Critical Mass and the 100 Monkey Theory

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I’m new here (this is my first post), having been recently introduced to the Ra Material. In surfing these forums, I came across a couple times mentioning about humanity getting close to critical mass (or something like that). Got me thinking about the 100 Monkey Theory and how the two are probably related. For anyone not familiar with it, goes something like this (bear with me, trying to keep as condensed as possible):

Scientists on some islands in the Pacific observed monkeys eating fruit that was sandy/dirty/etc. One monkey figured out how to wash the fruit, making it much better to eat. She taught to her siblings. Eventually, all the young monkeys and some adults learned this behavior. The amazing thing that happened was when a certain number of monkeys learned to do this (they don’t really know if it was 100, but it was critical mass for this group), not only did all the monkeys on this island begin washing fruit, but all the monkeys on neighboring islands (that had no contact with these monkeys) began washing fruit too.

Basically, this phenomenon got me thinking about the current situation on Earth. As in, perhaps this could be why it seems like so much (at least in USA, can’t speak for other places) polarization is taking place/being forced upon us. We’re getting close to some kind of critical mass, that once enough people have decided to consciously choose STO or STS, that will be it. The rest of us will pick it up through the collective thanks to the numbers that achieved the critical mass.

I don’t know how any of this may or may not tie in with the Law of One, free-will, the Veil, etc…, but it got me thinking and was curious about what others may think too.

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That is an interesting perspective. They could very well be related. I don’t know how many for critical mass though. But I had heard we crossed that point in 2012.

Welcome PJ….I have pondered the same thing but have no idea seems like there’s something to it seeing that we are all connected in spirit.

Thanks y’all for the replies. I’m trying to primarily learn/listen/read while here, but this one just really had me wanting to get some input. So, thanks!