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so lovely Quan, the river of grief and the ocean of bliss… so true…

lol. also when the ocean of grief suddenly is felt like only a river after a while

Thank you, thats good you liked it.

Q’uote of the Day
January 19th, 2008

"We do not need to remind each that the prerequisite for working to create a magical ritual of the entire life is an open heart. And the prerequisite for having an open heart is a freely flowing chakra body, with the lower chakras balanced and open and full power moving through into the heart and thence through the upper chakras and out the crown of the head. When you become aware that this is not the case, in your momentary estimation of your state of mind, then there is the need to relinquish the magical personality and move into that balancing mode where that trigger which has taken you away from an open energy system and an open heart is identified, loved, accepted, embraced and balanced. Then and only then is it wise to move back into the ceremonial dance of the devotional life… in which the entity sees not only the possibility but the need for imbuing every aspect of the normal, everyday life with magic. "

A nice lil guide to handbook, in a poetic way.

If pursued, its something can be learned just pay attention when not the case of the flow as above, initially the feeling in the head might be there more or thoughts but in time awareness of the chakra flow or blockage becomes ever so pronounced… an ends up working the other way around, that is like a wake up call, especially if distracted in the moment it can be a further reminder or barometer.

Q’uote of the Day
August 9th, 2002

" Entering into silence is an unnatural decision to the earth-bound entity. "

Q’uote of the Day
February 10th, 2008

“This and every octave begins and ends in the Godhead principle of intelligent infinity resting, utterly asleep in the oneness of all. The vibration of love is all that there is, and yet it is not known to itself, for it is resting. Just as your heart, for one instant between each heartbeat, is at rest, so is the Creator’s heart at rest between creations, or between octaves.At the beginning of the octave, of which you are a part, the creation was resting in timelessness and spacelessness. By the agency of the first distortion of the Law of One, free will, the Creator decided once again to know Itself. And so it became potentiated into a Thought. And that Thought was full of the characteristic of the Creator, which is unconditional love.”

Q’uote of the Day
September 15th, 1996

" …We ask each to consider the possibility that the right use of time is first of all the right use of consciousness or attention. Within your culture the weight of importance is generally given to actions undertaken and completed. There is much spiritual encouragement along the lines of “by their fruits you shall know them,” which entities almost always take to mean the fruits of time and attention which are money or projects completed or services offered in love, and surely all of these achievements are excellent and show that stewardship of talents and gifts that is, as far as we know, the right use of those gifts.However, what this point of view misses is the far deeper importance of the way your consciousness is aligned with respect to the vibration of the one original Thought which is Love. "

An let some more the quote come forth…
…" Indeed, you may grade yourself, firstly, on that tuning with which you meet consensus reality moment by moment. To our mind, we cannot conceive of running out of time to do one’s main job because one’s main job is to experience in as clear and undistorted way all of those catalysts which come before you with that vibration which is most essentially yours which is closest to the tuning of love. This tuning, which one may think of as a constant such as the speed of light—let us say, the speed of love—is the same for all entities. However, each entity is unique, and so each entity’s path is unique. And each entity’s way of tuning the self moment by moment must be his own and not something taught to a group by rote, each person doing precisely the same as each other. The path to the clearest self-awareness is unique for each seeker.

However, we encourage each when thinking about the right use of time to remember to consider before all else whether the self is tuned to match the vibration of love. Each feels this constant within and we would pause for a moment at this time to allow each person to move into the heart, move the attention into that place within that is the metaphysical equivalent of the heart, the green-ray energy center. Here is the seat of love coming into the created body. Here is that holy of holies where love dwells fully, undistorted and pure. Moving into this sacred place within, open the heart and feel the love of the one infinite Creator."

Like the sun lights up the sky, the Creator rests in full strength within you, lighting your way. The key to this door, the key that opens the door into your own sacred heart, is silence, a turning within to listen to the silence. And this habit of turning within, of centering first upon the Creator which is love, shall stand each in very good stead as each attempts to seek the truth of its own being and its own journey."

