Freeing the will

Been thinkin bout free will lately. I used to think it was quite black and white, like yeah of course everyone has free will.

Lately though, I’ve come to the conclusion that free will DOES exist, however for lots of folk (myself included) it exists just in potential and not in reality.

So, what are your guys’ thoughts on the process behind freeing the will, of courses it’ll look different for everyone but essentially, what does it look like?

I think of the Devil card in tarot as I type this.

Thanks yall


I think we are free but bounded by the archetypes of the mind available to us. Other Logoi might have a system of archetypes that results in more freedom.

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It seems that those choices leading to subsequent critical encounters are not made entirely out of our free will, see the following quote from Q’uo:

Again, from time to time when the moment is appropriate for the seeker’s growth, there may be given to the seeker a confirmation of one kind or another that is given by those we are calling guides. The book or person or event that is placed within the seeker’s notice at the appropriate moment is the most usual means by which such guidance occurs, for within the life pattern of each seeker, there are, shall we say, imbedded or programmed the opportunities that will open a new avenue of seeking, perhaps of serving, always of learning. And these avenues are oftentimes triggered, shall we say, by a combination of events which are both rooted within this illusion and without this illusion, as the preincarnative choices of the seeker meet the opportunities that have had the guiding hand propel them in just such a manner that the desired meeting then occurs, and from this point, the free will of the seeker to respond is paramount, and at this point, it is the seeker itself which proceeds upon this particular portion of the journey, having previously set the groundwork, shall we say, and prepared the self for the reception of certain impulses or ideas that will then become seeds that will produce a continuing interest in the seeker.

I’ve always said we don’t have the freedom of will to fly on our own.

Freeing your will needs to analyze and recognize what part of your thinking is part of programming and obeying of other selfs will and then you are able to reflect what is your real free will.

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Thank you for the question!

Free will is also called the distortion of confusion. this is so true that i can always laugh about it. I have been impregnante with the question of free will for a long time.
My preliminary outcome is:
Free will for me means I have the choice to accept or the choice to go into resistance. All branches away from there continue to move further, either on the right hand path (positive polarization) or on the left hand path (negative polarization). But we can choose new, in every single moment: To accept or not to accept!

In the German language there are three words which are all translated as “accept”, but which represent different levels of acceptance, you could say.
That is my way to interpret and use that words:
1.Step “Akzeptieren”, accept means I acknowledge I can’t do anything I’m powerlessness, so I do nothing but I keep my judgment: “it’s wrong”.
2.Step “Zustimmen”, agree/accept means I let go of my judgment and I agree that it/he she is the way it/he/she is.
3.Step “Annahme”, also translated into accept, means I take it (whoever or whatever it is) into my heart.

When free will is only to accept or not, will there be no own action initiated by the free will?
This sounds like that creation is impossible.

How will your inner attitude, thinking and feeling change when you make the decision to fully accept what is, in your heart, to reconnect? How different will you be able to act? And what other possibilities, decisions and actions would result from this?

You will not struggle against the things with anger any more.
But acceptance will not mean that everything has to be good as it is.

You have every possibility to act what your free will says when you follow him.

This could lead to individual sovereignty and freeing the mind.

Thank you for the exchange!

There is one more thing:
What causes additional confusion in regard to Free Will is for me that for positive and negative polarization apply complete different sets of rules!

For example, lying, deceiving, manipulating, pressuring, and tricking or persuading someone into a consent are valid stategies exclusively for negative polarization. Within people who want to go the connected way, they have a very depolarizing effect. That’s one face of the sinkhole of indifference for me.

The Ra material helps me a lot to identify such decisions and strategies in my life and to transform those aspect. For example, earlier this year I realized, somewhat shocked, that my strategy for dealing with anger was a negatively polarized one. I always kindly held back small anger or disappointment, but did nothing else with it. So those energies could accumulated inside me until they burst out of me in one fell swoop and overwhelmed my counterpart. Thereby I have always “felt” myself in the right although I have put the other one in the “wrong”.
Now I have added one thing when I experience anger or disappointment: I consciously go into forgiving.

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The more identity you have, the less control over your own will.
Take away all you identify with, the more free you are to choose without distortion.
On a physical level, “the things you own, end up owning you.”

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What is free will without any identity?
Identity could be seen as individually acting - identifying with individual properties is acting as individual.
So I would say the sentence is not correct.
It is only partly correct acting as a part of an social memory complex. But then you still identify with this group.

That’s indeed another story.

Everybody have a history - roots, and that can’t be removed from us, so how could our will be free from that? I believe we at must can free our will from external parties and build that freedom on top of our own experience, and we can inject the inner knowledge into that, to allow the will Crete new things…

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Hello Jasn7980, what a question… There is so much in this. I don’t know.

Some things that come to mind for me, karma, karmic debt, ancestral knowledge, family, friends, attachments, loved ones… All are sources of roots, I am sure there are many more.
Then the questions… How to be free from? Do they define who we are? Do we need to be rid of them?
What is freedom? What makes one feel in debt to our roots? What makes one feel unfree? Are we already free?

Release of our resistance to it, through awareness and personal authenticity… Perhaps?.. Who knows?

Thanks for your question, it has given me much to ponder…

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Thanks for answering Stumbled-One, I’m still thinking about this, I guess we have some sort of freedom on how we continue our path, what next step we take, but any step will have all that historic influence (genetic, learned, social context, karma, etc)… then if we are meant to be here to learn specifics and also clear our karma… I mean: we are supposed to choose our own learning before coming here, then why would we want to be free from that… I have been thinking about this on the last 8 years, about that say: “be like water” just flow, fill and adapt… but my mind still giving me trouble about free will and take conscious action… how just to flow?

By you being you…

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This are really good questions.
We should discuss it here now.

(This questions have not been placed and answered by the Q’uo?)

Yes - there is free will in every moment and in any decision, specially when you will go into the now without thinking about history and the future.

Because we don’t want to be free from that in reality - we are forced to do other things.

A flow can only occur if there is no obstacle.

Flow indeed goes beyond obstacles, flow adapt to obstacles, flow make obstacles part of the journey indeed, obstacles are natural, flow will happen

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