do something, one cannot precisely explain why. But when there is a strong intuition, we recommend and encourage the will to follow that intuition.”

Yes often illogical indeed, it reminds me of another quote how people who have programmed for this incarnation to have a highly developed intellect can struggle spiritually for that very manner. Embrace being a fool , that archetype of faith… an let the heart do the taking , analysing can only get you so far!

P.S if that quote link comes to mind will let you know …


Q’uote of the Day
December 26th, 2009

" As the spiritual seeker becomes more mature, each experience is another opportunity to work with a surface emotion and to refine or purify that emotion by offering it up as a spontaneous and pure feeling, without judgment, without asking the self to be one who feels only the positive emotions. Each emotion starts out, in the immature entity, as that which is confused and chaotic and has a high degree of static or noise as opposed to signal. Consequently, as a spiritual seeker, each time an emotion arises you are working to feel it without shrinking from it or reaching towards it, the goal being not to do anything with the emotion except to allow it to sink into the consciousness of the present moment. "

More on mature seeker, “by offering it up as a spontaneous and pure feeling” this becomes more an more possible in that moment it is occurring.

An for further study…

" it is possible, indeed probable, that some sort of ongoing contemplation of the archetypal mind may help the seeker to evaluate and think about the experiences of emotion that he has. Within the glyph of the Tree of Life, for instance, there are various emotions that are linked to the middle pillar, the feminine pillar, and the masculine pillar. It might be interesting to contemplate where the emotions that you experience day-by-day might fit on that Tree of Life glyph.

Similarly, if one has a bent towards astrology, the ins and outs of the various signs and houses are to some a real aid and resource when working with understanding one’s emotions.

Lastly, as this particular group has done in the past, there is the possibility of gazing at the world of emotion and the nature of consciousness by working with the twenty-two images of the tarot. [As one looks at each concept complex, one may begin to see relationships betwixt various emotions."

With this type of work… the following may help with motivation, whether working with negative emotions within oneself or with others:

"We would suggest that you be as merciful with yourself when working with negative emotions as would the one known as Jesus be. He was not interested in working with those who were free of error; he was interested in working with those who were distorted, who were hurting, who were suffering, who were in the darkness of confusion. Let that climate of complete non-judgment be your working attitude as you allow each emotion its proper place in your consciousness, and as you ask of yourself that you provide a continuing environment within yourself in which honored and respected emotions may gradually be purified and refined.

Your goal, then, is not to balance emotions until here is no emotion, but to experience each emotion in ways which allow those emotions to go from being muddy and confused to a place where each emotion is a jewel-tone. Gems come in all colors from black to white and everything in between. And the beauty of each is unique to that particular gem. Your emotions are gemlike. And when you have been able to allow the murk and the mud and the impulsivity gradually to evaporate from the heart and essence of each emotion, you are as one who has dug in the ore to mine those gems of self which you have in common with all those of your fellow humans. And as those energies within you are purified, there is less and less distortion [and] more and more balance, and less and less of that component of fear which we began by discussing. For it is indeed a valid observation that the one great original Thought is the emotion that is at the heart of every emotion, positive or negative. This is a trustworthy statement as far as we know. Every shade of emotion has its root in love, love unconditional, love un-judging, utter and absolute love. The oftener that you are able, at the end of working with emotions, to come back to love and to allow that love to overflow all other considerations, the stronger you shall be in being able to do this work of allowing the self to bloom."


Q’uote of the Day
February 10th, 2008

"Oftentimes, entities who are waking up feel terribly isolated and alone. This is not in fact the case, because of the enormous amount of unseen help that each entity has. Yet in terms of that which is apparent to the sight of the physical eyes, it is indeed so that many, many entities are very isolated and must make their choices in isolation and without the comfort and comradeship of groups of like-minded people. "

Ahh the law of confusion in full effect.

The prelude to the quote,(choice being service to others or service to self)

“Each of you has made that choice. The cornerstone of your life’s work has been laid. And yet, you are still behind this veil of forgetting. You cannot know what others are thinking. You cannot sense or see for sure how rich the unseen realms are in those who would help you, and those who love you, and those who wish only to be of service to you as you make your choice.”

An here is a nice caveat of hope, or should I nice carrot of hope?

“In a way, the beauty of this density is its very sharpness of suffering and difficulty. For the extremely harsh conditions create ways in which one may change one’s polarity or emphasize one’s polarity very quickly, indeed, almost instantaneously. You may do in fifty years, or twenty years, or even five years that which it would take us a million years to do, because of the fact that we see the whole picture. We understand all that there is to understand in terms of the Creator’s plan for us. Therefore, it is an open-book test, and that which we learn, we learn in painfully slow increments, gradually refining, and refining again, our choice.”