Q’uote of the Day
March 24th, 1996

" it is the depth and quality of perception that is the desirable quality. The seeker of truth can be seen as that witness which makes the fallen tree make a sound. It is the tenuous, half-grasped witness of the imperfect entity that is precious to the infinite Creator, not the polished conclusion of a scholar or aesthete, but, rather, the diamond in the rough, if you will, of the person as it is, bearing witness to that catalyst which has struck it. "

This next part is a small spiritual exercise…

" In terms of a point of view for the seeker what this means is that a catalyst can be perceived truly on successively more lucid or profound levels.

One can see this, for instance, in the physical act of movement. When one is very, very close to an elephant it is possible only to see a portion of dark leathery skin. If one were able to pull oneself up and back, as if being taken into the atmosphere by a helicopter, one could move a very few feet back and see, not a patch of skin, but an animal recognizable as an elephant. And this is a truth which does not contradict or deny the first truth, but adds to it and clarifies it.

Now, if one continued moving up and back from this elephant one would see the elephant become a small dot surrounded by the myriad truths and dwelling places of your peoples. And this truth, not contradicting or denying the elephant, yet adds the context within which that animal abides. Now, if one continued pulling away from this scene one eventually would see the planet upon which dwelt that elephant, spinning in space with the precision of clockwork. And, again, this would be a setting of the elephant in its larger context. If one continued to pull away one would eventually see empty space and stars. And this too would be the greater truth.

When one seeks to balance the self a great deal of the necessary work is a learning of and a claiming of the larger point of view, not a specifically larger or a specific point of view, but rather a point of view which has pulled back from the previous view"

Q’uote of the Day
December 30th, 1990

" …The most important witness an entity can offer for the one Creator in glory, in peace and in joy, is the manifestation of the self with conscious encouragement of the self in unspoken and uncontrived witness. We expect those who have achieved this much maturity to have chosen a path, and to be able to speak of that path…Secondary witnesses are quite simply those which answer questions which have been asked. When there is a request, there is an opening, a softened spiritual ground, and into this ground it is well that you witness to the extent of your ability as a realized entity, as a user of the language, and as one sensitive to word allergies, if we may put it in that way, which the entities to whom you wish to bear witness may have. "

"the manifestation of the self with conscious encouragement of the self in unspoken and uncontrived witness.’
How is that for a sentence! Well here are some pointers about how to go about that…

'the first gift that one may give is presence, simply practicing the presence of the Creator within the self, and allowing the practice of that presence to shine forth so that those of any kind may sense that peace which is not the world’s, that joy which the world only knows as happiness, the palest shadow of joy, of love, indescribable, but quite clearly observable among those who would gaze at the face of one who truly loves. This is your greatest witness, it is your greatest help to your beloved people and to your planet as a whole, for the planet itself responds to self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and unconditional love. These are metaphysical vibrations as strong in mending the Earth as the pressure of tectonic plates is strong in mending the adjustment of the Earth in catastrophic style."

Love this paragraph :innocent:

Q’uote of the Day
December 20th, 1986

" …We can offer to those who wish to be free of idolatry is a consciousness of other’s needs, for if stewardship of any gift and talent is expressed, then the gates of abundance open and one is flooded with plenty. We do not ask that you see money as a means to an end, we do not ask that you stop thinking about money. We do not ask any system of intellectual training whatsoever—we ask only that it be recognized that worship of that which is known is idolatry and is not a satisfactory way in which to polarize one’s path or to accelerate the pace of one’s journey upon it. "

“Seek first the consciousness of love through meditation and analysis of action and thought, and that which is needed shall be given unto you according to the circumstances needed by you in your own opinion before this incarnational experience. All shall be given to you, for you see, no matter what the illusion of manipulation and manifestation may be, all this can be given unto you. All is indeed free. And that which is not, will not be. Each has designed for himself a special incarnation offering powerful experiences of lack and plenty, pain and peace. If you have little money, think not that you do not deserve more. If you have much money, think not that you deserve less. But whatever your environment, fill it with your love of the Creator and allow that love to reach to the infinity of the Creator’s laughing face, that His light may shine infinitely through you that you may become plenty to others.”

