Collective Ascension

My shaman believes ascension will be a collective event.

Though many individuals will ascend before the collective.

So we don’t have to worry whether we’ll make it.

Ascension energies are quite strong today.

There’s a lot of solar activity.

My shaman also thinks that when you ascend to 5D you disappear from 3D.


Who’s your shaman?

Her name is Denise. She’s not well known. She keeps pretty private on Facebook.

Does your shaman follow a particular tradition or are they eclectic in their rituals, beliefs, drugs or entheogens, and other practices to alter states such as the Lakota Sundance?

Why 5d after this instead of 4D?

Good luck on your path, spirits guide you friend

She is pretty traditional.

5th dimension 5D = 4th density.