It was one major shift in thinking for myself, reading this material… The idea that being from higher density massive numbers will reincarnate to third density deliberately, not that part specifically tho… meaning that part the wanderers the highest numbers are not from 4th which logically one could assume, but the opposite from 6th…

“12.27 Questioner: How many of them are incarnate on Earth now?
Ra: I am Ra. The number is approximate due to an heavy influx of those birthed at this time due to an intensive need to lighten the planetary vibration and thus aid in harvest. The number approaches sixty-five million.
12.28 Questioner: Are most of these from the fourth density? What density do they come from?
Ra: I am Ra. Few there are of fourth density. The largest number of Wanderers, as you call them, are of the sixth density. The desire to serve must be distorted towards a great deal of purity of mind and what you may call foolhardiness or bravery, depending upon your distortion complex judgment. The challenge/danger of the Wanderer is that it will forget its mission, become karmically involved, and thus be swept into the maelstrom from which it had incarnated to aid the destruction.”

65 million an this number was back in 1980, so much higher than now… thought bear in mind RA always said to not count number they say to serious as may be issues with inaccuracy… Counting an existing beyond time do not go well together :slight_smile:


Thank you Quan​:pray::pray::pray: Super awesome q’uotes!!!

Lao Tzu
Can you coax your mind from its wandering
and keep to the original oneness?
Can you let your body become
supple as a newborn child’s?
Can you cleanse your inner vision
until you see nothing but the light?
Can you love people and lead them
without imposing your will?
Can you deal with the most vital matters
by letting events take their course?
Can you step back from your own mind
and thus understand all things?

Giving birth and nourishing,
having without possessing,
acting with no expectations,
leading and not trying to control:
this is the supreme virtue.


BLueLoveLotus, I just love your posts, any time.


Thank you too

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Q’uote of the Day
January 14th, 1996

" Within time the attempt to grasp the present moment is constantly doomed to failure for your mind—that is, your earthly intelligence—and the illusion itself were created so that things would occur in an order. In the eternal present moment, all things exist simultaneously. That which is, is, and in this fullness of being resides the peace that is so eagerly sought by those who weary of the passing scene. How can one find this present moment? We suggest often the practice of regular contemplation or meditation, for within silence there is that key which unlocks the doors of attention. And into that sanctum sanctorum of the open heart, silent and listening, there resides the Creator whose name is Love. "

“within silence there is that key which unlocks the doors of attention”
To untrained mind, listening to silence would seem like a futile exercise really… but it grabs the attention on a consistently deeper and deeper level over time… that is if you average the consistence over time… will fluctuate of course :wink: Of course tho, part of being human is getting used to things, silence is part of that so you do know realise how silence you actually become, its hard to assess compared to the past, as that is the nature of silence…


Q’uote of the Day
March 22nd, 2008

" In [the] search for resonance, it is to be remembered that the nature of language is that it is inherently limited. It is twice limited. First it is limited in that words must be strung together to make sentences and sentences strung together to make paragraphs and so forth. Each word has a little universe of supporting inferences which enrich the collection of words due to the context of each word being placed in its line of the flow of thought. Yet they remain finite and inherently limited.They are limited a second time because the mind does not function according to words but rather according to concepts. Concepts are infinite. However, they can only be expressed by the human mind and gotten out into the outer manifestation of words by a process of translation which works almost like a cook rolling out the dough of a concept and taking cookie cutters to it and fashioning the flat words which bake up into that translated concept. Needless to say, a great deal is lost in translation. "

Especially with the English language, it is quite vague an very open to interpretation… non verbal communication definitely helps to ensure more understanding! Which can also be a good thing too… Just one sentence eg oh be quiet… said in a loud way could sound not nice but then said loud with a smile could instead be a joke or tease… then in a softer voice could be nice or condescending… Said in angry way could also be a joke or very rude… Can keep going here… an thats just three words :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With this language it keeps you on your toes… ensuring you pay attention to the way you are speaking reminding you keep heart open when its not…

P.S Oops see issues with language, spelt quiete instead of quiet so had to change it above…:flushed:


Just past the equinox!

Lao Tzu
Colors blind the eye.
Sounds deafen the ear.
Flavors numb the taste.
Thoughts weaken the mind.
Desires wither the heart.

The Master observes the world
but trusts his inner vision.
He allows things to come and go.
His heart is open as the sky.