An lets throw in this one too…

"Observe those who have found abundance. Some may be wealthy and some quite poor, but what they have is an awareness of the excellence not only of life, but of the very life which is being lived by them. This is most often earned rather than given to them, especially among your people who are perturbed with great earnestness by their consciousness of lack. There are those whose happiness lies in children, those whose peace lies in love, others who find satisfaction in learning, still others, those who have the gift of being who they are. It takes a certain level of comfort to achieve the consciousness of abundance for most. It is difficult while starving to death to rejoice in the plenty all about one, yet there be spirits who have done so and gone to their graves singing in praise and thanksgiving for all the blessings which abounded in the creation of the Father.’

Now further into the transcript very last question…there is also a discussion on contacting intelligent infinity… with a real emphasis on how crucial love is for this to occur and beforehand a short story too. A nice insight for those how may be drawn to it…

Q’uote of the Day
November 13th, 2010

"You see, where you put your energy, where you put your mind, is vitally central to your experience. If you begin with an act of faith and say, “I think life is this way and I’m going to live as if it were this way,” then you cast yourself into the midair of faith having no proof of anything but the simple feeling, the knowing, that all truly is well and that the universe does make sense. It is not meaningless, and you are not alone. You are loved, you are needed, you are full of purpose, and you simply need to let go of any preconceived notions as to how that works and simply engage in life to the best of your ability, as a conscious seeker that understands the power of choice, the power of desire, the power of intention. The universe will begin to perceive you as joining the dance. "

"“You see, where you put your energy, where you put your mind, is vitally central to your experience” , now just need to copy and paste this a few more times?

Now about that dance…
“And the more you lean into that, the more you will receive it, so that eventually, when someone says, “Well, why do you believe the way you do?” you have almost no ability to explain. Because you are an old, experienced hand at working with the Game of Life now. You understand about choices. You understand about love. You understand about the hall of mirrors in which all things speak to you—people, situations and things—and you are comfortable at last in this game, and enthusiastic to play it.”
It is not that you have become one who controls your life. It is that you have become one who enjoys the surprises of life and who knows that even in the darkest hour, there is light and love aplenty for one whose mind is stayed upon the truth of love.

“And the more you lean into that, the more you will receive it, so that eventually, when someone says, “Well, why do you believe the way you do?” you have almost no ability to explain”
So keep leaning

Have to laugh at that explaining part tho! That is it right there.when need to explain becomes less an less that it changes from initially almost a guilty feeling for not explaining to a guilty feeling to explaining… “you have almost no ability to explain”. Then eventually usually an indifference almost until heart feels time is right…

Q’uote of the Day
January 6, 2001

“At the dawning of this density of love it is a dark-seeming hour. This instrument has the phrase, “It is always darkest before the dawn.” And we would say that this is indeed the case as regards this particular planetary sphere and its inner planes as well. For there has been a great deal of building up of unbalanced karma, as this instrument would call it, in the interactions betwixt selves in individual lives, in betwixt groups of selves in societal lives, and in betwixt the selves that live upon this sphere, and this sphere itself. And all of these imbalances cry out with the voice of sorrow. There is a tremendous amount of suffering that rises from your planet. At the same time there is a tremendous amount of lightening of this darkness that has begun to occur because more and more entities are awakening to their spiritual identity. And it is for this awakening that you took the tremendous risk of incarnation.”

Seems to be a odd trend lately… but here are a few continuing paragraphs that are also beckoning to be heard!

