Just had a weird dream that I was 4D

I’ve been reading the conscious channelling archives in bed every night since I haven’t read that yet.

I felI asleep reading these channelings and had a dream that I woke up as a 4th density person. Property land was no longer clearly delineated and I could not figure out where I lived. I spent the entire dream looking for my cat. I accidentally went into a strangers house looking for the cat and they did not care at all.

4d was nice. But I couldn’t navigate or read very well, generally had a hard time engaging my intellect to find the cat. Time was not really scarce like in 3d but it was still a thing. I was trying to find the cat very quickly because I did not know if she was able to survive on her own in this strange environment. It was similar to 3rd density just with much less order and more love and light.

I eventually was in a bar/lounge/cafe and asked if anyone saw my cat. I was told that if my cat transitioned to 3d (which she did in the dream), I could observe and interact with her, but if 2d she will be aloof and it would be hard to find and domesticate her. I was also told that 3d cats tend to die quickly during this phase because they continue to explore even though 3d Earth is especially harsh and unpredictable at this time.

I didn’t know why everything was so different and was very confused. Then I tried to fly and could do it and said oh okay this is 4d. Most of the people in the bar were like “took you long enough!” I yelled, “Why didn’t y’all just tell me?”

Perhaps this is a good example of the “Spiritual and Mental” catalyst that can occur in 4D.



I also had such a dream just some days ago!

It was a kind of message for hope.

I had, in the dream, succeeded in making something I realllyyy dream of making.

I had also, apparently, with a friend which I have never met, decided to change the oil industry. Ehhhhhhh??? I guess I had moved from Romania to Alaska. As I write this, I realize it sort of sounds funny enough.

Accidentally getting involved with some local soul that is super duper into the smell of oil and finds it spiritual and cute and so helping them change the oil industry! So cool!

Ahem... uh... To describe what 4D feels like on the 4D level now, that feeling of just being, love, was incredibly easy to keep in the forefront. Actually, it just happened effortlessly.

On that, I like to pray, and I have felt my mind just be absorbed into the joy of giving when I had a lot of this energy to give. It’s so great to be. To be nothing. To be able to become everything!

Also, that sounds like a fun idea for how spiritual and mental catalyst is in the next sub-octave.

Learning through games. It reminds me of a novel series and show where all conflicts are decided by games.

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