Thanks, “His heart is open as the sky”

Equinox yes, an thanks that gives a good opening for this… there also will be a planetary parade too… March 25th to 30th - main time 28th A five-planet alignment of Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Uranus and Mars will be visible in the night sky alongside the moon. Have been feeling quite strange energies this week, perhaps its related.
Anyway here is link for more info for anyone interested on the alignment…

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Q’uote of the Day
September 15th, 1996

" …Each of you is as a beacon of light. That light will grow dim or grow bright as you allow the infinite love that comes from the Creator to all to move freely through the ever-opening heart and out into the world. You cannot love, for your human love will be very limited. There comes a time when the effort must cease and no matter how firm the intention, love cannot any longer be expressed in a human sense. It is only when one quits trying to be love and allows love to come through the self from infinity that one becomes able to withstand that great force and to be able to offer it on a continuing basis.So, each is encouraged to think of the self as a kind of light house or radio station with the light being brighter or the tuning being higher the more one’s heart is stayed in love, and is open to love, and is open for loving. "

" It is only when one quits trying to be love and allows love to come through the self from infinity that one becomes able to withstand that great force and to be able to offer it on a continuing basis."

This is it right here… the capability to love deeper and deeper, is something that you can cultivate and develop. Of course meditation is the often talked about technique, the obvious example with that is when meditating you can feel great bliss, its about not attaching to it- letting that be background noise no matter what the feeling… its very hard to do, as consequently same must be for all other feelings so only love is felt. That concentration… or non concentration as it later begins to feel like. Main part is experiencing catalyst and fulfilling what life lessons/plans you set out, for some meditation is big part of it an for others its not. Love is what matters, that choice. Starting to get sensation that I am standing up an preaching, enough enough of the sillyness, only you know what is right for you :innocent:


Non-concentration is a great word, Quan, to let the love flow through in most humbleness. How lovely Quan… :blue_heart:

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Lao Tzu

Success is as dangerous as failure.
Hope is as hollow as fear.

What does it mean that success is a dangerous as failure?
Whether you go up the ladder or down it,
your position is shaky.
When you stand with your two feet on the ground,
you will always keep your balance.

What does it mean that hope is as hollow as fear?
Hope and fear are both phantoms
that arise from thinking of the self.
When we don’t see the self as self,
what do we have to fear?

See the world as your self.
Have faith in the way things are.
Love the world as your self;
then you can care for all things.


Thank you, very uplifting

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Q’uote of the Day
February 10, 2008

“As always, we would ask that you monitor your own reactions to our thoughts and take only those thoughts from what we say that resonate to you, so that it is almost as if we had said something that you already knew but had perhaps forgotten momentarily. That is the kind of resonance that makes for very fruitful work. It is an empty exercise to attempt to learn those things which do not resonate to you. We would much rather that you leave those thoughts behind. For we do not expect to hit the mark with every person, all the time. We only give thanks that we have the opportunity to attempt to share thoughts that we hope will be helpful to you as well to us.”


Q’uote of the Day
November 18th, 2001

" Each has had crystalline, shining moments in his life, when love has become real, not just a word, not just a concept, but amazingly, vividly, powerfully real. Think about those times and the gift that those times have given you. Allow the consciousness that filled you at those moments to come back to you, just to remember how it feels. "

Had two of those moments last night - one on the physical plane with parents and sister… but also on the spiritual plane just before that happened (unrelated tho)… it was like something being unlocked after reading a LL Research transcript… since that time and today, really stuck with me… life changing perhaps , on the subject of teacher and student maybe or more not sure, looking forward to more meditation on it when time is right.
Heres that transcript https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/1989/1029

Keep looking for quotes to include… but then as one is found have a feeling to then not include it so will read more… or go back again an same feeling occurs. So guess of law confusion is taking place here… feel free to read if drawn to.

**** NEW UPDATE***

Due to a discussion elsewhere feel should include part of that here too…
It was more that shining moment aspect of feeling the vibration of love itself on physical part and spiritual part ive commented at the end of this discussion.
Thankful your comments can warrant more elaboration , so teaching aspect was more of the two forms… focused on the inner planes or focused on the outer planes…
1st form)

There is the responsibility “It is simply that as one is taught, so one will desire to get, and for those entities to whom worship is offered, these entities have the responsibility of steering, most gently, those entities back upon the path of thinking for the self, examining the self, and being aware of one’s self-worth [as] an independence of spirit. For you need nothing to make you complete. The Creator, which is love, lives within you in infinite abundance.”

"So we would not particularly suggest that one move beyond one’s own angelic [inaudible] for the simple reason that is has slowed the development of those teachers who sacrifice the self and in order to balance what this entity calls karma, each entity who works with guru as Creator must, in turn, be Creator to a student. It is a sacred obligation as the choice is constantly made to adore the teacher. This is much more prevalent in the cultures of Asia. However, because of the “global village” effect of mass-communications media, it remains possible to move through one’s days in extremely good intentions but unknowing of those things which may be [inaudible]. We do not encourage any to seek inner-plane masters unless you, as an entity, wish to spend some time in third-density time/space aiding those who wish to seek from within. If an entity feels comfortable and of service in this regard then we can do no more than encourage the entity to make this sacrifice.