"Certainly you hoped to enter that process of catalyst and experience that involve so much suffering, for you hoped to learn better and better how best to make the choice of this density for yourself. And it is this choice of polarity, this choice of how to serve and how to be, that riveted your attention before incarnation. For before incarnation, between incarnations, each of you saw the big picture, spiritually. You saw the plan. You saw the opportunities, and you saw, looking deeply within yourself at what you have learned and what you have chosen so far in this density, how to make an even more polarized choice for love. It is this context of how to love, how to open the heart, and how to be upon this Earth in order to increase the light that has riveted your attention and continues to offer you the challenge of the moment, and it offers us this same challenge. However, we are not upon your sphere. We are not in third-density bodies. We do not have the right to bring light into planet Earth. Only those who have paid the price of flesh, who have come into the darkness of the illusion of Earth, have the right to open their hearts and ask to become crystals for transducing light.

Each of you receives an infinite and continuing supply of love and light from the one great original Thought, which is the Creator. This infinite supply streams through the energy system of each of you continually. When a seeker becomes aware that she wishes to live so as to increase love and light upon planet Earth, she then begins to gaze at how to do that, how to be a more clear channel for the love and the light of the one infinite Creator."

That last paragraph places a nice little bow to wrap it all up…

Q’uote of the Day
July 20th, 1986

"…May you have the joy of knowing love, of being in love with love and of serving as a channel, as a lighthouse, as a beacon for the love and the light of the one infinite Creator which bathes each of you, which shines through each of you, [and] which is the essence of each of you. "

“The core of choice is love. There is nothing lukewarm about love itself, and as you refine your choice, remember the power of that with which you are dealing, for you deal with something that has created all that you can see and all that you cannot see. It has created all—from stars to relationships, stones to the concepts of beauty and truth. You would not wish to take such power and toss it casually here and there, a fire hose sprinkled hither and yon upon a town that is not burning. No, my friends, you wish to take something that you sense is at the center of light, that you wish to make the center of your own life. You wish to hone it, to sharpen it, to discover and rediscover the joy of it and to be channels for it, learning more and more about the original Thought as you manifest it to yourself by manifesting it to others.”

What that older song… suddenly came to me maybe Celine Dion ? “The Power of Love”, * in a massive vocal singing voice* certainly not a favourite haha only remember that part :wink:

flofrog, a day has not past that i have not thought of this since you said it, some words of a friend you shared.

I was going to share this privately with you, but I want the world to know. The sharing of the smallest act of kindness like sharing the words of a friend can send ripples to the edge of all the universes.

thank you

Aww what a heartfelt message thank you for such a gift, an flofrog for sharing that story to…

The story also more recently was used in Autobiography Of A Yogi , if memory serves correct, but not about enlightment more about an advanced technique… one student was happy master did not teach him another student was not so happy! Yes that is a very simplified version :laughing: full version is in the book. Nerveless its same type of scenario…an message.

Q’uote of the Day
October 17, 1999

And what, then, is the nature of this spark? This instrument would say that it is a vibration. And that is close enough for us. The original vibration, then, is the reality within every illusion which you experience. This anchoring vibration can be overlaid by any number of vibratory complexes, for each receives an unending supply of the pure vibration of love that is the moving energy of the cosmos. Each takes this vibration into the various bodies from the gross to the finer and distorts that vibration in various ways as it moves through that vessel which is your mind, body and spirit. And, thusly, to those who have the ability to see through the veil each entity speaks itself in vibration with a distinctive and utterly unique identification.