“perhaps, in order to simplify and express [what is] to us the heart of that which is [inaudible] is: there are two kinds of help. There is one help that is of the inner planes in which the entity who has graduated is willing to be the comforter, the redeemer, the savior symbol that the self may reflect self-forgiveness from this mirror. As we said, the drawback is that each of you which does this with a particular teacher incurs karma and must come back to teach that which was learned to balance that dependency with an independence which accepts another’s dependency upon it”

2nd form)
Those who move ahead also have an imbalance of karma because they have left those who still were sick, struggling, miserable, wretched, angry and confused. Consequently, there is, at the appropriate time for each entity, this being also unique, there will be the need for those who have gone on and not stayed in the inner planes to move into the inner planes in thought and offer what inspiration, information and general spiritual guidance we may offer" this is like Q’uo…

2nd form is more an internal process, not having the dependence on a teacher
“An entity who is working within the self, with faith in the self, forgiveness for the self, and strength to the self will realize and recognize, increasingly, those lessons of love which are theirs to learn within this particular life experience. One gazes at one’s gifts, whatever they may be, but one does not take these gifts for granted in relation to how one is to use the gifts at hand. It is well to gaze out into the greater community and, in serene and gentle yellow-ray energy, concern oneself with society and culture and all peoples as you are able to meet and know them. Realize that each of you is here at this time either to aid in the harvest as wanderers or to be in the harvest as those of third density reaching graduation for the first time.”

“We are those who move from another portion of what you would call space/time. We are those future-selves which the decision you make within this density will cause you to become, either positive or negative. Feel the sunshine and know that love unmanifest, unspoken, unuttered and serene is, indeed, that of the Creator. To see yourself more and more clearly, ask oneself the difficult questions more and more deeply. Crystallize the entity within that you know that in which you have faith and that you have committed yourself to that path to an extremely deep extent so that the life experience has become not secular, not laic, but rather a poem, a paean of praise and thanksgiving and prayer to the one infinite Creator. Those who spend time with teachers, either earthly or discarnate, are apt not to value enough the gifts of the spirit within which moves from the outer planes. We suggest that each of you think carefully and at length until you have come to peace with your own definition of yourself, your faith and [your desire.]”

Much of the material LL Research and Law of One is primary focused on the 2nd form path… Of course each is as valid as each other whatever feels right for you. Having never really had a teacher(more guidance along the way), earlier on always felt perhaps should have a teacher or later on in spiritual path i should maybe have students(when happened more backed away encouraging to seek answer’s within)… having this transcript had painted a new way of seeing something already knew on a subconscious level but bring it to light in a much more concentrated and analytical manner. Allowing a brighter view of the path of service in its different shapes and forms.

Of course the transcript paints a much clearer picture, than these quotes above…


Q’uote of the Day

September 22nd, 2007

" …There is in every seeker a desire and an intention to live life sacredly. Therefore, it is a matter of being able to achieve enough awareness of the self living the day so that there begins to be a transparency to the duties, the chores, the errands, the work, the kitchen, the details of the day, so that one may see, at the same time as one is fulfilling one’s duties, the undergirding substance and essence which is sacred. "


Q’uote of the Day
May 28th, 1995

" Meditation is passive learning. Tabernacling with the one infinite Creator is passive learning. It is the learning from listening to the voice one cannot hear which answers questions which one cannot ask. The process cannot be known and cannot come into consciousness in local sense, yet the learning is there. And the strength of spirit and will which comes from this learning is helpful. "

Lets add some volume to daily quote today… these two preceeding paragraphs are going to be thrown on top too…

"Now, we always recommend meditation. Among the reasons that we recommend this practice is the fact that when the desire to remain silent has been potentiated by action and the effort is physically made to become silent within, a metaprogram immediately and automatically starts. A connection is made with a source outside the capabilities of the mind. There is a connection made with those archetypical metaprograms. This instrument has recently experienced the computer’s e-mail and internet and we would say that it is something like being able to access the internet from one’s own computer and thus be in instant touch with global resources. This is the kind of power and potential that consciousness has for that spark of consciousness that is within incarnation. The mind is local. Consciousness is universal.

Thusly, each time one goes into meditation or prayer or simply sits letting the silence be, one has automatically accessed universal mind, racial memory, archetypical structures. Suddenly there is no end to the resources available. We suggest daily meditation and we think that each entity shall, though always feeling that their meditations are no good, yet still experience that balancing and lengthening of the point of view which occurs when one has the universal perspective as opposed to the local perspective."

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