“for each receives an unending supply of the pure vibration of love”

Its just a matter of how much you can you accept… as the supply keeps coming an coming… an why wouldn’t it :innocent:

Just when I was about to walk away… pulled back in, the question above is meriting some more words- so here is an interesting roadmap to explore it…

"There are many, many things, ways of thinking, modes of thinking, that move one to various levels of the mind, the shallow or surface mind, the levels of mind just below the limn of consciousness, and those levels that are in the deep mind that this instrument would call archetypal or archetypical. Some entities will wish to work on the surface questioning the form of their practice, moving into rituals that feel right, using the moments to generate within the self-realizations of beauty and delight. Indeed, there is that practice that is legitimate of focusing completely upon the surface and delighting completely in the very chores and minutiae of the day. This is a legitimate practice, a dharma that is blessed and that works for some entities.

There are those who find their delight in logic and intellectual inquiry whose approach to the spiritual is of a—we look in this instrument’s mind for a word and do not find one—aesthetic approach to the deeper self. And to that person the delight of perfect ideas moves that person into the authenticity of its own being. There are those such as this instrument who dwell in what we would call an emotional approach in which the responses to incoming data are monitored for the purity of the emotions evoked, and there are practices which encourage this accuracy of notation. This instrument would call this level the life in faith, and it is a kind of way of centering the self which lends itself to those who are of a mystical nature. There are those who thirst so for true spiritual food that they are not satisfied with anything less than the archetypical foundations of consciousness, and these entities are like explorers of the deep who bring treasures from mines deep within the Earth and open them to the light within themselves. This also is a legitimate way of approaching the job of cooperating with one’s own spiritual evolution.

Most entities work on more than one of these levels, and some entities work on all of these levels. Consequently, it is additionally helpful to many entities to practice the facility with which they slip from level to level within themselves. For the way the self works is a structure but one unlike any other entity’s structure. And so there is a good deal of inner exploration which is very productive in terms of identifying for the self those modes of inquiry that will be the most helpful assets in working with one’s destiny."

Q’uote of the Day
May 23rd, 1999

"The question that you ask when you ask to learn more of your true self is a question that has no answer but only a direction, a direction that says, “into the present moment, into life.”

So climb those stairs onto the high diving board… then take the plunge

Dear Stumbled-one, illumination does come in many strange and sometimes hilarious ways doesn’t it ?
I remember being five I am walking with my mother towards a village in a very small beach town and suddenly I saw, lol, a tile of the ground jump at me and say I love you flo… lol. I wasn’t smoking anything. It’s only years later recollecting this that suddenly it came to me that all ground is sacred, as everything is made of stuff as us, no separation indeed. Lol

Lol wow what a vivid memory to have at that age, well looks the catalyst worked its charm. Its easy to forget … well unless you are living off the grid in nature how all is one an alive, even a tile :wink:

Q’uote of the Day
September 11th, 2010

" It is as if all of nature, from the elements and the powers to the plants and animals, to the very air you breathe and the water that you drink, the fire that warms your heart and the earth under your feet, are dancing in rhythm. And you are either part of that dance and part of that rhythm or you have not yet awakened to the true state within which you actually dwell in the creation of the Father. It is as a beloved part of the one creation that you come by this affinity for synchronicity. "

What type of rhythm do you feel?

Q’uote of the Day
December 12th, 1993

"Please consider how long this spiritual journey is, and how infinitely fine the distinctions and the enlightenments become as the Spirit progresses through the densities to gaze at the long view. Not only are you attempting within incarnation to balance the being and the doing, the resting and the acting, but there are millions and millions of your years ahead in which you shall only tighten and magnify the scope of that which you observe, looking always not at what has been gained, but at what there is to do. These lessons, shall we call them, go on forever, until time itself becomes meaningless and spiritual gravity takes over. "

“We ask, then, that the heart rest in a peace which does not come from settling differences or realizing truths. We hope for each of you a peace that is full of the striving of entities to rest in the Creator. That Creator is not still. The Creator in which you rest builds up and tears down all possible avenues. Dwell within the precinct of this peace. This peace is not still. This peace may be full of noise and full of prayer also, yet, this peace is simply the awareness of the Creator in direct relation to you, and in direct identity with the heart within, which contains that spark of pure Love which enlivens the whole.”